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GMC Safari/Chevy Astro Starting/Stalling/Idling Problems



  • scol01scol01 Posts: 1
    I've had a 98 Astro for 4 years and first had starting problems 6 months after I got it. After changing numerous things, the problem was fixed with a new cap and rotor. Apparently the vent holes in the distributor base get plugged up so there is no air flow inside the cap. This allows moisture to build up and it is hard to start. Before you install the new cap and rotor, punch out the small screens in the vent holes to allow air to circulate. Hope this helps!
  • gquigleygquigley Posts: 1
    i am having the same exact same problem. does anybody have any
  • crivercriver Posts: 2
    My 95 safari did the same thing. A heat gun on the engine for 10 minutes allowed me to start. I'm thinking electrical. Changed the cap and rotor, which looked bad, but same problem. I sprayed a little water here and there, (cover removed, job-and-a -half that is) and as soon as the coil got a bit wet the engine died. Bought a $40 coil and she starts fine
  • crivercriver Posts: 2
    I had the same problem this rainy winter. Changing an ugly rotor and cap did not help but changing the coil cured it. They seem to absorb moisture after time and weaken the spark. About 40 to 50$ if you change it yourself. Getting the engine cover off is a chore the first time.
  • bnbthlbnbthl Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem. Mechanic has not figured it out. Is your problem resolved and what was it..?
  • 19771977 Posts: 5
    I had stalling problem and check engine light appeared w/'95-removal/clean EGR corrected both after using 2 pronged metal key.
  • 19771977 Posts: 5
    Cleaning the EGR valve worked for me.
  • 19771977 Posts: 5
    Could the fuel pump "hum" be heard when ignition was first turned on before you decided to replaced it-no hum no pumping.
  • I have same problem with stalling with my safari 93 code Z. I got a trouble code 53 low fuel pump voltage. I have no problem with starting, it stall when I take my foot off the gas peddle. It run rough. Can anyone help? I change fuel filter, fuel pump relay, spark plugs, ignition cable, distributor caps and rotor. It will run if I keep my foot on the gas peddle.
  • I have same problem with stalling with my 92 Astro code Z but I did not get a check engine light. The symptoms started with stalling when you would shift it in gear and
    two months later the car would slightly rough idled when the car stared but when the car engine go up to temperature the van would completely stall out. You would have to pump the gas to keep it going.

    I started by replacing spark plugs, leads, distributor cap, rotor, ... but none of it made a difference.

    What I had over looked was that the vacuum elbow that connects to the carburetor and goes to the PCV value was cracked. When I went to check all of the vacuum connections it crumbled. Old Car!

    So I bought some tube and replaced the elbow and the tube connection to the PCV value just to be complete.

    The van runs great now! :)
  • mechonemechone Posts: 4
    I have a 2000 GMC Safari van. Today my van died on me while idling on a encline driveway for about 3 mins. My van will crank all day but wont start. I have checked the coil and not getting any spark from it. I swapped it with a known good one off my other old van and I still have the same problem. I even swapped the ignition control module. Still no spark.

    Is there a fuse that would control this?

    Does the coil and control module have to be mounted for a good ground to work?

    I check for a spark by unplugging the spark plug wire from the distrubitor and holding near the manifold and cranking the engine.

    Where else should I check?
  • mechonemechone Posts: 4
    Found the problem :)
    Blown fuse in the engine capartment
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    I have an 96 Safari van that it started and then quit. It was the ignition coil that was replaced. If you do it yourself it is under $100. If you have a Tuffy's near buy they will check it for free.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    I would have the ingition coil check. Also, check your fueld injector system. Take to a Tuffy's if you have one they will check for free.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    It could be the ignition coil.
  • lslllsll Posts: 18
    You could have a small hole in a hose somewhere. If it is going down then it is in the front.
  • Help, I just spent all day trying to get my truck to run. It started fine this morning. Then 30 seconds down the road the engine quit running. Then it is very hard to get started. It cranks fine. I replaced the cap and rotor, fuel filter and made sure I can hear the fuel pump. I can use starting fluid to get it started (sometimes) and then it will idle for an hour. As soon as I start to drive it dies. If I take the key out of the ignition and wit a minuet it starts if not it just keeps cranking. I would apreciate any help or suggestions. the check engine light does not come on. No codes. thanks
  • My 96 astro is frequently difficult to start. I do hear the fuel pump run before starting (but not as long as it used to run for).

    Sometimes it takes 4-6 attempts to get it started, other time just one. It seems the longer it sits the harder it is to start.

    Fuel filter was replaced and no difference. Should I just get a new pump or could it be another problem?

  • I have a 99 GMC Safari (133,000 miles). Every so often (4-5 weeks) it doesn't start. After a day or so it starts & runs fine. I think it is electrical. The fuel pump was replace due to low pressure, so that doesn't seem to be the problem. What is the life on the ignition coil, rotor etc. Any suggestions or similair experiences ?
  • I have a 98 astro van just cranks over fuel pump ok new fuel filter, plugs, cap, wires, have fuel and spark but no start has 75,000 miles on it well maintainted. after tring to start it with dog house off. not turning off the key I hear a couple clicks which Im pretty sure is normal the a electrical pop noise some where by the distrutor
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