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Volvo V50 Engine Questions



  • Electrical problems. I got a new T5 automatic about a year ago. After 30 days, the electrical system went haywire - wipers would turn on by themselves and not stop, dashboard lights would flash indiscriminately, transmission would lock up and the rear door would not open. We took it into the dealer, and got it back a few days later. After another 30 days or so, same thing happened again. Again into the dealer, out again and then after another 30 days - same thing a third time. We raised a ruckus, invoked the Georgia lemon law and Volvo substituted a brand new identical vehicle (we had to wait several months for it to be ordered from the factory). We got the new car last March and when it ran through the 30 day period without incident, we breathed a sigh of relief. Today (after six months and 7100 miles) the replacement did the exact same thing. The dealer hasn't figured out what's wrong. Anyone have similar problems or any ideas?
  • I had some of the same problems and other problems, all computer related. Right headlight went out in the first month of driving, brought it to dealer to replace it and they ended up having to replace the computer - bulb was fine. Since then: entire console went out twice - no control of anything electronic, Radio and AC went out a few times briefly - came back on after a restart or two, *while driving car went into "Crash" (?!?) mode and shut down - would not go off on restart - went off after a half hour of being shut off (on restart), battery drained twice. I am bringing it in to the dealer tomorrow morning, who knows what they will try to tell me. Sorry to hear others having similar problems. If I hear anything interesting from the dealer I will post it.
  • I purchased a V50t awd in Feb of 05. I live in Portland Oregon and after about three weeks I had the same problem with dying on the cold start and then after restarting it having it start back up and work fine. I understand the pain of listening to you car start the day off like that.

    It took me about five months and three times into the shop before they have been able to slow the frequency of the dying on the cold starts but now my check engine light has been on and they can't turn it off.

    I am considering a lemon law but I hate to go that route because the car has be been great in terms of everything else. what response has Volvo or your dealership given you in terms of fixing the problem?
  • I have a Volvo v50 T5 awd automatic and I have had the cold start issues with my car since three weeks after I bought it. The dealer has tried three different software fixes and it's helped a little but now the check engine light is permanately on.
    What route have you been able to take to remedy your problem?
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    The dadburned V50 brochure I have, under "Fuel Type" says "Gasoline" for both engines. I would like to know if the T5 requires high octane? Obviously, not an owner here.....yet

  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    91+ octane gasoline is "recommended"
  • I recently purchased a new 2007 V50 2.4i and would like to know where the oil filter is on this car. I do know it requires a filter element rather than a spin on filter.
  • huhuhuhu Posts: 10
    Hi guys,

    I have bought a 2007 V50 2.4i two weeks ago. Now I have some concerns.

    1. When I start the car, the rpm goes to 1.5 k, after maybe 20 sec, it drops and stays at 0.8 k rpm. I read the manual, and it says that it is normal to have high rpm in the beginning. Do you guys have the same thing?

    2. When I accelerate, the engine sounds very noisy. Als the mpg is only 20 ( I drove 10 miles in 15 min to work).

    Wondering if you guys have the same observation?

  • 1. The high then low rpm on startup is normal for both the 2.4i and T5 engines.

    2. The 2007 2.4i engine was very raspy on acceleration, and a number of reviewers commented negatively on this idiosyncracy. Since this engine is not very powerful, the driver frequently has to floor the accelerator to get moving. I recently drove the 2008 2.4i and found that the engine is much quieter, although not any more powerful. My guess is that they changed the air intake and/or the exhaust system for 2008, probably in response to the negative criticism.
  • I can confirm about the high RPM when you first start. I got one for my girlfriend and I have gotten a few loaners when I have my C70 in for service and thats the way the V50 is setup. It's normal.

    As for the engine noise while driving it is a little louder than the average under med to high load but not bad in my opinion. The T5 is quieter probably more sound deadening materials in that model.

    The mpg will be lower in the beginning during the break in period and your driving style will influence it as well. My girlfriend drive like a little old lady and does mostly highway miles and she is getting close to 30 MPG.
  • huhuhuhu Posts: 10
    thanks a lot guys!

    To Alexancx,
    How long does it take for your gf to get 30 MPG? I have 500 miles now on my v50, and I only get 20 on mixed (driving on I95 around baltimore maybe should not be considered as highway only)driving.
  • I have a 2005 v50 with T5 and 60kmiles, what plugs would be a best replacement ? And , does the fuel line recall make the sensor go bad (causing it to throw a PO 193 code ? ) :confuse:
  • jprsjprs Posts: 1
    I have a V50 3.5 years old and 50000 miles on the clock. It has just been diagnosed with a oil leak on the turbo. my local garage suspects the bearing is leaking and allowing the oil to pass through the turbo.

    I noticed that the car had developed a small oil leak on one of the air hoses coming from the turbo, although no oil loss noticed.

    My arguments/pleading has just begun with Volvo, hope this helps your fight.

  • I have a 2005 V50 with 67,000 miles on it. Love the car, after owning a 91 240 wagon for years. When I start the car I here this loud buzzing noise from the engine. When turning the engine off it continues for about 1 minute then clicks off. I lifted the hood and it is coming from this Silver cylinder in the very front of engine on drivers side. Next to plastic refill container. Not sure what this unit is. Any ideas?
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