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GMC Yukon Small Problems and Aggravations



  • We have had no luck figuring out what it was. We thought it might be the AC compressor. We put it in the shop and they ran all the tests and they said everything was fine.
    Does yours only do it when the AC is on? My husband wonders if it is the belt tensioner. Good luck. Let me know if you figure it out.
  • Wondering if anyone has had this problem: 12/22/08 @ 1:25pm I attempted to start my truck using the remote start feature like I do every morning before I go to work, But this time it would not work, I had to go out and start the truck manually WTF, then things gets really good, I have an alarm showing that none of the tire have AIR in them per the Tire Monitor System, so I call ONstar to have them check remotely, they stated everything appears to be working correctly at this time. Now forthe really good stuff: I remotely started the truck this morning to take the kids to their dental appt. and everything work great no problem what so ever with anything on the truck. I'm taking it in on friday 12/26 to have GMC take look at it. The service guy stated it sounds like something very wrong....Shocker, but they good guys and i hope they can fix the issue for no charge. Thx John
  • John I had a similar problem last winter. I drove from MA to CA to spend the winter there. Half way across country the remote start or unlock would not work until I was standing next to the car. Also, one tire would report low pressure. I put a new battery in the remote but it did not improve. Both problems continued for the 3 months I was there. The tire monitor worked sporadically. I figured when I got home I'd have the dealer look at it.

    When I got home both problems disappeared before I saw the dealer and never returned.

    I've just chalked it up to the Yukon gremlins that are always messing with me. Windows that decide not to work (until engine restart), battery that drains in 15 minutes, door locks that engage while I'm gassing the car ....

    Let me know if your dealer finds the problem.

    Tom - Franklin, MA
  • Took the truck to my dealership this morning and my man Rob just called to tell me the following, he stated that it appears that the truck just lost its mind, they reprogrammed the computer and everything is working correctly at this time. He also stated that I may want to check into getting the onbroad computer replaces (Like we have $$$$ just hanging around :), He stated that reprogramming would cost $99.00, so I'm going up to get the truck in a minute. Thx John
  • I love that diagnosis! The car lost its mind!!!! I forgot to tell you the other thing my car does - it forgets the memory position for the seat. 1 out of 3 times it goes to the wrong position. No rhyme or reason. I think I'm going to assume the car just has a mind of its own and just likes to mess with me!

  • Hey, Here is some more information: They reprogrammed the RCDLR per the invoice for $99.00, he also spoke about getting another computer installed just in case this happens again, I'm go to contact GMC about this problem this evening. I will keep you updated. Thx John
  • Hello,
    I am having a problem with my 2007 Yukon. The remote key pads do not work and my key does not work all the time in the door lock. When it's really cold out, the key won't go in the lock all the way and when it does, the lock slowely rises to unlock the car. I took it to get looked at and the dealer said my keypads are fine, it's something in the computer. I have to take it back to be put on the diagnostic machine. Has anyone experienced this? All other electrical systems seem to be fine.
  • I have an 07 Yukon Denali that once the battery is charged can last for quite some time, but if I turn off the key and try to even listen to the radio for any period of time (as short as 10 minutes) the battery will run dead ... this is very very frustrating and the smart @$$ at the shop I have called wants to charge me an arm and a leg for the inspection. Does anyone remember when the recall / reprogramming came out, also what was the original warranted time period on these vehicles?
  • judicjudic Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Yukon SLT and as I read through the messages, I think we have experienced all of the electrical issues mentioned: a/c clicking sound, Driver1 settings don't stay in place, radio continues playing even after a car door is opened, remote key won't unlock doors, even though the remote battery is good, and today the latest: console lights come on later & later after starting the car, until of course, this evening when the console lights never came on at all (affects radio, temp, speedometer, etc) I'm assuming that electrical problems are a known issue on GMC Yukons, based on what I've read, but what is the fix? The computer? Was there a recall we've overlooked? Now I see why the previous owner sold the car...
  • esaculesacul Posts: 11
    I have an 07 YUKON Denali too. I have the same problem. If the door is open for few minutes or if the radio is on few minutes etc, the engine will not start with out a jump start. According to tests performed at AutoZone, my battery is a good battery and does not need a new battery. So I am looking for a solution to my problem Did you ever find a solution? If yes, please let me know. Thanks
  • My wife and I have a 2005 GMC Yukon XL. When we turn the ignition off and remove the key, all of the accessories continue running as if the key was still on; the radio, windows, sunroof, etc. Only the A/C stops running. The dash even has the gear indicator lit up. Even after we open the door and get out, it continues running. I have removed the battery and reinstalled it, but the problem continues. Needless to say, the battery does not last more than 20-30 minutes and then needs to be jump started. We cannot really take it any where unless we have a portable jump starter with us. Any ideas?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hello hotrodedmonds,
    Have you had anyone look at your vehicle to diagnose the concern? I apologize that your vehicle has a concern. How long has the issue been present? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Yes only when the AC is on, have you figured yours out yet? Thanks
  • jawbonecynjawbonecyn Posts: 4
    edited September 2010
    I have a 2002 Yukon XL, sometimes when I turn the AC on there is a loud rattle that come from the engine area, it doesn't do it when the engine is at idle, it seems to do it under a load? Thanks
  • Any luck on the AC noise from the engine compartment? I still have the same problem. Thanks
  • bb_22bb_22 Posts: 1
    Had similar weird electrical problems with my 1996 GMC, after about 5 years. Replacing the battery cable (which had corroded) fixed all the gremlins. Depending on how the battery cable vibrated and sat, it would sporadically work.
  • imy yukon was serviced [winterized] and they checked fluids, belts, battery... and when i got it back my keyless remotes both, will not work unless i use the key to manually unlock door and that only works for about 1 minute after i exit the yukon, then later i try to get into the vehicle i have to do the same process all over, what can i do to get both keyless remotes reprogramed ????????? HELP :mad:
    the dealership [darcy gmc] says it my problem !!!!!
  • hi there did you ever get your keyless remotes working in your yukon, im having the same problem too, dont know what to do ???? :confuse:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Have you spoke with the dealer? I apologize for your experience.
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi Christina , yes I did speak to the dealership and the service rep said I was on my own , first he said that it was a coincidence that it happened after being serviced , and if I want it fixed I need to pay for it, then I called and left a phone message at d'arcy Buick gmc and left a message with a GM (mike) and he never called me back , so Now IM PISSED !!! I need help please.
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