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Honda Accord Engine Questions



  • saak1978saak1978 Posts: 5
    I bought a brand new honda Accord 2010 4cyl. Around 300mil. my car start making some noise sound. Honda service people and dealers claims that that is normal.
    I think that they just want to bury the problems.
    Be aware guys!
  • puck1943puck1943 Posts: 3
    The F 23A1 engine installed in the 1998-2002 Accord LX, EX and SE models was manufactured in both Japan and the US. The heads, valve guides and valve keepers were identical. However, the Honda parts lists recommends different (and much more expensive) intake and exhaust valves for the Japan made engine than the US made engine.
    00514711-P0A-000VALVE, IN. (TMSS Japan made) $18.51:
    00514711-P0H-A00VALVE, IN. (U.S. ENGINE VALVE) $10.45:
    00614721-P0A-000VALVE, EX. (TMSS Japan made) $ 28.74
    00614721-P0H-A00VALVE, EX. (U.S. ENGINE VALVE) $15.33

    Dokuro, a Japanese manufacturer of valves, also lists different parts for the Japanese and US made engines.

    But Beck Arnley and Federal Mogul lists the same valves for both US and Japan made engines.
    My question:
    1) Are the valves for the US and Japan made engines interchangeable? If not, what are the differences between those parts?
    2) Has anyone installed valves for the US engine in a Japan made engine and encountered any problems.
    Your advice would be appreciated.
  • I have a 99 Honda Accord LX sedan, 4 cyclinder. When I first turn on the car, a strange, hesitation sound is heard. Then as the engine is running, it makes the sound similar to a train, as if something is rubbing. Any suggestions what it may be? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  • puck1943puck1943 Posts: 3
    The description is so vague it is difficult to diagnose. Does the noise disappear after the engine warms up? Is it louder on acceleration or deceleration? It could be anything from a leaking exhaust manifold gasket hole in the muffler to a leaking or missing spark plug.
    I suggest you construct a log for a week carefully describing when the noise is loudest and when it is absent and the circumstances that are associated with any changes.
  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited July 2010
    IIRC Accords in the years you mention were assembled both in the US and Japan.

    I haven't found it laid out definitively for this engine, but it looks like cars built in Japan were generally destined for export to countries (not in North America) - which may have had a higher compression ratio, for instance, European countries use a different octane rating system for pump gas and have a higher octane baseline fuel.

    While cars built in the US were typically for domestic (North America) consumption. This handily explains why the US replacement part manufacturers only offer the one part, as they typically don't supply those parts outside North America.

    Might be hard to chase this down for sure. The hint at this came from an Acura forum. Honda might be including them both in its parts master to cover gray market cars, or they are using one parts master worldwide.

    You could always try ordering one of each to measure - you might find out at that point one of them is unavailable or they deliver the other one when its ordered anyways due to their own internal warehouse parts cross reference.
  • 2stressd2stressd Posts: 1
    getting headgaskets fixed on 2002 coupe. when mechanics got into engine they discovered a waxy substance all through engine and radiator. said looked like someone poured candle wax in it. they baffled. any insights,ideas,answers ?
  • jmillerjmillerjmillerjmiller Posts: 113
    edited July 2010
    If it was a GM, I would say it was a DEXCOOL special

    Could be someone used the wrong type of coolant. Honda's are one brand where for the coolant, power steering, possibly transmission you generally need to buy their brand for that engine, per the manual.

    There are too many types of coolant floating around, and you generally can't mix the types.

    Possibly there is a leak from the ATF cooler built into the radiator, pushing ATF into the antifreeze, not sure if possible on that model or not.
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