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Acura Integra Transmission Problems



  • Got an 98 LS automatic model with 75k miles in Florida 2 years back for 6k.I used to race with other cars at 90 to 110 MPH from Jax to Miami frequently. When my car reached 90k I replaced timing belt and did 90k full service for $1100.Its acceleration was very quick.
    When I moved to NJ, I drove my car non stop from FL to NJ for 15 hrs.
    I love my car as it never let me down, I drove entire FL and even to key west at 90 mph and I used to enjoy a lot.

    The first day of NJ when I was driving at 25mph I met with a small accident as I do not know that NJ is full of traffic and people can stop anywhere on road. I had to replace my left head light and airbags for $1500 and checked my dashboard wires.There was a minor scratch on my front bumper.

    now, my car was not running as before and it used to shake when it reached 80mph and rpm used to shoot between 2k to 6k frequently and when contacted the mechanic, he replaced transmission fluid and asked me to warm my car before driving and I used to do the same.
    But, no Change, rpm was frequently fluctuating and there was delay in gear shift

    For NJ DMV inspection,I had replaced gas filter, distributor, val cover gasket, new spark plug,NGK igni wire set, for $1000 and also replaced transmission fluid

    same problem with rpm and it was more consistent

    one day there as a lot of noise from dashboard as if some wire was struck between odometer and the next day onwards there was no noise.
    last week my car broke and I towed it to mechanic and he replaced thermostat, gasket, new heater hose and the mechanic said its due to Anti freeze liquid leakage

    the next day when I drove my car, it wobbled and vibrated a lot while driving and there was delay in gear shift from 2nd to 3rd and I immediately slowed my car
    but, suddenly it broke on main road and did not start, even if it started it used to stop and after 15 min it started.
    But I don’t want to take chances and towed it to Mechanic and he did Check Engine diagnostics and said its a Transmission problem and advised me to sell my car.
    Now, it has 105k miles on it. When I came to NJ it was exactly 100k

    I don’t know what to do,

    I have three options
    1. Sell my car? KBB fair value is 3600, for how much I can sell?
    2. Show it to Acura Dealer and fix Transmission it. If so, how much I can spend
    3. Continue as it is?
  • All in all, integra automatic transmissions are known for going bad after some time. If you really do want to keep the car, get the transmission changed. It costed roughly $600 for a jdm transmission with installation up here in toronto on my 95 db7. It all comes down to whether you want to keep the car or not.
  • sixftfoursixftfour Posts: 1
    Just bought a 96 Integra to save on the gas bill, love the car, runs great except for the tranny. Read through the other posts here and didn't really see what I am experiencing, so I thought I'd put in a post. My car has 153,000 miles on the original tranny, previous owner lived down a fairly rough dirt road, and drove it pretty hard. The trans is the 4sp auto, it goes in and out of every gear fine, but it shifts excessively hard in all gears. It does seem to lessen if you just ease into the gas and slowly accelerate, but it may shift good 1-2nd, then wind up to 3000-3500 rpm to shift to 3, and or 4th. Next stop light it may shift bad 1-2, good to 3rd, bad to 4th. It does seem to get worse with more stoplight to stoplight driving. Now on the flip side if you gun it and take off hard it winds up high in each gear but doesn't kick as hard when it goes in gear, but I don't like doing that because I'm afraid it's not gonna shift one day and blow it up. My question is this, could this be a bad tranny all together, bad converter, bad computer, bad shiftcable? Also what is the make and model of the trans? Engine is the 1.8 dohc. Any current price, or ball park range on a new (or rebuilt) trans installed, in the midwest, or abroad for that matter? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  • My acura was leaking auto trans fluid. I went to check the level

    The dipstick is sucked down its retaining hole and there is one hell of a vaccum holding it in place. The only part visible is the ring at top. I called my mechanic who said dont pull it out. I need a new used tranny. I have a yearning to somehow get it out of there. Any advice or prior experience with this.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
    If you're replacing the tranny I'd say just leave the dipstick where it is. It's not a vacuum that's holding it in but the ring got cured into the tube from corrosion, heat, or whatever. If you try to force it out and chunks of "stuff" go down the tube into the transmission, that's not good.

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  • I have a 96 gsr (manual) and Some times when I get on it, the passenger side half shaft will pop out of the tranny. I can get under the car and pop it back in and it drives fine. I replaced both half shafts and my motor mounts are fine. Any ideas on what this could be or how to fix it?
  • I have a 92 acura integra gsr. The third gear kind of grinds when I shift to it. should I keep driving it, or should I do something about it? This is the first time I have own a manual, so I'm not sure what to do.
  • i wouldn't worry about it the 90-93 integra trannys had a problem with that and third got it the worst because its the most used gear but they fixed it in 94 if you want to get one a used tranny is from like $300-$1000 depending on if you get usdm or jdm and if you get type R GSR or LS the LS being the least expensive.

    but the 94-01 trannys are hydralice and the 90-93 trannys are cable so you would have to convert it

    PS. the 92-93 GSRs are VERY RARE so take care of it and lock it up because the motor is a one of a kind
  • I had the same issue as you, on a 2001 Integra. Just recently, while I was on the highway (probably in fourth gear), it started revving up like it was in neutral -- its at the shop now. Started looking on these forums and its seems like there is not other solution other than replacing the tranny. Has anyone come up with a cheaper/less drastic way of fixing this problem??
  • Well i have a 1990 ls integra manual transmission and i was driving normal and i went to go into 3rd gear and it went in fine but it didnt grab, like my car was in nuetral. a place told me it could be the throw out bearing , can some one help me with this please thxs Doug or email me at
  • Hi, guys. I have a 98 Integra LS, auto. Original owner; 128k miles. No alterations (too chicken to kill the warranty for first 48k miles, then too broke!) Car hesitates going uphill from a full stop and seems to slip a little between first and second then but stabilizes at about 30 mph. But my big concern is the "rattling" at 40 mph. Above 42 and below 38 mph is fine. Not sure if it's quickly slipping between gears -- or could it be something with the o2 sensors? I'm on a really tight budget these days; how should I go about dealing with this as cheaply as possible? The dealership is way too pricey for me these days! Advice/suggestions, please!
  • hey i just recently bought a 96 integra for 2000. The only problem with it was i needed to replace the cv boot or the drive shaft.So on the way home after buying it, after doing highway for a good 15 minutes. Im on my street corner, doing about 3-4MPH. All i hear is a big noise followed by cluck-cluck-cluck. So i put it to the curb. Pushed it a few houses down to my place. I realize that ill have to replace the front passenger side drive shaft. This i hear is a medium job. But is there any kind of other serious damage that could of been done? Im a student and i dont have 500-1000 to put into it. Mine is manual btw. Please answers would be very helpfull
  • most likely the rattling is sludge formation. make sure to change your engine oil regularly! i've drive three integras, one thats a 5sp gsr sedan and the others a ls auto sedan as well as a auto coupe. all from 1995. i've noticed LS accelerates pretty slow especially even if you are gassing it. if you havent changed the transmission fluid ever, it should be about time. my tranny fluid changes from a light purple to a brown when it goes bad. you might have a [non-permissible content removed] transmission cable which might cost you.
  • car_lovecar_love Posts: 27
    you should be fine, the only thing it did was probably ruin the CV boot and such. You can see if there's any damage to where the front axles go into the transmission to see if anything stripped but you should be fine I think. Check inner side of wheel. I owned my 98 for 10 years and watched knew people who broke front axles and replaced them all the time. The honda/acura ones are the best and cheapest too.
  • tbahrtbahr Posts: 4
    do you know how to fix this problem? I have a 91 Integra with the same proble.
  • tbahrtbahr Posts: 4
    I have a 1991 Acura Integra with a 4 cyl. and an automatic transmission,
    the tranny will shift from 1st to 2nd fine when cold but will not go into 3rd until warmed up, after it is warmed up the tranny shifts into all gears fine.
    Can any body help me with this problem?
  • wow you got raped on all your repairs from earlier. I love my teg, don't get me wrong. But i am in the same boat as you and i don't know what to do. I think i would sell it. For how much money you have already put in it you could have bought a pretty nice car.
  • I have a 95 gsr. wtf is wrong with my tranny!!!!
    first of all i started to feel my cluth slipping, new cluth would be no biggy.
    but it eventually started to get harder and harder to get it into gear. When i do get it into gear its very inconsistant(shakes, grinds chugs w/e)

    Now its worse than ever! about half the time i just cannot get my car into gear. I have to shut my car off and then it will go in no prob.

    o yeah! and sometimes when i have it in gear i cant get it out and it just keeps moving.
    i am freaking out! someone shed some light on my prob please. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • acuradude2acuradude2 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    well with integras like the previous guy above said 95 has the hydrolic tranny and 93 down has the cable... what u need to do is bleed out the line cuz there might be air in the line... the pressure plate isn't fully disengaging from your friction plate. thus making it very hard to shift or keep going when u push on the clutch pedal. if that isn't the problem you probably have a bent lever to push on your pressure plate. and also check your clutch oil what you use with that is just regular brake fluid.... good luck
  • i would recommend anyone with these honda and acura cars- change your trans fluid each 30k and find some BG ATC to add to the fluid. these cars are a piece of cake to service the trans fluid, a drain plug, no filter, no pan, no gaskets and yet people neglect them. if the fluid were new at these intervals or at the first sign of an issue, it is my opinion you would never have transmission issues.

    I perform this service first thing when these issues arise and in many cases eliminate the problem. this may be other than the owner who is constantly racing the vehcle.
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