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Nissan Sentra SE-R & SE-R Spec V



  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,842
    inaudibleby the way, they've edited the article since my post... :sick:

    The times are EXACTLY the same as when they were first posted. They have not been edited.

    The PROOF that they were not edited is that I posted the 1/4" mile time from the test in the post BEFORE yours and my posted time is still correct and unchanged while yours is still incorrect.

    All I can say is that if people will not be truthful about small things and blame them on others, then .......... well, you can come to your own conclusion.

    I'm disappointed with the handling results. I'd rather have the car slower and have it drive well than have the car fastest in a straight line.

    The Sentra is a bit too heavy also.
  • I have a 1992 SE-R with a SR20DE engine with header,intake and ECU and i bet that i can smoke your QR25 any day. With way less HP. I would love too see a dyno to prove your claim of 20 HP with those mods in a QR25.

    1992 SE-R
    1997 SE-R
  • You want to explain why the B15 smokes away the 2007? A stock B15 SPEC-V have NEVER been able to post a 15.1 quarter mile time.

    1992 SE-R (track duty)
    1997 SE-R (smokes B15's daily)
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We're going off in the wrong direction here. Let's get back to talking about the cars themselves - we really don't need to get off on a street-racing tangent.
  • nismos13nismos13 Posts: 6
    I wonder if Real Time Racing is going to be using the brand new 2007+ Nissan Sentra Spec V for the upcoming year. I know for 2006 they used the B15 jelly bean Sentra Spec V and did pretty well but definately no first place. If I remember correctly, the Acura TSX and Mazda 6 were at the top.
    I think if Nissan would come out with a two door Sentra like the Azzeal concept and lightened it up quite a bit perhaps make it weigh in around 2700 lbs., gave it a more aggressive looking fascia, and stiffened up the suspension even more, it would sell pretty well with the new hardware.
  • You bet wrong, not even on my worst day. Keep dreaming though. On a light note the QR engine is a marvel, it can do pretty much anything.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    maybe it is a nissan thing. I would hardly call what i said 'pissing and moaning.' if your .4 of a second is that precious to you, whatever.

    I'd say the same thing if the si got slightly better numbers; a lot has to do with the driver, but it simply is not that big of a difference.
  • nismos13nismos13 Posts: 6
    I'm pretty sure it is a Nissan thing. Although I love Nissan's especially the original sentra ser, and most of the 90's Nissan's as I stated previously, in the case of the B15 Sentra ser Spec V vs current Civic Si, I believe overall the SI is the better car out of the box, performance wise. It's slightly faster in acceleration and quarter mile times according to all the publications, slightly better number's on the skidpad and the overall balance of the car is more geared toward the track where the Spec V will understeer unless properly modified according to Sport Compact Car. The brakes on the Si are better unless you equip the Spec V with the Brembo option along with the ABS. There are a couple things about the B15 Sentra I do like which are: When one were to purchase one brand new last year, you could've got a base model for $15,000 which is wayy....cheaper than what the SI was going for last year, you would've saved at least $5,000. With those savings you can only imagine what you could've done to the Spec V, perhaps full bolt on and suspension work? Also, when equipped with the Brembo brake package and ABS, I was told that it held up very nicely on the track compared to the Si's stock brakes which exactly isn't that great out of the box. Also its tough to beat all that torque up front for daily driving as I once owned a 04' Rsx Type S and it was pretty gutless up until vtec kicked in. Wow this is getting long..... Either way they are both great cars for the money, it all depends on what you're looking for in a car to help decide what is better for you.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    ha! good one! The old b15 was a cool car.

    I like the se-r, just don't like the _____is crap kinda comments.

    I love se-rs's with the brembos, even peformance aside, they look sick.

    V-teck kicking in? Not the case with the newer i-vtecs like in your old rsx. Its just that all the hp is up on the right side of the tach, hence the sluggishness.

    Again i love the new ser just for the fact it is available with an auto. But i think i'd still take an si.
  • Nice clean objective non provocative post. Nicely done. some favor Honduh because they watch too many street racing videos or something. I prefer Nissan, good quality and they know their the best but don't have to prove it everyday like Honada's trying to race everyone at the stop light. I liked the RSX but when Honda decided to discontinue it I came to the conclusion that they can go do something with themselves. The new Si's is not all that good looking with a bodykit on it, it looks best when left stock on the outside. The RSX had an edge on the Si, it was a little faster and no matter what still looked good. The new SpecV isn't much on looks but it can take the Si out easily. In the end yes its what's best for you on deciding which car. One that has variable valve timing on all the time or the other which advertises it's variable valve timing with decals and that only comes on in the high rpm range. The latter also lacks any real torque. IMO Honda just doesn't have what it takes to be the best. Nissan always has and always will have what it takes.
  • Thats a long paragraph that states absolutely nothing! Nissan made in Mexico. Torsion Beam rear axle. LSD is an option. For the money the SI is a MUCH better value than the SER. The K20 engine is an engineering marvel. I own a 2006 SI and I can assure you that it is plenty quick. I don't street race because I don't want to kill myself or anyone else. I can guarantee that SER's will be sitting on the lots because no one will buy them. So if you wait a few months you will probably get a good deal. ;)
  • So you couldn't read it. Opinions vary. SE-R > Si
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's get back on topic here. Even thought the Si was mentioned in an article about the SE-R, it's not part of the subject here so let's let it go. Thanks.
  • redbrienredbrien Posts: 8
    I was just on nissan's website, and saw that I could build a SE-R. I love the fact you can get a cvt in a sports car. I am a big honda guy. I love the SI other then the fact that it takes Premium gas and you can't get a auto. I commute and my wife won't learn how to drive a stick so I am stuck between a rock and hard place. With the new Sentra SE-R I get the best of both worlds. I love the fact that you can paddle shift just like a F1 or just relax in traffic. I saw that edmunds invoice price is $18,658 for a SE-R. Thats awesome. Hopefully there will be a handful at the dealers so we can just walk in and walk out with this pocket rocket. Any test drive one yet?
  • When I take my SpecV in for inspection and all I will get a test drive in the new SpecV.
  • bhirzallbhirzall Posts: 1
    Anyone here in the midwest interested in a 2002 Spec V with 40k miles on it and no working engine. New Z rates tires, fair condition. CHEAP, great rebuilding project!!
  • I'm loving my 07 SE-R. I'm excited for upcoming performance mods. Anyone to direct me to anything already available? Any idea if the 06 2.5 K&N filter is the same filter on the 07?
  • Is it the same filter, it should be since its the same engine as before only with internal tweaks.
  • Stillen has modifications available.
  • I contacted Stillen and was told they are picking up a spec v from a local dealer and they will be working on more stuff asap.
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