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Chevrolet Impala Paint Problems



  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Yes this is a very big problem, my dad just bought a 2008 SS at christmas time and has barely driving it. I wax it with megueirs NXT in april and noticed chips all over his Precision red SS paint , it only had 5400 km and he doesn't drive it often.
    It seems GM didn't apply enough paint on the cars or maybe the Oshuwa plant had problems with the painting process during assembly. Even if warranty would cover it you would be better off getting re painted at an excellent auto body shop, than at GM's in house body shop, and try and have GM pay for a professional paint job.

    It just won't happen :mad:
  • swampmamaswampmama Posts: 1
    My '05 Impala has missing paint spots on the hood but it is not like a typical paint chipping. They are like droplets of paint that have come off in perfect little circles about the size of small peas. I am certain this has NOTHING to do with driver error or misuse and my car is stored in a garage. I am VERY disappointed with my paint and will not stand for ANYONE telling me that it is "chipped" off. This is obviously a Chevy defect.
  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    I am in the collision repair business with many Chevy dealers as my customers. I work in their body is a well known fact by all GM dealer shops that these cars suffered from a production line contamination problem.

    You will find defects in showroom cars, I know because body men have told me they bring the cars "around back for us to spray them..." I also saw a black SS I was considering in the showroom with a boil the size of a bird dropping right on top of the hood.

    I know paint and body repair and know what to look for. The final straw was when I noticed GM no longer sprays clear coat inside the hood, trunk, and door jambs.

    This is a cost saving tactic.

    Your paint problems are known to GM. Go talk to the body men at the dealer shops...they'll whisper!
  • I have a black 2008 Impala LTZ , The last time Iwashed it I noticed several dozen chips and blotches on the hood, roof and trunk and none on the front bumper or sides. I purchased a simonize protection package when I took the car to avoid these problems. In an attempt at good will the dealer washed and detailed it and recoated the simonize sealant. When we picked up the car the chips were just as noticeable and we were told thats all that could be done... they couldn't explain the stone chips under the spoiler and no marks on the sides of the car.... I notice that some mention was made of an area rep or possibly the BBB... Its rather discouraging to be treated like this especially since I have been doing business with this dealer since 1972!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • buffing or 'detailing' the cars paint finish will do nothing for stone chips. Your problem may be more systemic and probably not caused by stones but by contamination in the production line at GM plant where your car was assembled and painted. Get to the GM area rep and file a claim.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I own a 2006 Impala SS. I have no paint chips at all!
  • I helped my Mom buy a 2007 Maroon Impala - brand new. Currently, it has low miles on it. I spent the day waxing it - 3 coats exactly and buffing over and over. 3/4 of the car has little round pea like spots. It feels like sand paper on the hood, driver's side and trunk. I didn't notice it before as I live out of town and it has been a while since I was home. My parents are in their 80s and this is absolutely criminal. I am calling the dealer tom. morning and asking for a professional paint job from them. I don't live in their town and wonder if anyone had any luck getting a new paint job from the dealer or dollars to have someone else do it. This is sad, especially when it people like my parents have driven chevy for years and then this happens to them as they saved for years for a new car!! Any help would be appreciated.
  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    Just be aware if you repaint the car it will depreciate significantly. You want some sort of rebate or exchange for the defective car.
  • susanm5susanm5 Posts: 21
    I just traded in my 07 Precision Red Chevy Impala for a new Ford F 150 and the dealer gave me a few thousand less that I would have gotten because he knew it had been repainted by Chevy and it had paint missing on the whole front end. Thanks Chevy for screwing me over! :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • rnjbazrnjbaz Posts: 1
    My 2005 Impala has big flakes of paint coming off all over the car--Is chevy doing anything to fix this problem for Impala owners?
  • drdee1drdee1 Posts: 2
    Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news - but Chevy will do nothing about it. I have worked on this for over a year now - no paint job - holes in the paint keep getting worse. Have talked to the Chevy 800 number several times - in fact - more than my brother - and no luck in getting this fixed. This was a retirement gift to my mom at the age of 75 - and she is drives it to church. How in the world can she get gravel pits on it when the roads are paved. So, going back to a new dealer this week and hoping they will paint this car for her. I have no intention of trading it in or getting rid of it - just want it painted. I will never buy a chevy again - never - Ford is better and I should have bought a Ford for her. I will let you know what happens this week - but just so you know - they have done nothing for a year!!!! If you get anything done - let me know - still frustrated in Ohio. :mad: :cry:
  • 92735i92735i Posts: 25
    Your Government dollars hard at work!
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I just got a new '09 Impala LTZ. It is white and the paint appears to be really good on it. I have not noticed any flaws like blisters or boils. Maybe the problems are only with the red color?
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    My white Chevy Impala SS is going on four years old and there is not a hint of a paint problem anywhere on the car. In fact, it is more chip-resistant than many other cars I have owned.

    I have no complaints about the paint or anything else about this car which remains one of the best and most fun cars to drive that I have ever owned.
  • robsandirobsandi Posts: 4
    First of all your Impala is not red. Red painted in Canada is the color that had the problem. The paint chipped off the entire hood of my 2007 Chevy Impala the third month I owned it. The tire censors had to be replaced, the windows and moldings had to be replaced in the first year, the frame cradle replaced the second year. I could go on as there were multiple problems all covered under warranty. I am happy for you that your Impala serves you well but you only have to follow this thread to know there have been some serious problems with this car. I now own a 2009 Cadillac CTS and I am very happy with it. I did love my Impala but it didn't love me.
  • Hi! I live in Canada and own a LT 2007 White with 3.9 This too has the same problem.. I got this car used from a GM dealer,it was 1 1/2 years old from USA, and had 5 or 6 spots that they only put spot paint on before selling it .. 6 mouths later there was 10 to 15 new spots on hood. I asked about this and was told It's not on the re-call list and they wouldn't fix it ..Every time I go in to dealer I get the same line.. Now I have about 100 spot on hood and other parts of car and sume are the size of dimes,, My brother-in-law re-stores old car and knows paint. He said the hole car needs to be stripped to metal re primed and painted and would cost $6000.00 or more.. I can't even trade it in .. Two other paint shops said the primer used by GM is not bonded to metal,and one shop said it looks like it was the old lac based primer used on it..The only way GM is going to FIX this problem is to make them re-call these cars, and this would have to be a class action law suite to do that. I've been a GM man for 30 or 40 years now and this maybe the late GM car i'll buy, or let park in my driveway, TO BAD FOR YOU GM>>> If any one is starting a class action suite ,CALL ME PLEASE....
  • mkg1mkg1 Posts: 4
    I'm in touch with a trouble shooter 2nd step. after talking to your dealer is to call 1-866-509-9090. Servic request case. Try this route if it doesn't work let me know I'll give you Step #. Good-Luck.
  • I hope your Impala continues serving you but all I can say is Standby! A few months ago I might have said the same thing about my 2006 Impala SS but now I can tell you I will never buy another GM product. The transmission exploded at 75000 and the white paint is peeling off the hood after 4.5 years. This car is costing me a fortune and I still have 6 payments left. I've spent hours on the phone with GM and all they tell me is "too bad for you". Never again.
  • my silver 08 has all the chip problem and also contamination under paint on roof line,bubbling up.seeing dealer on mon.
  • ok,gm said they would paint entire roof,windshield needs to come out,first guy had no problems about it,the second guy comes out and first thing he says,rock chip!i say dont call it a rock chip and he has a melt down!totally ballistic,surprised i remained as calm as i did!they will do it under a goodwill gesture! if you sneeze on this car there will be a chip,some dust particle hit mine and needs a new paint job on roof!
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