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Ford Expedition DVD, Stereo, iPod, AUX, Satellite, Bluetooth and Navigation Systems



  • abb77abb77 Posts: 4
    The problem I have is that I cannot hear the movie on the speakers. I can already hear music from the speakers, and the movie throught the headphones simultaneously. Can anyone help with this? Thanks!! :confuse:
  • abb77abb77 Posts: 4
    I have an '03 Expedition with DVD system. I can't figure out how to hear the movie through the main speakers INSTEAD of through the wireless headphones! I've tried pressing 2/4 at the same time, as well as 3/5. Nothing works. Can anyone help me?? Thanks!
  • dsiudsiu Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer. I've been having problems with the subwoofer crackling and popping. I took it into the dealer and they want $675 to replace it! I'm fairly good at electronics, but would like to know if anyone out there has replaced one. The dealer told me it is tricky and that you have to remove the 3rd row seat, etc. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • mdntblumdntblu Posts: 1
    So what about if you have a 6disc indash changer, and the dvd entertainment system? Then how do you do it? I've found a simple way to get my ipod on my stereo for now is by hooking it up to the RCA jacks on the DVD player on the ceiling but then you have the wires coming down from the ceiling to the ipod? Is there a way to get those same rca connections from the back of the head unit? This is on a 2003 Exped Eddie Bauer.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • gheimurgheimur Posts: 88
    The adapter that i used is specifically made for a 2004 Ford expedition that has no DVD or Sat radio, It is a plug and Play. The sound through the Sat is better than CD or FM. Besides the wires flipping around you probably get better sound through the RCA jacks than if you used theFM modulator from Crutchfield, although I put in the FM modulator from crutchfield for $30 into my Escape and its sound is ok. For your specific adapter that is for a car with DVD and a 2003, The 03/04 radios may be different, I would go to and call them, Again, if it works with the wires hanging, I wouldn't spend
    $160 or so
  • The sub is bolted through the magnet into the plastic inclosure its in. You have to pull the whole enclosure to unbolt it. Not to bad but time consuming. Legacy makes a sub that will fit in the oem spot. It only has about a 3.5 inch depth. good luck!
  • epcubfanepcubfan Posts: 2
    I am buying a 1997 Eddie Bauer Expedition, and it has a sub woofer that needs replacing. Is this legacy the best place to get one? How do I get to them?
  • take a look on ebay. they are cheap
  • epcubfanepcubfan Posts: 2
    I bought a 97 Expedition with a blown sub woofer. Took a while, but I had a Cerwin Vega HED 8.2 sub woofer installed.
    It is very efficient, so works fine with the factory amp, and gives much better sound than the factory paper cone.
  • neicy1neicy1 Posts: 2
    My husband had to get this off to look at the subwoofer speaker which is blown to see how to replace it. He just popped a putty knife (use what works) around the cover and voila it popped out! Does anyone have a speaker to sell??????? Just the speaker only the amp is fine. I checked Ebay the other day and a salvage yard had one but it is the whole unit amp and all and I don't need all of that stuff. If anyone has one to sell pls email me at Thanks.
  • Ditto - looking for the same info.
  • bb3451bb3451 Posts: 3
    I am looking at an 07 with Nav. Are you saying that you cannot input directions or search for points of interest while the vehicle is in motion?
  • 4fmly24fmly2 Posts: 1
    We have also recently purchased "03 EB Exp. We can not figure out how to listen to music while our child is watching a movie. We are quite tired of listening to "The Mask". The dvd player is playing through both the speakers and the headset. While messing with the 2 & 4, 3 & 5 buttons, I discovered that while the dvd player is playing, you can listen to the radio in the headset, but still not the speakers. Has anyone found a solution to this problem?
  • Where did you get the headphones and the 12 volt reciever?
  • my kids were watching a movie when all of a sudden the DVD stopped playing. Now i'm unable to switch out of DVD/AUX mode to listen to the radio or CD. is there anyway to reset this system? is it a fuse? is the whole thing fried? if anyone knows a quick fix or a way to "reboot" the entertainment system I'd appreciate it.

    thanks in advance
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    It still shows the channel and the text for the song so the antenna is working but there is no sound. The rest of the stereo works fine on the FM/AM settings. Anyone have this issue and get it corrected?

    08 EB Expedition
  • tl68tl68 Posts: 2
    This may sound odd, but what do the head phones look like for a factory installed ceiling-mount DVD on a new 09 Expedition?

    I got home from the dealer and checked my DVD accessory box. It was already opened. The two head phones are mismatched; one is simple black, the other has additional leather trim around the foam ear piece.

    The dealer has supposedly ordered a new set of head phones and remote for me, but I'm trying to figure out what I was supposed to have gotten and if the replacement pair are equivalent. (The dealer is out of state so this is a little more complicated.)

    Thanks for any help.
  • 04owner104owner1 Posts: 1
    We have an 04 Expedition. We can not get the dvd player to play through the wireless headsets. We can get the radio to play through headsets, but not the dvd player. Pressed 2-4 and 3-5 combos, fresh batteries, etc. - no luck. Any suggestions?
  • cmuffcmuff Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 2008 Expedition EL Limited and the phone function is not active. Is it possible to activate this function?
  • nmbassnmbass Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Expedition and am in need of some advise:

    My radio works fine but the CD player gives me a load error and the DVD player also has a DVD in it, but won't work. They quit at the same time and the worst part is that NO ONE in my town will work on it, they just want to replace them.

    I just find it too odd that they both have the same problem and it started at the exact same time.

    I really can't stand the thought of replacing both units if the could be fixed....any suggestions? :mad:
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