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Cadillac SRX Tires and Wheels



  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 793
    Rotating tires front to rear - as opposed to cross - is fine. It is more important that the tires be rotated in some form than not rotated at all. While a modified X pattern is best, it is only slightly more advantageous than front to rear.
  • Beware. My 2005 AWD V8 SRX transmission failed and dealership determined due to wrong tire size 255 55 18 all around which were installed by Cadillac prior to purchase and Cadillac factory rep certified car when purchased. In 2 month fight with GM and dealer as they installed the tires their current offer is $1,500. plus I have to purchase 4 new tires $950. Ran into another owner with identical issue only his wasn't a certified vehicle his dealer finally replaced both tires and transmission free and it wasn't even a Cadillac shop.
  • no spare tire for 2010 srx . when sealer & air pump do not work dealerships tire shop closed even with road service you are left with no way to hotel or resturant this happend to me on vaction luke fruia sold me anew tire 244 $ rotate tires oil change $322.28 hub cap came off less than 500 mi after they worked on it they were on for 17000 and did not come off .they did not want ot repace home town dealer try to talk to them to no avale can not answere from cadillac (gmc)
  • roll1roll1 Posts: 1
    The problem is---you are calling it a truck! Call it a SUV, a Crossover or the Cadillac, Caddy or some other pet name, but never a truck.. They do have a soul and like to be talked to fondly, as do you--Best of luck FM
  • Have 2007 SRX with 18" Machined Wheels in luxury package. The wheels are badly corroded and have been for years. Cadillac says that it is NOT their problem and will do nothing about the wheels. It is my problem.
    Is there a safety hazard here??
    Has other poeople have a similar QUALITY problem?
    The car is Diamond White with all the bells and whistles and terrible looking wheels. Appears to me that a clear plastic stick on, like scotch tape, was used to cover the machined wheels and is falling off. The wheels corrode where the stick on falls off.
    Be careful when you buy any of the machined wheels.
  • I have an 04 with corroded wheels, we bought it used and the previous owner drove the SRX year round. The mag chloride/salt from the winter is very hard on chrome and wheels in general. Have you used the same wheels in the winter? If so, I suspect that is the problem.
  • This dealer ripoff of customer warranty due to the "supposed" damage of the flimsy Cadillac transmission due to the customer having all-four tires the same size -- is ridiculous.

    Remind me to NEVER, EVER purchase another Cadillac.

    Someone on this forum said, "it's not a Formula vehicle" (it's a station wagon with AWD). Correct.

    And with the same size tire of all fours, the rolling diameter is the same as it is with the mix of 235/60R18 and 255/55R18. So asinine that any GM / Cadillac shop would tell a loyal customer they're "not honoring the warranty because the customer used the same size tire - all around".

    Yep, my last Cadillac.
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