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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2007+)



  • Piston slap isn't really a "tick", it's a heavier, dull sound. Basically the piston is wobbling a bit in its "slack" position prior to combustion. Sometimes pistons that have too short a "skirt" may do this. Subaru had this issue for a while.
  • Is this the 2.7L or 3.3L engine?
  • If you can hear it under acceleration with the windows closed, this is definitely not normal.

    This is especially true if pedestrians can hear it as you drive by at slow speeds on quiet, smaller roadways.

    I know this because General Motors settled a class action lawsuit regarding V8 model pickup trucks over this very same issue (years 1998 through 2002, I believe).

    Of course, Hyundai may not settle, choosing instead to contest it. But General Motors even settled with owners who had 100,000 miles or more on their vehicles and admitted that there was an issue with the tolerance of the piston chambers.
  • I did the same thing recently and ever more cheaply. I got 16" Trico ExactFit blade insert, cut out the 2" end with the "locking" metal "teeth" on the metal guides to have only smooth ones, cut the orignal insert with snips, and inserted the whole thing back to the original arm while that was on the car. It took about 15 minutes and a little bit tricky. However, after reading the manual that the device preventing the blade to be completely lifted from the windshield was optional and apparently not installed on all versions, I looked closely on the whole assembly. It was very easy to remove the whole wiper in about 5 seconds without any tools. There is a trick to it, but easy to figure out. The replacement wiper is Trico ExactFit 14-A, as listed on their web page. It goes for somewhere in between 8 to 12 USD.
  • cars66cars66 Posts: 1
    Our friend has an '08' with 5K miles. Occasionally the pedal goes all the way to the floor and she has to pump it to stop. The local dealer says they cannot recreate the problem and refuse to replace the master cylinder 'or anthing else' until they can prove what the problem is. This after keeping the vehicle all day, of course. This vehicle is dangerous to drive.
    Anyone else going thru this? :cry:
  • Anyone know of an issue with the Driver's side Rear Quarter Panels not fitting properly?

    I'm aware of a TSB article documenting a rear creaking sound, but I read on another thread that one owner had to have this Sante Fe replaced because of this underyling problem.

    What gives with the rear quarter panel?
  • After much deliberation and contemplation (not to mention anxiety), I had the dealership implement the corrective fix for the creaking sound in the driver side rear quarter panel.

    This problem is documented in TSB 08-BD-008-1. The documented fix involves boring holes into the sheet metal around the storage area and adjusting the welding between two panels, essentially prying one panel away from another.

    To my relief, the fix has addressed the problem without causing additional issues. I was afraid such an invasive procedure would result in additional noises from the rear of the vehicle.
  • I have a 2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited built in February 2008. I have a question on the heated seats as they have been driving me nuts and I have been searching everywhere to find out if mine are operating "normally" or there is something wrong.

    The passenger seat will heat up when set on high or low just fine (takes awhile) but it does heat up, however after 10 minutes or so it turns off and will not come back on again (switch stays on though). Took it into the dealer who claimed they replaced the seat pad or something (seat looks the same to me) but it still works the same.

    The drivers seat will heat up fine then will turn off for about 10 min then turn back on and continue to cycle like this until the button it turned off. I am also not sure if this is normal, but it is much better then my passenger seat.

    Any insight would be appreciated before I am back to the dealer again. Can anyone tell me if their Santa Fe leather seat heaters work in the same way so I can confirm?
  • Torscotty, I typically turn off the heated seats once the Climate Control comes up to temperature. On my vehicle, the seats get too warm if you leave them on beyond six or seven minutes.

    As far as the cycling you mention, I would think this is a normal function of the heating element, as it needs to regulate itself from overheating. This is easily observed in any toaster or toaster oven. The heating element "glows" for a a few minutes, disengages, then re-engages.
  • Thanks NY Maverick. This is interesting as it seems either there is a huge differentiation in the product quality of the seat elements made by Hyundai or people are all really that different. In my car on a cold morning it can take up to 15 minutes before the seat gets warm to what I would consider high, but it never gets hot enough for me to turn it off out of discomfort (unless I just don't want it on). I guess I was expecting the seat on high to be more like the temp of a heating pad, to me its more of a general warmth. Its truely amazing all the different responses I get to this question.

    As for the cycling, that I can understand, I have observed it on other cars too, what bothers me is the passenger side does not do this, it just turns off after one cycle while the switch remains on. If the passenger side cycled on-going as the drivers side does I would have assumed it was normal, it does not.

    If anyone else can comment on the operation of there seats it would be most appreciated.
  • Thank God - I thought my wife was losing her mind:)

    The Hyundai service department said exactly the same thing to us - "can't duplicate, can't fix."

    Any suggestions?
  • I am totally serious. The salesperson told me, "The seat has a sensor and it is telling you that your wife is not heavy enough to safely activate the airbag." Wait, it gets better. She went on to say, "Have your wife put a brick in her pocket."
  • paulnzpaulnz Posts: 16
    cars66 and pali123,

    I think "can't duplicate, can't fix" could apply to some minor things, but for brakes - NO WAY!!! At the very least, they should provide you with a different Santa Fe as a loaner and keep yours for as long as it takes them to figure out what is going on.

    To me it is not right that the consumer should have to drive a new vehicle that has a safety defect. Hyundai should step up and make this right by you - and since most companies don't ever want to "step up", you will have to fight for what is right.

    Good luck!
  • "I think "can't duplicate, can't fix" could apply to some minor things, but for brakes - NO WAY!!!"

    My exact words to the service rep this am especially when he told me how the brake pedal can be depressed to the floor if the car is at a dead stop.

    I told him there were a couple of things wrong with his scenario. First, the car was never at a stop when the pedal went to the floor and second, exactly when is it ok for this to happen - under any circumstances?

    That's when he backpeddled and said he meant that the pedal went down "towards" the floor and that no - it is never acceptable for a car with 2000 miles on the odometer to lose the ability to stop.

    And yes, the arrangement will be to have the car towed from our house and one of their techs will keep the car for a few days. Strange how I am hoping the tech can't stop the car. Kinda morbid.

    And you would think the dealer would have one of his techs shuttle another one to our house and drive the car away. What kind of message do you think my neighbors will get when they see our 3 month old Hyundai being towed away? I suppose they might think we are deadbeats and it is being repo'd but not after it (or a new one - or a Nissan) comes back in few days.

    More to follow. I wish there was a way to get in touch with cars66. Better to have an ally if Hyundai follows the normal routine of most merchants when the customer is courted like a prom date and kicked to the curb after check out the next morning.
  • necs54necs54 Posts: 1
    2002 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS. My passenger side door lock does not always fully engage when the electric lock switch or the remote switch is activated. It seems to work fine during cold weather, but as the air warms it opens/closes partially. I then have to manually lock the door with the button. I have looked inside the door for damaged or broken parts but found none. Is there a repair/rework order from Hyundai on this? Do I need a replacement part? Or will a strategically placed shot of WD-40 do the trick? Any suggestions? :confuse:
  • phenixxphenixx Posts: 2
    i just bought my santa fe limited and have the same problem. I had the dealer change the antenna form a small one to a longer one and the problem was still there. so then they called the technician.

    he basically said the Tweeter (speakers) on the door panels were designed to catch high frequency radio waves (or somehting like that) but the problem was the speakers. I guess they speakers themselves. He also said in other cars these speakers are set lower so most people dont hear the high pitch sound, but because hyundai installed them at ear level, that was causing the problem with people with sensitive hearing. anyway, he said he could unplug them, but the stereo would not work to its most effecient level. at this point maybe unpluggin or replacing them is the key. Does anyone else have another solution, i would like to keep my infinity stereo fully functional without unplugging the speakers.
  • Hi Phenixx. Thanks for the update. Yes, I do agree that this sound only comes out of the tweeters and yes the tweeters are designed for higher freqency sound. I also agree it seems to only affect some people (including me). For whatever reason I can hear this high pitched sound where as others cannot. My problem with your dealers diagnosis is simple. Why does the sound only occur with the engine running? When its off everything sounds great! Its not a speaker problem, its a radio or amp or wiring problem. Since this issue only affects the Infinity systems I tend to think its the amp.

    The other Santa Fe's that only have 6 speakers still have tweeters in the doors and it sounds like they do not have the issue. I plan to raise this with my dealer next time I am in.
  • phenixxphenixx Posts: 2
    Hi torscotty,

    All that you said sound perfectly logical. Please let me know how it goes with the dealer regarding the stereo. I will go to the dealership soon and i'll let you know if there was another solution, like the amp or wiring issues as you suggested.

    thanks again,
  • mtgalmtgal Posts: 2
    We have the same issue in our 2008 Santa Fe. We noticed that if my legs are constantly holding pressure on the front edge of the seat the light stays on. I am 150 lbs and 5' 7". If I stretch my legs out or sit forward, such as to take my arms out of a jacket, the sensor indicates OFF. Lifting up and sitting back down didn't trigger the sensor either. Then I squeezed the front right corner of the seat and the sensor comes back ON. We are going to bring it up to our dealer this week. I would have thought that they would have tested this issue as soon as it came to their attention. Does the bag still deploy if the light is off? Not something I want to find out the hard way.
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 168
    I remember an old post about bumper covers that fit too snugly against the front fenders. My 2007 Limited had the same problem, and the front edges where the two panels made contact had some paint slightly rubbing off I checked and there really is no adjustment that can be made to the cover itself. But in case anyone else sees this problem, here is a quick solution - remove the screws (one on each side) at the frontmost portion of the cover/fender liner and install a washer. This gives a little more room and the cover now lines up perfectly on both sides. A little body shop tip without an actual trip to the body shop.

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