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Ford Freestyle Tires



  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    has anyone tried 235/55/18's on stock rims???

    wondered if anyone has had any luck with that fittment as I'll be buying new tires before winter.

  • 34k and change.. just replaced them.. did some searching and got the Yokohama YK520 Tires 65R17 R17 65R.

    Reviews on this tire seem very favorable, with a supposed 60k tred warranty.

  • I also replaced the original Continentals with the YK520s. They have good grip and hopefully will last longer than the stock tires. My only complaint is the Freestyle rides quite a bit firmer with these tires because they are H rated. If you prefer a soft couch like ride then these are not the tires for you.

  • As the Freestyle is not a luxury Auto..I do not think any tire will give you a real cushioned ride there.. I have had them for a day now and have over 126 miles on them, more to come tonight.. but I like the firmness. The Freestyle in general feels tighter with these tires.

  • Please share how much you paid, and where did you buy them?
  • I bought my set almost a year ago. I don't recall the exact price but with mounting, balancing and tax it was around $600 for the set of 4. I believe the YK520s are only available through Discount Tire where I bought mine.

    As far as my firmness comment. I was only trying to relay that compared to the stock Continental tires the vehicle rides firmer with the YK-520s.

    - Chad
  • I paid 496. a few days ago. At Discount tire.. even though my original quote was for 642.. less the 100 sale they have going thru today Ocotber 27th.

    How did I do it.. I searched the net and on Ebay.. Discount tire has a store there.. delivered the price was going to be 404. But one would have to get em mounted and balanced etc. I got the road hazard insurance ( I called the Ebay discount tire place and they offered it for all 4 tires at 8.00 a piece) I then said let me call the local store and see how much to mount them. Discussions with the local store, met the 404 delivered price. they met the 8.00 per tire insurance.. with everything all said and done.. 496.25 for all 4.

  • bruneau1bruneau1 Posts: 468
    I would appreciate any comments about the YK520s and road noise. The Continentals seem noisy on coarse pavement. What pressure are you using? Would the 520s benefit from a slightly lower pressure. I find the recommended 34 in the back too thumpy. I use 32 since I never have heavy loads back there. Thanks.
  • The YK520s are not noisy at all, but all tires increase in noise as they age. This is why so many people think that what ever new tires they buy are so quiet compared to the old ones. This is so because the new ones are...well... new and the old ones were ...well... old.

    As far as tire pressures. I have tried different pressures but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference in ride quality. The YK520s are H rated, and in order for a tire to be H rated they have to have stiffer sidewalls to sustain the 130mph tests. These stiffer sidewalls are going to firm up the ride no matter what the tire pressure.

    - Chad
  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,997
    I just bought the OEM 17" Continentals for my '05 SE FWD for $50ea at tirerack. Total of $244 for the set including shipping. I have almost 60,000 miles on my original Continentals and I've been satisfied with them, so that's why I'm buying another set, even though they get a bad rap.
  • I have a 2006 FWD SEL and about 30K miles on my original Conts. Live in St. Louis, MO - so snow comes about 5 times a year and we had a major storm last weekend... in the snow storm, I renamed our Freestyle the Ford Futile because of it's inability to get up a relatively minor hill in the snow. I'm hoping the tires are to blame and now am searching for some decent ones that I can put on their for year-round use, but will definitely be much more effective in snow/ice weather conditions.

    Given this, are there any particular ones that seem to add a much better snow-readieness to a FWD Futile, I mean, er, Freestyle? Thanks!
  • Well we had 10 inches of snow.. preceeded by a little Ice here in Indiana.. I did not have any difficulty at all with those new Yokohamas I purchased in November.

    I went up a little hill or two, that were not really plowed and got up just fne.

  • mschmalmschmal Posts: 1,757
    The tires aren't bad for the money. Some people just might want a little more performance.


    See picture at above site.

    These are General Grabber UHP. They fit with no modification to factory 18" rims.
  • Glenn - let me know how you like the Grabber UHPs. I'm here in MN and I like the looks of those better then the OEM's on my Freestyle. Will most likely need to replace mine next fall before winter sets in.
  • I wanted to post an update on the Yokohama YK-520s I've had on my AWD '05 Freestyle for about 15 months now. One of the primary reasons I bought these tires is we only got 30k miles out of the stock Continentals and the YK-520s were rated as 60,000 mile tires. I'm sorry to report I doubt there is any way I will get that many miles out of these tires unless I run them the last 20,000 completely bald.

    Since purchasing the tires we have put 22,000 miles on them and have rotated them three times. I was shocked to see as I looked more closely at the tires last weekend that the tread had already worn to within a few mm of the wear bars. This rate of wear indicates I may only have 10,000 miles left on these tires. This means they will likely only last a few thousand miles longer than the Continentals. Based on the 60,000 mile warranty I would have expected much better.

    I'm am now curious if the AWD system of the Freestyle somehow causes more wear on the tires than perhaps a FWD vehicle might, or if these tire tread-wear estimates are simply marketing driven and wildly optimistic.

    In any case, I believe my next set of tires will be required about 2 years sooner than planned and will be needed before next winter. At this point I'm leaning towards Goodyear TripleTreads. I have these on another vehicle and are happy with them and they do come in the Freestyles size. I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever be possible to get even 40,000 miles out of a set of tires on the Freestyle.

    - Chad
  • richfig23richfig23 Posts: 15
    I believe its a combination of the fact that the freestyle is so heavy and the AWD system. I too have experienced premature tire wear on my 06 limited, but I have accepted that this will always be the case, Fortunately, I typically don't dirve more than 10-15K miles per year
  • coldcrankercoldcranker Posts: 877
    saabturboid (Chad): Certainly the fact that we run 215 mm width (215/65-17) tires in a 4000 lb vehicle does wear them out a bit faster. Instead of the Goodyear TripleTreds, try the Bridgestone Serenity, since it has a very thick tread (700 vs. your Yoko's 520), and you get an assymetrical tread design like your Yoko's. Assymetrical treads are really better, since the inside of your tread has different requirements than the outside edge (cornering). The ultimate thick-tread tire seems to be Michelin's HydroEdge, a 90,000 mile warranty tire!
  • freealfasfreealfas Posts: 652
    90k tire, you might as well have tires carved out of solid rubber mounted... that's just a silly, silly idea. UV, road conditions, weather conditions, heat cycles, 7+years @12k a year, that makes no sense whatsoever to expect out of a tire. tires harder over time to begin with, start with a hard compound and keep it for that long, you are just asking to drive into a ditch...
  • saabturboidsaabturboid Posts: 178
    I think you are onto something with the width of the tires only being 215s. It seems this vehicle would be better suited to have 225s, so for my next set I may try going with a 225/60/17 tire. This would make the tire slightly wider than stock allowing the wear to be distributed over a wider contact patch while keeping the sidewall relatively the same height.

    I am not in agreement that the Freestyle is that heavy of a vehicle. The Freestyle is one of the lightest crossovers on the market and many family cars these days are approaching 4,000lbs. I suspect the biggest issue is the tire is simply undersized and wonder how much of an impact the AWD system has.

    - Chad
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