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Problems Filling Up My Pacifica



  • just got a pacifica with a bad gas tank.the gas pump keeps clicking has if its full at about $15.00 at the pump its been in the shop three time.if i keep trying to force gas in it will start pushing back out.its currently in the shop again getting a new gas 30 day warranty is almost up this dont work i dont know what to do....
  • bobnpambobnpam Posts: 1
    I'm having the same problems as everyone else. Fills up to about 7 gallons then constantly shuts off. There has been no recal but if everyone would call 888-327-4236 to complain it might help.
  • dbwsr1dbwsr1 Posts: 1
    Three times the pumps had to be replaced. The pumps three years ago were faulty. Have not had a problem since then. Surprised you have not had a problem till now, unless you just bought the car. In that case, if you investigate, you will find a history of the problem. The tank has two pumps, one for the engine, and one to pump the second tank into the first tank. Your gas gauge will show empty when the second pump does not work, and of course then the only tank you can fill is the first. The pump shuts off. Plus making a hard left or right turn at a certain speed the car will stall. You have gas, but the car does not not it, or cannot access it. The new pumps work good now. I got the same story at first, but after going to Detroit, they admitted a problem.
  • Hey, has anyone had a problem with a crack at the top of the fuel tank? I am told that the fuel tank of my 2006 Pacifica has to be replaced along with the fuel pump and ??? something else.........I think he said fuel line, not sure. Anyway, due to the "shrinking" of the fuel tank with the heat here in Florida, there is a crack at the fuel pump. The dealership said that replacing only the pump, will not work since due to the shrinking of the tank, this will cause a crack at the pump again.
    Really, why is a gas tank shrinking?? Is this normal? And if so, why haven't I had this problem with any other car I've owned? How do I know this won't happen to the new gas tank.
    This has to be a flaw in the tank????? Help..........this is a $2000.000 plus repair.
  • tee10tee10 Posts: 10
    Don't let Chrysler use your vehicle as an experiment. They are making a killing replacing fuel pumps, gas tanks fuel sending units and fuels modules. I went through all of this and after spending hundreds, the solution ended up costing around $3.00. They HAVE TO know it's a simple fix that you can do yourself. I've outlined it in my post here:

    Good Luck!
  • We had the same issue with my 05 Pacifica. The fuel tank has two side and there is a small pump inside the tank that transfers the fuel from one side to the other during use and refueling that has gone bad. The only thing to do is have the whole thing replaced and that is well over $1000 and Chrysler refuses to accept that this was a design flaw. I can only get a half tank in my car and it registers as full but takes about 10 minutes to even get that far.

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