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Honda Civic GX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thank you Curtis for your reply..... I had looked up the value in KBB, but Kelly has not been real "accurate" the last few years... they seem to constantly over-estimate the value of at least those cars I have tried to buy or sell.

    Edmunds interestingly enough does not even list the GX variant of the Civic.

    The car only has about 17,000 miles on it and was supposedly traded back in on an '09. All of the "incentives" have already been used and it is completely stock.

    As I am completely new to the CNG world I have been trying to educate myself. I was quite surprised at how quickly the car responds in city driving (seems much quicker than my Element that has a larger engine), but it does lag a bit when trying to merge onto the freeway. I wonder if Honda has adjusted the gearing of the first 3 gears to make the car very quick and agile for city driving... which is what I would assume most GX's are used for.

    I purchased a Prius last year (luckily before the gas prices started going nuts) and it was certainly appreciated last summer. I have been looking at the pros and cons of the GX and what its operational costs would be compared to the Prius. Of course any numbers I can use are just speculation... if I had a crystal ball it would be an easier decision to make... but then if I had a crystal ball my 401K would not now be a 201K !!!!

    At the current price of gas the Prius only costs about $5 per month more to operate than the GX would... which is certainly a reasonable amount given it additional utility and ease of fueling. If gas goes back to 3 or 4 dollars a gallon... (which I would have thought likely until this world-wide recession kicked in... now I am not as sure as to how quickly the prices will rise again) then the cost benefits rise rapidly as well. I am sure those of you with GX's were quite happy with your decision last summer :)

    In answer to your question I live part-time in Las Vegas and part-time in Northern Utah. As Utah has much cheaper natural gas than Las Vegas it would seem logical to base the car in Utah... however the Las Vegas climate would seem to be a better match... I do wonder how it would fare during the snowy winter months. We have been spoiled with AWD Element and Pilot up in Utah and so have a bit of concern about the GX..., but many people here do drive FWD vehicles also... but the preponderance seem to favor 4wd or AWD.

    Sorry to be rambling on so... I guess I am just musing out loud.

    Any comments or experiences are appreciated!

    .... the reason I am looking is my wife thinks it is about time I sell my 22-year old diesel station wagon.... :-)
  • 2010's are going for $300 below invoice and 0.9% financing. The 2011's just came out but dont get the same financing/price deal (no change in 2011)
  • Looking for one in the SF Bay Area. Any ideas of dealers who have inventory? Honda's website is less than helpful.
  • I know Robertson's Honda in Palmdale has a couple. A ways out of your way, but well worth the trip if you want to deal with someone that really knows everything about the car, incentives, infrastructure and can answer any question you might have. I j=know their alt fuels guy is out till the weekend, so if you don't have any luck up there... it's not a bad drive and can easily be done in a GX on the 101, 5, or 99 fwys.
  • fabricfabric Posts: 7
    In SoCal car dealer ad., there has some NEW civic GX for sell at $21,500.
    Have any idea of reasonable prices? (2014 cars are coming out now, they still have 2012 cars)
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