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Toyota Tacoma Prerunner (owner experiences)



  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Don't know for sure, but I would think that you should get a 98 std cab, 4cyl, for around 13K-14K at the most. That may be off base, but it does make me feel good that these trucks are holding their value well. I have a 2000 prerunner and was a little skeptical of how the 2wd variation would be - resale-wise. Feel free to ask any questions, man. By the way, there's no better truck for a son.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I checked on Edmunds and a 98 Tacoma Prerunner, which first came out in that year, only in the Extended Cab, has a trade-in of $8519 and dealer retail of $10520. I agree though that Toyotas and Hondas (which I own a CRV and Accord) do hold there value quite well.

    Are the prices listed on Edmunds what I'd expect to pay? I haven't checked on the dealers lot yet, but on they're about 11-12K without options, which is exactly what I'm looking for, a 1998 Tacoma Prerunner Extended cab.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I would think that the price listed on edmunds and other sites could be a starting point at least. From $10-12K would be a pretty good range to expect from the lots. Again, not positive. I would think that the edmunds prices would be a fairly good idea of what you might pay. There should be a little discrepancy between v6 and 4cyl as well. So watch for that. Not much help - sorry.
  • This information may or not be of any help to you, but here goes. We are in the northern VA area and my son had been looking for a 98/99 SR5, x-cab, V-6, 5 speed for about 2 months, and everything he found was god awful expensive -- it was just about the cost of a new one.

    On Monday, he compromised and bought a 99 SR5, x-cab, TRD, 4-cyl, 5 speed, with 34K miles for $14,200. Dealer was asking $18.1 but offered it at $17.1. I showed the salesman a printed copy of their web page offering the truck at $14,650. The salesman looked shocked (yeah, right!). Went in to the sales manager and came back and took our offer. The salesman said he was really unaware of the internet deal but said the sales manager knew about it because he put the ad on the web. Salses manager said they rarely ever get someone coming in as a result of their web page, but since I had printed out the ad, they honored it. According to KBB, the value was about $18K. Edmunds showed the value at about $15.7. Don't know why there is such a large difference. Anyway, he is happy with it (except that it is white), but it is really clean with no dents or scratches. I tried to buy a 2002 Pre-Runner v-6, automatic, but the best price I could get was $20,800 + tax, title, etc. I bought a 2002 Frontier XE, X-Cab, 4x4, V-6, automatic for $19.6 out the door. Really wanted the Toyota, but just too much money, particularly since tax and title needed to be added to the Pre-Runner.
  • jakutajakuta Posts: 16
    Just started researching the above truck and have a few questions:

    1) Are power seats (or at least driver's seat) available?

    2) Keyless remote available?

    Thanks in advance!
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I do not think that power seats are available on any tacomas. However, remote keyless entry is available with the RS3200 security system option. Its a $500 dollar option. Will you opt for the TRD package? I have a 00 prerunner with everything but cruise and bucket seats, and I absolutely love it. Any other questions, I can probably help a good bit.
  • croccroc Posts: 4
    I just bought a 01 Pre-runner TRD a month ago after 3 years of disappointment with a Subaru. I had an '81 4x4 for 11 years of trouble free driving-despite some rugged adventures into the moumtains. I always missed that truck and always wanted another Toyota. So far I love this truck. It's not only my first v6-(thirsty, but what the heck)-it's my first automatic-(I guess I'm officially old!). I drop in from time to time and cruise the Toyota sites so I'll be talking to you!
  • My fiancee and I just purchased an 02 Prerunner 4X2 with the 2.7L four and SR5 package. We absolutley love the truck, but I am wondering how to get more power out of it. Can you add the supercharger? If not, what other suggestions to you all have?

    Absolutely GREAT little truck!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
  • I drive a 2002 Maxima SE and I LOVE the engine that car! What a coincedence!

    It WOULD be great if I could give it that engine, but alas, I can't! Other suggestions?
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Bleh......Maxima about a Lexus V8 instead? There's a guy on ttora boards (check the other message thread) that bought a V8 for $600, almost new, I think, and dropped it into his Taco, with few drilling and modifications required.
    Maxima motor wont do you any good, it's too small for a truck. You could, however, get a 3.4L and drop it in your Prerunner, which would of course void 99% of the warranties :)
  • How about some real life suggestions in here! I am not dropping V6's or V8's in the thing (although it would be nice!).

    How about engine chips or exhaust? How much hp can I expect to get?
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    Don't bother with chips. If they do even make one for the Taco, I have heard that they don't work well at all for this application. You can modify your airox with what is called a deckplate mod - this will give increased airflow. Couple that $5 mod with a high flow filter and you could gain up to 10hp if you're lucky. Exhausts are good - you could go with a complete catback or just replace the muffler. You can get a header which would also help alot. Im still thinkin, but there are some ideas.
  • saddaddy - I hear you have to be careful with that because it could void the warranty. Is this true? I would LOVE to get an exhaust put on it to make it sound better and give it more power. Forget the chip.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    The rule is:
    Warranty is voided if there is a direct connection between your mods and the failed part. So if you put a lift on the truck, it voids the U-joint warranty automatically because of the high wear-and-tear they'll experience.
    Deckplate is harmless in that just have to watch out not to go through 2 feet of mud with it open, cause then you may splash some inside which will restrict airflow. And even if you do that, clean it up and its ok. For more protection, paint the deckplate (if you didnt get a black one) black and it will look the same as the airbox. For extremely paranoid: either buy a spare airbox, or join TTORA and you could ask one of the guys for the airbox. The good thing about deckplate is that it gives you a little extra hp and a cool hissing sound at 3K rpms on a V6, the bad thing is that, people say, it takes off about 40 miles off each gas tank, which I am about to verify (gonna open mine again).
  • dcabman1dcabman1 Posts: 19
    On a scale of 1 to 10 (with a 10 meaning that you need to be a competent auto mechanic), how difficult is changing the oil on a new 2002 Double Cab? Are there any tips from those who have tried this job before? What about special tools? I'm trying to decide whether it's worth paying the extra money to have the dealership do the job or if I should venture out on my own.

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Hmm....the filter is in rather uncomfortable spot. I actually went to a mechanic for this the first time around. Factory tightens the filter up pretty good. As for special tricks: it's easier to go though the inner fender wall, just turn the front tires to the left, and you'll get to the filter. No special tools required, and I think there's also an oil filter relocation kit that you could get...
    It's not that you need a mechanic to take the engine apart, it's just you need to get into a somewhat uncomfortable spot. Those Japanese engineers designed it to fit their hands, I bet :)
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    I tried to change my oil for the first time the other day. It had been changed prolly 5 times by shops, but I need to save some money. Anyways, I have tiny arms, I could get to it great thru the fender wall (by moving aside that rubber stuff), but Ill be danged if I could turn it. I even went out and bought a $7 wrench that would bent and contort all sorts of ways. Those hoses below the filter just wouldn't let me grip it well with the wrench, much less torque on it at all. What do you suggest? I really need to learn how to do this on my own. Thanx
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I havent changed it on my own yet, I only got 5.8K miles on it, and wont be changing probably until 8-9K.
    Another way to try and change it is drive it up on a rock/curb so you have a little more ground clearance, get underneath, take off the skidplates (have to take both off, the rear one is holding front one), and go from underneath.
  • Just took delivery of an '02 V6 XCAB TRD Prerunner about one month ago. Have about 385 miles on it now and am only getting 13MPG around town. Haven't had the chance to try the freeway as yet.

    I drive fairly slowly with few fast starts or stops (it's difficult, however!)and am wondering if this mileage will improve with break-in?

    It seems to stay in 2nd gear until about 32 MPH and I think this is where the economy is suffering.

    Any thoughts?
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