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Jeep Liberty Diesel EGR Problems



  • willysjeepwillysjeep Posts: 104
    I went to the dealer to get a new solenoid valve. I unplugged it to bring it in with me to assure I had the right part. Oddly enough, it was warm. Hmmmm, that told me. It must have had current through it. I plugged her back in and plugged in my MAF. I started up the Jeep and the yellow light was out. It's been on every time I've started it for months with P0401, P0299 and P1250. Well, it may be intermittent. I still have the tubing bypassing it. The car sounds different and is more zippy. My turbocharger is back.

    I've had a run of really bad luck lately. Maybe, this is a sign that things will be better.

    Spring is here and times are good.
  • I have a 2005 Liberty CRD and would like to get more info on service and repair. I defintely need to do what these post are talking about but would like some drawings and etc.
  • A good investment is the factory
    Service manual
    Keep up with regular maintenance
    As it is critical
    IE: fuel filter, oil and filter etc
    Mine is running strong at 140,000
    Miles it's my wife's car
    I have a 2002 Dodge Cummins which
    Is highly modified
  • 12m3412m34 Posts: 2
    Last year around this time, my 06 Diesel tranny completely trashed, plenum and all, my dealership made several consessions and replaced it all for $2,700, more that half the realistic cost. But, this was right at 101,000miles. This F37 code never came on, had trans serviced regular but D/C would not cover, said Im on my own. Maybe now should send in dealer repair order for total reimbursment?
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,796
    The F37 is not a code but a recall. Chrysler should have sent you a recall notice.
  • willysjeepwillysjeep Posts: 104
    See post #145 for details of F37. (I don't think it has anything to do with an EGR valve.) :surprise:
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,796
    The F37 recall dealt with detuning (mostly torque reduction) the engine and replacing the torque converter and the front pump in the transmission. The EGR valve is a separate issue.
  • I blew my transmission up out of warranty
    Engines are detuned as trans can't handle
    ATS makes a multi disk converter and better
    Clutches etc so you can put engine where
    It belongs. The shop that built my truck
    Trans charged me $1500.00 for my wife's
    CRD including a better torque converter
  • willysjeepwillysjeep Posts: 104
    This EGR thing is to reduce Nitrous Oxide. This is from Wikepedia:

    "By feeding the lower oxygen exhaust gas into the intake, diesel EGR systems lower combustion temperature, reducing emissions of NOx. This makes combustion less efficient, compromising economy and power. The normally "dry" intake system of a diesel engine is now subject to fouling from soot, unburned fuel and oil in the EGR bleed, which has little effect on airflow but can cause problems with components such as swirl flaps, where fitted. Diesel EGR also increases soot production, though this was masked in the US by the simultaneous introduction of diesel particulate filters.[6] EGR systems can also add abrasive contaminants and increase engine oil acidity, which in turn can reduce engine longevity.[7]

    Though engine manufacturers have refused to release details of the effect of EGR on fuel economy, the EPA regulations of 2002 that led to the introduction of cooled EGR were associated with a 3% drop in engine efficiency, bucking a trend of a .5% a year increase."[8]

    The new Chevy Cruze diesel has a urea tank. This is from the dieselhub site.

    "Urea or DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) injection is a key component of the SCR (selective catalyst reduction) emissions system for the 6.7L Power Stroke & 6.6L Duramax. SCR is one way that manufacturers are combating diesel emissions in order to meet/exceed current regulations. SCR is a system that reduces NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions by injecting diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust stream. DEF, also referred to as "reductant", is a solution of 32.5% urea and 67.5% water. Its moderate urea content is where it gets the slang term "urea injection". DEF is injected via a dosing module (injector) into the SCR portion of the exhaust. It is atomized with the exhaust stream by means of a mixer, which resembles an auger welded inside a small section of exhaust pipe. The heat of the exhaust causes urea to split into carbon dioxide and ammonia. Exhaust then travels through a ceramic catalyst where the reduction reaction occurs, converting ammonia and NOx into nitrogen gas (N2) and water" (H2O).

    Is the urea thing a better way to go than the EGR? It seems like it would be better for your engine. It also seems like it would be a pain to have to fill a urea tank as well as a fuel tank. There would be extra cost for this consumable item. If this is required in future diesels, this could be a big drawback. :lemon:
  • Well, I didn't get the green diesel tune or the electronic gadget that fools the engine into thinking the EGR is happy while continuously closed. I did get a little orange reader that allows me to pull off the side of the road and reset the yellow light whenever it comes on. I get some satisfaction from turning the durn thing off. The Jeep has over 100,000 miles on it now.

    I'm still looking for that magic bullet to fix the EGR.
  • willysjeepwillysjeep Posts: 104

    Still turning the light on and off. Jeep will be 9 years old next month. It still runs well. I am wondering if it's worth the Green Diesel tune. The tune is expensive and I'm not sure how many more years I'll have the Jeep. If anybody still reads these things, feedback would be appreciated.

  • willysjeepwillysjeep Posts: 104

    Weather has warmed up again. The yellow light with the EGR code has not come on in a few days. It runs well, but I'm doing town driving so my mileage is bad. Would the Green Diesel tune help that? A savings of a little more than 100 gallons will pay for the green Diesel tune and no more yellow light. I'm still thinking about it. Feedback?

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