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Saturn VUE Green Line - Real World MPG Numbers



  • To Greenroger:

    Where did you place the solar panel? On the dash or do you have it permanently affixed to your roof?

    In addition, do you have it connected to your cigarette lighter when the Hybrid Vue is parked or is it connected all the time?

    Also, what Saturn Dealership had the knowledge to know if this would work or not? Mine barely knows its way around the Hybrid.

    My concerns would be overcharging the battery, shorting the battery life by constantly charging the battery and voiding the electrical warrantee on the Hybrid Vue due to a modification.

    According to the website - "Great for use for larger 12 Volt batteries that are seldom used or in storage, such as with antique cars, boats, RV’s or cottages." I question, if the Hybrid is used daily - how much is really gained by recharging the battery? I recharge mine by normal driving.

    Otherwise, it sounds interesting.
  • I simply mounted the 12v one on the dash with a little bit of velcro tape to hold it in place.
    It is connected to cigarette lighter through a radio shack 1 to 3 splitter t+3&origkw=12+volt+3&parentPage=search
    so I can charge my cell phone and GPS or one at a time with the panel unplugged from the lighter.
    I leave it plugged in most all the time, at 5 watts it does not have enough power to over charge the 12v battery.

    Yes my 12v battery also charges during "normal driving" using the 12v alternator (belt driven from the gas engine) but I had this solar panel that I used for my tractor since it would set for weeks between uses (never damaged it's battery), then I moved and sold the tractor (without the solar charger) and one day plugged it in my hybrid to see what would happen. After 12 tanks of gas I noticed it was getting +2mpg so I unplugged it and it went back down to the same MPG I would usually get about 28mpg. I guess that using the alternator less helps the gas mpg.

    Saturn did not help at all with setting up the 12v charger and wanted to charge me for the hybrid cells when they failed, I had to point out to them that the 12v and 36v system were totally separate. They never said anything about "voiding the warranty".
    Once I get the 36v system setup it should get even better MPG.
    The 36v system will be roof mounted and I will use a Charge Controller to not damage the saturn hybrid pack if I do continue to use it. I am also looking to replace it (last one lasted just 30,000 miles) I would rather use some good gel cells over the ones that saturn used. I am also looking at a 110 charger for the 36v system at some point, I have just been too busy right now to mess with it all.
    But with the wife out of the hospital now I may get busy...
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    "charge me for the hybrid cells when they failed,"

    Wait a minute, are you saying that your hybrid traction battery failed?
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