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Mitsubishi Outlander Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I picked up my 2008 Outlander SE with nav and deflectors on Thursday, after waiting about 3 weeks for it to come in. Purchased by local dealer in San Angelo, Texas (Randall Mitsu). I test drove the Outlander and the Endeavor. Wife liked the larger size of the Endeavor, but I liked the tech, looks, size, etc, of the Outlander. Since this was a replacement for my car, a 95 Galant, the boss let me get the Outie :)

    I used my bank's car buying service, and contacted Gillman Mitsu in San Antonio. Worked with Jason there, very friendly, but he just didnt have the SE models. My local dealer, Randall Mitsu, didnt have them either, but said they would accept my bank's price, and would work with me. After a delay or 2 in getting the model I wanted, it arrived. Local guys actually had to do a dealer swap with Don Herring in Irving, TX. I had the Mitsu loyalty discount ($500) and military discount ($500). With taxes, title, and license, the driveaway price was a tick under $25K.

    Exact price via buying service

    When we went to pick it up, we went into the financer's office, and were out in about 30min, even with 3 kiddos in there. We were on the road, pulled all the junk out of the Galant, and driving our new vehicle in about an hour. Plenty of prep via email, phone calls, and continuous good communication with Randall Mitsu made for a pleasant transaction.

    We didnt get the deflectors, yet, but they will call when they get them in. I also asked for a price on the 3rd row seat, as our SE has the storage instead of the seat. We figure the seat might be helpful for us, with the kiddos. If anyone wants to consider trading their seat for the storage, feel free to contact me at steve at zacharoo dot com.


    Pics of my 08 Outie SE
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I think that the 2008 Outlander SE is not sold with 3rd row seat at all. If you want a 3rd row seat you should buy a XLS. Please confirm.
  • The SE is not sold with third row seat, but that does not preclude me from buying a 3rd row seat from the dealer, or trading for one with someone who has one.

    The SE had everything I needed, the 3rd row seat is a want. Thanks for your advice, but it's unnecessary.
  • Hey guys,

    New to the forum. Question, how much under MSRP did any of guys got on a brand new 2007 Outlander? Last weekend I went to my local Mitsu dealer and talked and bargained and got the price down to $22300 for a base XLS. Is this a good price? Or is there more room for improvement considering it's a 2007 model year. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • You could definitely do better. I just paid $ 21,500, and I know I could have done better if I felt like arguing ( had the kiddo with me, and just wanted to get it done). My price included the $1500.00 rebate, but was on a blue outlander, of which it was the only one for several hundred miles. I didn't want to lose the deal by pushing too hard.
    It's a base xls, with no options. I think $1500 below invoice, plus the $1500.00 rebate is achievable, lots here have done it. With more options, you could do even better, but relative to the invoice.
    The car you are looking at could have been sitting on their lot for 15 months, they need to get rid of it. There's a good chance they're paying interest on it.

    In my case, I had about 8 dealers within an hours drive. I found the biggest dealers had real internet departments, and gave real prices with vin numbers over email. The smaller dealers just wanted to get you in the door. They'll tell you they have stock they don't. At least in my case, ymmv.
    I got within $400.00 of my sale price on email, then went in to seal the deal.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    2007 Outlander will get at least $2000 below invoice. Today I received an email from a desperate dealer that want me to buy one of his two 2008 Outlanders at $1000 below invoice. I found later on that this dealership is to receive a batch of 2009 Outlanders. Outlanders with a VIN number with a digit 9 will start to be sold in the USA perhaps at August/September. Does somebody have heard about 2009 Outlanders? This dealer volunteer to tell me that Mitsubishi America is not distributing any more 2008 Outlanders. Any comments?
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Only XLS has a 3rd row hollow for a seat. Certainly you can do what you want with your car. Go ahead but be prepare to live with rattles all the time the car is with you.
  • Swirl_Junkie, I forgot to mention, the $22300 price is for a base XLS 4WD (invoice on this bad boy is around $24202), 2WD version is obviously cheaper by around $1200-$1500. And I am interested in 4WD only as I live in the Northeast.
  • I forgot to mention as well. Mine is Also AWD. I think you should be at $21,200. And that's only $1500.00 below invoice. Their hold back is $502.00 so they'll claim they are losing $900.. on the deal. They aren't. I'm only mentioning this based on what i've seen others purchase for, and what my experience was. If you live where there's little selection, you might not be able to do as well.
    I just did a search of all the 2007's within my area on another website, ( i doubt I can mention it... rhymes with pars dot com.) then emailed dealers.
    Good luck on your search. I think these dealers are really hurting, and this car isn't selling well. All things to your favor. Wait a month or two and the rebates will get fatter.

    If you search back, there were people getting 07's at four and five thousand below, but they were loaded models... more room to play with numbers there.
  • Are you saying the hollow for the storage compartment will not fit the 3rd row seat? I believe you are mistaken. Do you know that there is physically something different in the hollow between the SE and the XLS?

  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    Go ahead but be prepare to live with rattles all the time the car is with you.

    Do you speak by your own experience? I have the 3rd row seat and it does not rattle.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I meant third row of seats adapted someway into an Outlander SE where its geometry hasn't been made for a third seat row. If you want a third row of seats you need to have a XLS. The third row seats in the Outlander XLS does not rattle.

    I have had bad experience with dealers that incorporate extra equipment in the car (e.g. options: Electronics, sounds, fog lights, leather seats, extra repeaters, etc) and wires are not properly isolated, screws left off, foam taken off, etc). Any of these can be causes of rattles. So when you said that you expect to install a third row of seats in a vehicle not designed for that then I assume that there is a high probability of rattles.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 581
    Yep, XLS here. I haven't actually heard somebody successfully doing the mod, but it the SE has the same floor geometry, then I don't see much of a problem, except the cost maybe.
  • Maybe the geometry is the same, but are the holes there to attach to? I wouldn't want to be tapping holes for bolts in a brand new car. Not through the floorboard anyhow.
  • scotlafscotlaf Posts: 2
    Hi all. Great forum. We live in Orlando and started looking at the outies and think they are slick. We are looking at the 07 LS and hope someone may have some pricing info for our area and target prices. It looks like California has some great deals and we are hoping the southeast will as well! Thanks in advance!
  • Hi scotlaf,
    Are there any options on the LS you're looking at? I was looking at edmunds invoice pricing and it looks like they've removed the pricing for the 07's. I looked at the 08' LS invoice without any options and they are $21,221 for 2wd and 22,502 for 4wd.
    Since you are looking at an 07', you should be able to get an incredible deal. I got my 07' XLS a couple months ago for $3,500 below invoice, including the 1,500 rebate. Since it is now almost April, I would think the dealers would really want to get rid of these 07's. I would make an offer of at least $4,000 below invoice and see if they take it. Also, remember that they have the following extra rebates : Mitsu loyalty, recent grad, and military.
    I am in SoCal so I don't know about the dealers out there in FL. I would email or phone all the dealers in your region and get quotes from their "Internet" managers. Then take the best offers and make them compete between each other. There may not be many dealers left with 07's so that may limit the amount of dealers you have to deal with.
    If you do happen to go with an 08' you wont get the rebate but you should still be able to get a great deal. I would offer the same $1,500 below invoice that we are getting out here in SoCal.
    Good luck and I hope you get a great deal.
  • scotlafscotlaf Posts: 2
    Thanks very much for the info avalanche. You have been a great help! Trying to find one in desert sand. If we strike a deal I'll post it.
  • brandoshidobrandoshido Posts: 10
    ES 2WD, Option package a (820 dollar one, has the leather steering wheel, aux jack, etc), and the optional GPS add on.

    Price (includes tt&l)= $22,313.25

    Thanks for your help. I just want to make sure I get my money's worth.
  • I am guessing that you are talking about a 2008 model, but anyway, I think the price is a bit too high for a 2008, and very high if its a 2007 model. Recently after all the dealing I got a quote on a base 4WD 2007 Outlander at $22000 (doesn't include tt&l). Outlanders are good cars in the CUV category but reality is that Mitsubishi is not selling them a lot. Mitsubishi predicted around 4000 per month sales when they released the new Outlander but they are not even close. Last month sales have been abysmal which means that if you'll be patient enough you will drive away with a new Outlander at least $1500-2000 under invoice. If I were you I would still shop around, email a couple of dealers and pit them against each other. And if the price is right it is a good idea to even go to another state and pick it up.
  • brandoshidobrandoshido Posts: 10
    thanks, i thought it was a good deal, but I saw an article on the internet basically saying mitsu was struggling in USA, which made me think that they would wheel and deal with me a little more. I had to call around in corpus christi, san antonio, and houston just to get that price. i guess when they call me back I can tell them and say it's still a little to high.
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