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Lexus LS 460 Navigation System



  • fbr3fbr3 Posts: 1
    I have an '09 LS 460 AWD. Nice car with some slight issues (slight but noticeable hesitation at about 40 mph, and odd noises from under the hood on deceleration). I find most anything done with the LEXUS NAV system overly complicated and tiresome to deal with. NOT a simple system. Especially if you AND your wife each have a Bluetooth enabled cell phone!

    GMC must use a similar system in their Denali's as the voice and screen are similar, just not as deep in functionality. They, too, do not trust us to have our travel partner (my wife in this case) update NAV entries, etc. This is our Government in action, not LEXUS. Still aggravating though. A company or two have some fixes to allow entry while driving for most cars. The LS 460 not being one it seems.

    I have an '02 Corvette convertible with no NAV system other than the GARMIN NUVI purchased for travel in it. GARMIN seems to feel that with a hold harmless warning we do anything while driving at our own risk. Good enough for me. In this society of law suit crazies, I am not sure I blame LEXUS or GM for their caution. They should, however, offer GARMIN's hold harmless soluton.
  • I was at Sewell Lexus in Ft. Worth yesterday and they informed me that the software to do this update is delivered in a thumb drive (USB device) and that it's cost is $165 with the installation cost being $120. It has to be downloaded from the thumb drive into a computer which is then connected to the car and installed. I seriously doubt that this will ever be a home installation setup. It would be very easy to do with a DVD that is pre-programmed to update the onboard computer and install the update when put into the DVD player built into the automobile. The only DVD's I have seen with this setup are about 7 gig's in size which means that we are now talking about a Blueray player which these cars do not have. Another way to keep those U.S. dollars flowing toward Japan. :^(
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    I don't disagree with anything you said, and am grateful for the info, because I was interested in doing the same thing, and wondered about the cost. Now, at least, thanks to you, I have some numbers to go to my dealer with in case they want to gouge me, a favorite passtime of our dealer. However, I will mention that a combined cost of $285 for the total update isn't out of line really. The DVD to update my 05 and 02 LS430s, cost me $250 from Sewell, and I installed it myself, but still, only $35 difference all in all. My Fords DVDs cost $200 to buy, with self installation. I expected frankly to pay a lot more, since this is a "captive update system" now. Thanks for the info, again. Very helpful.
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