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Lincoln LS random misfire

I have a 2000 Lincoln LS with random misfire problems at low idle. I have reviewed the postings in the read only section related to this issue, and it seems exactly like what I am experiencing. Problem is all of the recommendations have been tried. Car is better but still misfiring.

Main problem is that I cannot get the computer to register an misfire codes and it is clearly misfiring. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  • I hope someone reads this message. The problem thread has been made into a read only thread.

    OK here is what happened:

    I was driving down the road- around 55 mph. The ABS light came on, then my radio stopped working, I tried to roll my window up and guess what? You've got it, the window wouldn't go up, the speed odometer wasn't working. The whole control panel was off.

    The next thing I know is... I'm giving the car gas and I can tell its not running.. it kept cutting in and out.. eventually it just died.. with me driving down the road. I had to coast into a gas station! And then while at the gas station, the security system kept randomly going off and wouldn't stop!

    Does anyone have ANY idea what could be wrong? A friend tried jumping the car off, thinking maybe it was the battery, but that didn't help.

    I've had so many problems with this car.. blah, I could just cry.. its so expensive to get this thing fixed.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 9,456
    i would have the battery tested, or just buy a new one.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Sounds like bad coils - either wait for a code or have them tested.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Sounds like a dead battery, loose ground or a PCM or other module. Probably not a DIY diagnosis or fix.
  • Have replaced the coils already. It is possible that I have defective replacement coils, but not likely. Also, if it were the coils, why only misfire at low idle and not while car is driving? And why no fault codes? This is very frustrating.
  • lamarlamar Posts: 9
    You can have a misfire that is not above the threshold to damage the catalytic converter. However, it will usually set a pending code that can be read by a scanner even though the MIL is not on.
  • Thanks for the reply. I ultimately had to suck it up and take it to the dealer. They found a constant fault on #2 and random faults on 1 & 3. Had them change the contacts on all 3 and change all the plugs. Everything seems to be great with the car now, but it wasn't a cheap fix thanks to having to remove the intake manifold to get to cylinders 1 - 3. Thanks Ford.
  • I feel everyone's pain. My misfires started in Aug. First cylinder #2 and #8 were reading as bad. The spark plugs were changed and were covered in oil. Everything was fine for 1 week then the engine light came on again. This time #8 was bad so the coil pack was replaced. (Very little oil on #8 plug this time) 2 Weeks later, cylinders # 3, 4, and 7 are misfiring and the car is idling as if I was sitting on a rickety washing machine. My buddy said that there could be gasket leak that’s allowing the oil to misfire the plugs. Any word on that from anyone?

    I made an appointment with the dealer today. Monday is the earliest date they have but I don't even think the damn car will make it until then. Today, it was hesitating and stalling so badly, cars were going around me. It was so shameful. It smells of rotten eggs, shaking so badly, and barely moves when I give it gas, until it has revved up to about 3000 rpms. The engine was squeaking and sound like an old beat up pick up truck. All this, from a Lincoln? I am too through! I had to leave the thing at work. Couldn't even make it home....
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    When you found the coils covered in oil, did it ever occur to you to fix the leaky valve cover gaskets that caused the problem in the first place? If you had done that and replaced the damaged coils you'd be fine now.
  • It didn't occur to me that that was the problem because everyone was saying the coils and plugs were the problem. I assumed because the plugs were old that they were suppose to look like that. I am not a mechanic and was probably a little naive about the whole thing. All I knew was that it was hestating and that the things that I was told was wrong with it, I fixed. So sorry for me, huh?
  • heyjewelheyjewel Posts: 1,046
    Sorry for your problems. My LS at 80,000 runs like new. I love it. Knock wud.

    How many miles on yours? How long have u had it? What year? Maintained well? Who swapped the plugs etc? Dealer or shade tree mechanic? If dealer and they didnt mention possible oil leak being the problem, you should push back hard. OTOH, if you're having Joe Palooka work on it, well, ...
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    I didn't mean to come across that way, I just hate to see people complain about a problem that should have been easily fixed the first time around. Oil doesn't just leak out of an engine for no reason and whoever fixed it should have realized that. Live and learn. Blame the car for having bad valve cover gaskets that ruined the coils but not for the repeat repairs.
  • Yeah, I hear you. Thanks.
  • There are speculations all over the internet on what this problem is and I have done almost all of them and I finally have found out EXACTLY what the problem is. A few things: it is NOT the coil packs from oil leaking from the gaskets. It is NOT the O2 sensors. It is most certainly NOT the fuel pump, so do not replace that.

    The problem is the PCV lines become old and damaged causing a vacuum leak and that is why the car idles rough and dies.
    It should cost a total of $500 dollars at a lincoln dealer and here are the part numbers and descriptions:

    3w4z-6767-ca connector
    f8cz-9e499-ba connector
    xw4z-9h486-ac gasket
    xw4z-9439-ad gasket
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Not if your spark plug wells are full of oil. That's a leaky valve cover gasket for sure.

    Rough idle without the oil leak or bad coils could be a vacuum leak.
  • :mad: I have owned my 01 LS V8 for 6 months, 60K miles. I had to replace the heater control valve, $250 from dealer. I am having the same problem with misfires. I work on it myself, and have fixed the problem. It is from a valve cover leak, which oil contamination destroys the COPS-Coil Over Plugs. The valve cover kit has an improved design not to allow the oil into the plug wells. It is hard and long to get the valve covers off, 7 hours the second time. Then, get a scan tool, or scan at autozone, it will tell you which cylinder is misfiring, change the COP and plug. I found the COP on Ebay for $18 each, good deal. They also have a COP stress test at the dealer, good investment or JUST REPLACE ALL THE COPS AND BE DONE WITH IT FOR 60K, maybe longer if oil leak is actually fixed. I had my car running great, now with no leak, good COP and new Plug cylinder 3 has misfire, WTF??? I think a stick of dynamite would fix this car and I would love to slap the POS that came up with this stupid engine!!! Lincoln should be ashamed of this car and should be taking steps to fix it, :lemon: which they are not.
  • This could be the problem, how did you come to that? My car gives codes for misfire, COPS and Plugs fix it, then car runs great. No idle problems. I will look into the PCV, but for now I think my harness has a problem, have you heard anything about that?
  • mookie3mookie3 Posts: 2
    I have a Linclon Ls 2000 V8 and my 3rd cylinder is misffiring. I wanted to know if would be hard to change it myself and what parts I would need to do so. Also my climate control keeps blowing on high even if I try to turn it down. I wanted to know if It would be hard to fix this problem as well; if not how much it would cost on average to fix these problems. Thanks.
  • stets2stets2 Posts: 2
    :confuse: 2000 Lincoln LS, fully loaded V8, 97K miles, in the 2 1/2 yrs I've owned the car the so called "random misfires" keep popping up. I'm not even sure if you call these problems random misfires. I would call them more of the car confusing itself as to what gear it's in. When the car is in reverse and it's backing up, without accelerating, it will skid to a stop like it's confused as to what gear it's in and then it releases itself and it's fine. Also, sometimes when I'm accelerating between 40-45 mph the car will grab itself like something is pulling it back and then again release itself and be fine. I've taken it in to the dealer several times and they've tried to replace things they think it could be but nothing has cured it. I just had the 7th cylinder replaced because it showed up as a misfire on the computer at the dealers. The 7th cylinder being bad was the only time the engine light came on. All the plugs and boots were just replaced and the problem is worse than ever. The dealer continues to tell me that "unless they can duplicate the problem then there's nothing they can do." I know nothing about engines and it seems that neither do these car dealer mechanics. They charge me $100 just to hook the car up to the computer and unless the problems happens while it's hooked up they don't know what it is. I've read all the responses and the PCV lines maybe what I try next. Can anyone help?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    The misfire is probably the COPs (Coil on Plug). Is that what they replaced or just the spark plugs and boots? Not sure about the tranny problem - have you had the fluid replaced?
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