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Lexus LS 460 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • msymanmsyman Posts: 25
    I live in Louisiana, but one vehicle is in Florida and another in Buffalo, NY
  • atifatif Posts: 6
    got my local Rochester dealer to accept $63,349.00 plus sales tax and Doc fees. VIN # JTHBL46F385078059

    LS 460
    Interior Color:
    Black Leather Trim with Medium Brown Walnut Accent

    Exterior Color:

    Base MSRP*:

    Delivery, Processing & Handling Fee**:

    Available Package:

    Navigation System/Mark Levinson® Premium Audio System/Advanced Parking Guidance System Package with Additional Options
    Navigation System/Mark Levinson® Premium Audio System/Advanced Parking Guidance System Package, Comfort Package, Intuitive Parking Assist, Power door closers and power rear trunk, Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks)

    Accessory Options:

    Comfort Package:

    Intuitive Parking Assist:


    Power door closers and power rear trunk:

    Preferred Accessory Package (includes Cargo net, Trunk mat and Wheel locks):

    Trunk mat:

    Wheel locks:

    Cargo net:

    Total MSRP**:
  • atifatif Posts: 6
    OK Just sealed the deal. Total with tax and all fees was 68K and change. No hidden fees and painless purchase. They had the exact car I wanted on its way already to the dealership. Tax was 8%. $100 Lic transfer fee, $15 tire recycling fee no docoment messenger fee and nothing major sliped in. Put 20K down and finianced 3 years at 4.1% interest. Car should be in in 10 days or so.

    Thanks everyone for your help. Time to start reding the Nav Bypass thread at club Lexus.
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    I don't have any '08 information from Mannheim to report (for obvious reasons), but based on '07 Mannheim prices, they (LS460 swb) are selling between $51-$57k (based on condition and mileage). These prices do not include run/sell, transportation or any other associated fees with the auction.

    A lot will depend on how much the dealer took that vehicle in at, how long it's been on the lot, etc...

    I'd suggest starting your bids around $54k and emphasize that the vehicle has taken the hardest depreciataion hit in the first year. Expect them to say something like, "we're in the car for way more than that."

    The vehicle has a projected wholesale value of ~50% after 3 years, so you're asking for roughly 20% off, which is not unrealistic, but they have to be willing.
  • msymanmsyman Posts: 25
    From the Wall Street Journal:

    "Lexus division sales fell 17% to 26,593, led by a 18% slump in cars."
  • djay5, please PM me at with this information as I am in the process of relocating to Atlanta within a few weeks. :shades:
  • Just bought a LS 460 SWB MSRP $75K package for $65,350.00
    about $9650.00 off MSRP. 14 Miles on the ODM.

    $71,300.00 OTD in So. Cal

    Smokey / Black
    ML/NAV/Advance Parking
    Comfort Plus
    Lexus Link
    Intuitive Park Assist
    Automatic Power Door
    Rear Bumper decal
    Premium Floor Mats

    Dealer was very agressive.
  • I want to buy a new 2008 LS460 (SWB). I want a black exterior. Prefer a cashmere or light interior but will accept gray. I have zero interest in any options except the Comfort Plus package (to get the rear seat side airbags - I have small children). I'm in Dallas, but can go elsewhere for the car. I'm in no rush at all - I can easily wait 6 months or more. I will pay cash. I don't want a car with any significant mileage (no demonstrators). I plan to go to a local Lexus dealership soon to start the purchase process, although the dealership visit is more to ask the questions below. I would expect to do the deal by internet.

    What are the chances of ordering the car I want from the factory, and will that affect my ability to get a good price? If it's too late in the model year to order from the factory, how do I find a car that has the Comfort Plus package somewhere in the U.S.? The Lexus site indicates that the Comfort Plus package is not available in Dallas or several other areas I checked.

    Anyone know someone good I can talk to at either Park Place Dallas/Grapevine or Sewell Dallas?

    As to pricing, can I expect to pay about $10,000 below MSRP, and then add in TTL? I would think Lexus sales are hurting these days and we are close to the end of the model year? In other words, what would be a good deal at the end of July or August? Any info on this would be appreciated.
  • sidgriggssidgriggs Posts: 122
    I have a friend at Park Place who will shoot straignt with you. Send me an email and I will set-up a referral with him.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    "I'm in Dallas, but can go elsewhere for the car. I'm in no rush at all - I can easily wait 6 months or more."

    Your best bet is to shop in S. Cal and either drive the car back or ship it to Dallas. Paying cash or not don't make any difference to the dealer (if anything, it is negative for the dealer since they don't have another opportunity to make some money). Price are determined by supply and demand. If you only have one dealership in town, you will only get the price that they want you to have. In So Cal, there are tons of Lexus dealers within driving distance so there is a lot of good deal. May be combine a shopping trip with a family Disney vacation... good luck.
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    Forget to mention, the next few weeks should be a good time for car shopping since June 30 is quarter ending date (same for 9/30 and 12/31 is the best time of all for car shopping since it is year end book closing date). If you worry about resales value, 09 is a better bet (I am waiting for 09) since you are going to get similar discount but better resales value when you are ready to sell the LS...
  • bobcat63bobcat63 Posts: 7
    So when will the 2009 models come out? I am looking for a car, but will not get around to buying one until early August. Should I wait another month or two for the 2009? If Sept easy to wait, if November a little harder.
  • atifatif Posts: 6
    2009 Models will be out OCT/NOV of this year. And you will pay full MSRP maybe $1000 off. This is why I bought the 2008 SWB for 63K because I got a hell of a deal.
  • Several weeks back, I received much good advice in reply to my questions concerning the SWB LS. Does anyone have any suggestions, based on recent buying/leasing experience, as to which dealers in the NYC metro area are ready to make the most aggressive deals? Though I live in Manhattan, I've heard tell that the local dealer quotes higher than necessary numbers. If that's not so, I'd be glad to hear it.
  • asolare1asolare1 Posts: 31
    Try Ray Catena in Larchmont and negotiate hard. They can be very aggressive.
  • atifatif Posts: 6
    You can get one today for 63,329 at Dorcshel Lexus Rochester, NY. SWB with Mark Livenson, NP,CP, PA, PP, Z1.

    Talk to Bill Barrish. I spoke to him yesterday and he said he would do this deal for anyone I referred.
    Only problem is Rochester is 5 hours from NYC. But you call always use this info to negotiate.
  • I am a deer in the headlights with this stuff, and am petrified I'm gonna get taken advantage of. In Fort lauderdale florida, I'll have what you guys call tier 1 credit, want a black ls460 with navigation, marklevinsen, xm radio, bluetooth, don't really care about anything else. I sent out stuff through edmunds to dealers to get quotes, and they are crazy out of control compared to the deals i've seen posted on this forum. No one will give me money factor or residual either, saying they will provide that "upon signing". Basically, my question is this: what should i pretty much be paying on a 36 month lease, 15k miles, 0$ down of course (beyond tax and title and stuff like that), specs above being all i care about, tier 1 credit? AND do i need to negotiate a purchase price first, as consumer reports suggests? What money factor / residual should i be using anyway? What info should they be giving me versus withholding, as referred to above. Basically, how should i go about this? OH, also they all say that the options I DON'T WANT, i.e. comfort package / advanced parking guidance, pretty much come "in all cars sold in the region." The bottom line is I don't want to get jobbed on the monthly payment. What do i do to get what i want (above), and roughly how much should i be paying per month? Sorry for the really broad question. Help! thanks.
  • I just picked up my IS from LEXUS OF EDISON. The sales person that helped me out sits all the way to the right when you go in to the dealership. To make it more simple, he is asian without glasses. I bought mine at invoice and he told me any referrel would get the same either on lease and purchase but I don't know if he would on LS since they probably don't sell that many. But I am sure he will be very aggresive and no pressure. :) Please make sure you tell him J J sent you from New Brunswick~~~ I hope this info helps for people in tristate area. good luck guys
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 409
    "The bottom line is I don't want to get jobbed on the monthly payment. What do i do to get what i want (above), and roughly how much should i be paying per month?"

    Hop over to the lease forum to see if Car_man has posted the money factor and residual for this month. And negotiate the best price you can with your local dealers.. Remember the price you see here has a lot to do with the local supply and demand for LS. If you have a lot of dealers around your town, you will get a much better deal. If you have very little competition, then you are stuck. One choice you can have is to fly out to S. Cal to pick up a car (or have them ship to Florida). If your local dealers refuse to give you month factor etc up front, they will definitely mark it up.!make=Lexus&model=LS%20460&ed_- makeindex=.f0fc7b2

    or try Leasecompare site to see if they post the money factor etc. 84a7f8e99fcd9d01966ecd
  • ocautoseekerocautoseeker Posts: 425
    First, go to and build your vehicle. The good thing about that site is that once you enter your zip code, it will only allow you to configure a vehicle the way it comes in your region.

    Second, I don't have my numbers on me right now, but if I remember correctly, the current LS lease numbers for a 36 mo / 15k-yr lease is .00235 and 50%. I'll confirm tomorrow.

    There's an average spread of about $8500 between total msrp and invoice (depending upon options) on an LS. I've seen reports on here of people buying at darn near invoice in some cases, but anywhere from $500-$1500 over would be a realistic goal in my opinion.

    If you get me the total msrp on a vehicle that you're looking at and/or a VIN #, I'd be happy to run some lease numbers for you to put you in a better negotiating position.
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