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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Anaheim CA dealer markup is about $2300 for the aqua color Outlander. What a joke. :mad:
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    Orders don't equal sales

    Oh they don't? what happened to the ordered vehicles then? rot in the dealers lot? What's the point in ordering so many vehicles if you can't sell it? I don't think Mitsu is that dumb not to figure that one out.

    Mitsubishi manufactured 8500 cars here and imported 6000 from Japan in November, but sales are only running about 9000 per month

    So what's your point?

    It doesn't help Mitsubishi if the increase in Outlander sales is being matched by a corresponding decrease in Endeavor sales.

    But if overall sales figures are high because of the Outlander, that wouldn't matter.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    Is that markup over MSRP? :surprise: Some dealers are too greedy!! :mad:
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    I had some bad experience with my first 2 dealers also. The first one was Hempstead Mitsubishi in NY which located 6 miles away from my home. They had the loaded AWD XLS in stock. When I sat down with the manager. He said that it's a very hot car so there's no deal. If I want it, I have to pay full MSRP. I got up and left. As when I was walking out of the door, he came and said that maybe we can work something out. I kept walking without turning back. With that kind of sale practice, I didn't think I can get a good deal at all. :mad:
    My 2nd dealer was Five Town Mitsubishi which is 7 miles away. When I called them, they didn't have the loaded AWD XLS in stock. I told them the option packages and the color that I want and call me when they got one. The dealer call me 2 weeks later and said they have one in stock now. So I went there after work. It was loaded alright but not the color that I wanted. I wanted a silver one but it was in aqua. It was on Friday, 8 p. m. and at the end of November. The manager offered me $28,800 which is $560 less than invoice. But the catch was that I have to buy the car and take it home that night. It wasn't the color that my wife and I agreed on. I told them that I had to go home and talk to my wife about the color first. I went back to the dealer few days later with my wife. She didn't like the color but would be OK if I really want it since I will be the one driving the car. She's driving a 2006 Toyota Sienna minivan I'm driving a 1993 Accord. The Outlander is for me :shades: I told the salesman that I'll take the car. A new manager came over when I sat down. He said that the previous manager was fired. He won't give me the same deal. He wanted a full MSRP and so I left.
    I called my third dealer La Sorsa Mitsubishi in Bronx, NY which is 28 miles away. I asked them if they have loaded XLS in stock and they said yes. When I got there, they had few loaded 2WD XLS, not AWD. The salesman said that he can sale me a AWD XLS for $28,950 with the color that I want. Which is about $35 over invoice. But, I have to put a $500 down so that he can reserve the car from the next shipment coming in January. Of cause the $500 will be deducted from the total price. He will not try to get the car from other dealers because if he does that, other dealers might want a cut also. So I pay the $500 and still waiting for the delivery. :sick:
    The good thing is I heard some known miner problems with some cars of first shipment. Like, front end knocks, door rattle sound and wind noise. I hope these problems might be fixed with the second shipment. ;) The bad thing was I missed a good deal with my second dealer when I didn't make the decision right away.
  • dave82dave82 Posts: 43
    But if overall sales figures are high because of the Outlander, that wouldn't matter.

    Do the math. Mitsubishi sales are down another 6% this year, and close to 70% the past three years. Citing company press releases that always paint rosy pictures doesn't change the bottom line.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    It is still a good deal. Don't fret on the minor issues, I have both and if you ask me if I'd buy one again with those issues, I would. You can't go wrong with this SUV. Balance and handling is great, especially when you drive on highway high speeds. Handles more like a car than an SUV. :shades:
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    Thanks, I still feel sorry that I didn't buy the car when I could have had it for $500 under invoice. It wasn't the color I want but I could live with aqua. :(
  • mictramictra Posts: 11
    Why did you choose to go to the Bronx on the third try? What about Wantagh or Manhasset Mitsubishi?
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    I called for availability. They said they have it in stock but only 2WD when I got there.
  • mictramictra Posts: 11
    I was driving around last nigh while my son was napping before a long new years eve night. I stopped at Wantagh but it was closed but I did see a fully loaded black XLS. I guess I'm not sure if it was AWD. I made a deal at the end of November. He called a day later and told me he can't find it and I would have to wait. I still have time on my montero lease so I'm in no hurry. I was told they did a port swap for the car and it should be in sometime around 8th, 9th or 10th.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    I guess I'm not sure if it was AWD

    To know quickly if it's a 4WD or not, look in the rear. At the lower right edge of the rear glass, there should be a "4WD" decal if it's 4wd. If there no decal, it's 2wd.
  • ken4nyken4ny Posts: 40
    I already put down a deposit. I'm expecting delivery in January. Probably around the same time. :)
  • I had a bad experience with a dealer in Chicago recently. Drove 120 miles because they said had a AWD XLS with everything (including DVD) in stock in my color. Got down there, and they said, "Oh, we'll have it ready by next week." Fine I said, but I was not happy. I wanted to trade in my 2001 Suzuki XL-7, KBB value 5600-6500, I told them I wanted 6000.

    After an hour, of increasing their bids by 100, I walked out the door when they stopped at 5900. The salesman actually ran out and knocked on my window as my car was pulling away to offer me that amount. I continued to drive off and muted my phone as the continued to call.

    Drove back to Madison, WI...showed the my Suzuki. The didn't even ask my what I wanted, they offered $7000 for my trade in and will have my exact car by Jan 25th. It really pays to shop around.

    I'm paying MSRP, it's hard to haggle on a car that's hard to come buy and that you're ordering. Kind of like when I ordered my Mini Cooper. But I'm happy with the final result.

    If anyone wants to know who the dealer in Chicago is, let me know. I didn't think those kind of antics happened any more.
  • They misquoted the price by $3,000 and tried to push a car with 2500 miles on it as new? It's too bad. The Cherry Hill dealership is the closest one to me... but from the posts it sounds like they might not be the best people to try and do business with. Either way it looks like I won't be in the market to lease an Outlander for a few more months a the least, so at least it gives me some time to do some comparison shopping.
  • Wow, this dealership sounds really bad. I'm glad that a few of you have come forth with your experiences with them... they sound truly sleazy and seem like a good representation of the typical "car salesman" stereotype.
  • Want to know if I am getting a good deal or not.

    XLS 4WD with Luxury, DVD Entertainment and Sun and Sound for 28,464 before taxes. Black with Beige int.
  • I've contacted 3 dealerships in Seattle area, all out of stock on XLS until mid-late January. I've been told that the first shipments of the XLS flew out the doors, had seen lots of TV ads. ..waiting..
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    XLS 4WD with Luxury, DVD Entertainment and Sun and Sound for 28,464 before taxes. Black with Beige int.

    How much with the Navi thrown in? Or is it available at all in your area? I think you can get all three factory options for 29,500 or less. 28,464 for the 2 factory options is more or less Edmund's TMV price, but I think you can still shop around for a better deal. If you can get it at 28,000 that would be a good deal. If you can wait a little bit and shop around more, I think that'll save you a few hundred bucks.
  • RCPAX,

    I am getting 3 packages (Luxury, DVD Entertainment and Sun and Sound) not 2 the Edmunds Invoice price is 28140 and my price was 28, 464. Should I still shop around? Thx
  • I figure you should be paying around 29,400...

    I'd take that deal....
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