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Lexus LS 460/LS 460L News, Views and Opinions



  • The 460 literature mentions infrared sensors to determine passenger temperature in order to adjust the climate control system optimally. Does this really seem to be working?

    On my 430, most mornings I set the temp to 74, and in the afternoons I change it to 77. That has given me the best results. Does the 460 still need this kind of attention?
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    I'll say no because I can't even remember the last time I changed temp settings. The interior air temp has been so perfect that I haven't even thought about it since the day I got the car. So whatever gizmo they put in to keep cabin air temp uniform seems to be working perfectly.
  • Thanks Len, for your reply. Another little PLUS in my accumulating decision matrix.

  • this is a major problem...i and my business partner bought 2 new cars. the noise has been a real issue. we have done all of the "fixes" they do not work.

    Lexus wants us to BUY new cars and trade the old cars in for a depreciated value.
    When I spoke to the birmingham general manager...he yelled at me on the phone and they refuse to let us talk with the district manager
  • major problem with lexus 460. the car makes a terrible wind noise from the driver's side window and they can not fix it.

    the repairs don not work and the district managers will notrespond to requests for action.
  • it is a major problem. the noise sounds like a whistle. they are unable to fix it.
  • I live in Birmingham alabama and I have the same problem. My business partner bought the same car and has the same problem. The dealership offered to swap the car for another one. When he tested the new did the same thing. Now they are very resistant to doing anything biut yell at me over the phone. Do you know of anyone who gas begun any legal action ???
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661

    Have you driven the car yet? Keep in mind that my comments about the ride and handling are on an air suspensioned car with the car mainly driven in sport mode. I get the feeling Lexus is making the air suspension car easier to get in 2008. So you may want to try and test drive one. If I remember right you have an air suspension ultra don't you?

    BTW - I don't know of anyone that has a wind noise issue and I know 8 LS460 owners in my town. Clearly some folks seem to have it on early edition cars. But on my car the only way you'll get a wind noise is to open the window. Car is as quiet as a mouse and is a dream ride.
  • i know you wrote your message a while ago...they have not come up with a fix that works.....the noise is just as bad
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126
    Speaking of poor service, let me tell you about Pohanka Lexus. I placed an order on July 5th, for a 2008 LS 460 SWB. At that point, the sales person explicitly told me, "you will have the car late/September or early October." A few weeks ago in Mid September I inquired about the delivery date of my car. The Sales Mgr. has no idea, does some research and comes back and tells me, "your car will be built in late October or early November." He also says, "he does not have a delivery date of the car. UNBELIEVABLE. I go from expecting to be driving the car in late September to having it built in November. Two and a half months after I placed the order, they tell me they have no idea when the car will arrive at their dealership! "We won't have a delivery date until it's been built. DO NOT BUY YOUR NEXT LEXUS FROM POHANKA, they are arrogant and incompetent.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    That is a dealer issue and I wonder if they even turned in the order. My dealer informed me of where the car was in the production process and once he even e-mailed me a copy of correspondence he had with Lexus production with an anticipated completion date. A custom orderred car is given the name "preference order" by Lexus production. I got the car about 3.5 months after I orderred it and it was about 2 weeks after the estimated completion date the factory correspondence that was e-mailed to me showed. So they were on-time and maybe even a bit ahead of schedule given the shipping time and US port clearance times on imports. If you are custom orderring it is best to do it late in the week as Fridays are days that Lexus US processes them to Japan.
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, there is no doubt this is a dealer issue. Pohanka Lexus not a place I would recommend to anyone. Pohanka Lexus arrogance and incompetence is amazing. I never would have expected this kind of treatment from a Lexus dealer.
  • Hi Len - yes I drove the car once, but I wanted to test the LWB with 18" wheels and air suspension, and they only had a Touring (19") and another one without the air suspension, so my heart wasn't in it. And you're right, I'm used to the '04 LS430 Ultra-Lux with air suspension. Makes for a very high threshold to measure improvement from :-)

  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Hope you'll take a minute and stop by our Dealer Ratings & Reviews page to let others in your area know of your experience. Sorry it's been a bummer. :(
  • Atlas7, in your bad experience, you are blaming a dealership that includes a lot of people. My experience in buying 3 LS's (including my latest LS460L touring)from Pohanka has been excellent.

    I would start talking individual, rather than encapsulating everyone there. My salesman has always been Seth Dwyer. I live in Maryland, not Virginia, so I don't mind passing 4 nearer dealers to get there to deal with Seth Dwyer.

    I bought my last car with a telephone conversation and he delivered it to my house the same day.
  • atlas7atlas7 Posts: 126
    ok, I don't want to name them personally, but suffice it to say that 2 sales rep's, yes 2 sales rep's, I haven't even mentioned the details on that, 1 sales mgr., and the GM who is just too busy to respond to my multiple inquiries. So, I would say that's 4 people where I have received poor service from Pohanka or no service at all. Furthermore, no apology or anything acknowledging their poor service.
  • I live in Florence, Alabama. I have noticed some wind noise. By any chance, have you opened the rear windows while driving 55+ mph? The sound is horrible. My major problem is the noise we hear from 55-63 mph. On the 2nd trip back to the dealer to correct this problem, we were told again that the noise was normal for the LS 460. We have a LS 430 also. This noise isn't normal! After my husband demanded that they test the wheels "under load", they finally admitted that a tire was bad. The car rides rough. If no one is in the passenger seat, you can see the seat vibrate. I'm afraid when we get the new tire we'll still have all of these problems. Have you had any problems such as this? :mad:
  • "The interior air temp has been so perfect that I haven't even thought about it since the day I got the car."

    Len, I forgot to ask, did you have the same experience with your 430? In other words, does the 460 represent an improvement, or are you just less fussy that I am?

    Best regards, Renny
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,661
    NO. With the LS430 I had to change temps a lot and the interior temps took awhile to settle in to a temp that was what I wanted - particularly days that were hot in summer or real cold in winter. Often (to me at least) it seemed the car would adjust interior air based on how hot or cold the outside air temp would read and in doing so would over-compensate. I often found myself lowering the setting to the high 60's on real cold winter mornings to offset the car putting out too much heat and raising the temp to 74-75 on hot summer afternoons for the exact opposite reason. But after about 10-15 minutes of driving in any season the interior temp finally settled in at temps of 72-73 and kept a good equilibrium. In this car I never touch that thing and in fact after your post I made it my business to see what temp setting I was even set to as I couldn't remember the last time I even fiddled with the temps setting.
  • rftrft Posts: 1
    I also have a wind noise problem with my new LS460.
    There is a lot of wind noise near the driver and passenger windows. It starts at about 45 mph.

    If anyone is aware of a class action that has been started, please let me know.
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