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Chevrolet Impala Paint Problems



  • wileyonewileyone Posts: 4
    edited March 2011
    My white '06 Impala SS has the "bubbling up" problem all over the front of the hood and small rust spots across the top of the windshield. The local dealer keeps saying "rock chips" just like yours but I can easily knock off as much paint as you like with a fingernail. GM has been deaf to the problem. Basically told me "too bad for you". If there is anyone in this forum who can offer any advice how I might get some relief from these people, I will be very appreciative. I'm thinking of suing them in my local small claims court. The dealer is Country Chevrolet in Warrenton, VA. Might it help to go to another dealer?
  • just keep trying,i'm surprised they are doing mine,the bubbled area does not show an impact like the normal chips from a rock,i think the primer and paint is so thin anyway,thats big savings for government motors.send as many e-mails as you can to corporate.
  • wileyonewileyone Posts: 4
    The customer (dis)service people I've been talking with in Detroit are claiming that they don't have email and their bosses don't have email. Guess they're tired of received complaints. What email address have you been using to reach them? I'd like to send a few images of my peeling paint.
  • picked car up sat and i would have to say they did a great job!can't tell it was painted,had to reposition headliner rubber trim but not a big deal,these guys did a great job! other than having to listen to one abusive idiot the rest of GM guys did a super job.
  • wileyonewileyone Posts: 4
    Who are you praising? the dealership? Detroit? both?
  • timken1timken1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Impala that I purchased right off of the show room floor. Have had paint problems since day one. It is black. All top surfaces (hood, trunk and top) have been painted at lease 3 times. The last time was back in 2006. It has overspray all over it. You can really see it in the sun. Have not bothered to take it back. I am tired of dealing with it. Will never buy another GM car. Not only the paint sucks but I am now on the 4th power steering pump, the third water pump bypass tube, every window motor has been replaced, three tie rod ends on the driver side, etc, etc. The ignition switch has been replaced several times. The steering shaft at least 3 times. No more GM for me!!!
  • i've seen many different makes of cars with paint problems,peeling clear coat etc,it really sucks to pay for a new car and have it happen!alot of cars get repainted and never have another problem,others seems to be a throw away car,drive it till it blows.
  • ski_manski_man Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2001 Chevy Impala at the end of June. The paint bubbled and peeled of the roof on the right side of the car just three days after purchase! Took it to the dealer, the dealer "touched it up". I refused to take the car home and the dealer agreed to paint roof.

    This is just the beginning of the story. I have had the car to the dealer 3 times for paint related issues. I have foreign material under the paint and paint defects under the clear coat. I have talked to the dealership about replacing the car with no results. I have made a list of the paint and finish items that I am not satified with. I have documented the whole process with notes and pictures hoping that Chevrolet will do the right thing and fix my car to my satisfaction or swap me to another car. I feel like I have purchased a used car and was charged a new car price.

    GM do the right thing and fix my defective paint or give me a car that does not have defective paint!
  • they save alot of money when they paint it as thin as they can,after mine was painted i bought some clear plastic from cabelas that you put on and it protects it from rock chips like the front hood area and the area above windshield,can't do much about the sides that have little chips and i know that are'nt dings,just little paint chips.
  • dewgirl2011dewgirl2011 Posts: 1
    edited August 2011
    It is pretty sad that the dealership at Clarksville, In would let this vehicle leave their lot with yellow paint on the side of the door panels, and NOT replace the door moldings that they said were going to be replaced this last time when they touched up the paint again. We now have our Roof repainted, the hood touched up/repainted, the entire car has been mechaniclly buffed over 5 different visit's while it has been in their shop...and on a car which was purchased at the END OF JUNE 2011. 30 days out of 57 the dealership has had this car.
    We asked for a replacment on the 23 of July after their half A** attempts in fixing the car, which they told me they had put a call into GM for resolution, when come to find out after picking the car back up again on 8/24/11, Coyle had NOT ever contacted them.
    We now have a case number with GM(not sure what or if anything this will do for us) and it has been assigned to a district rep.
    Enough is enough...seriously!!!!We will NEVER do this again.
  • does'nt take too much to know why GM lost business,i may have to look at ford,at least they did'nt take govt cheese!
  • ski_manski_man Posts: 3
    edited August 2011
    I stated my black Chevy Impala with peeling paint was a 2001 its actually a 2011 with barely 3500 miles on it. Like you bassmaster1, I find it hard to beleive that the southeast regional manager doesn't have e-mail and can troubleshoot a defective car from the comfort of a computer screen. The manager was typing the whole time! They do have facebook ( and twitter (@GMCustomerSvc) but no e-mail? Oh and the manager doesn't have a boss either! I have lots of pictures of their poor quality control issues that I would like to send them. I will post a link to them when time permits.

    My car has more peeling paint on the trunk lid. The hood was recently painted and seems to be OK at this time only time will tell. This will be the 5th time to the dealer to take care of the defective paint under a goodwill cover-up gesture. My black Chevy Impala has been in the shop for a total of 30 days so far with more shop time scheduled for next week.:lemon:
  • I just replaced the front brakes on my car and lifted the hood to check the fluids and was amazed that after three years the heads of some bolts are starting to rust out and by the strut tower mounts are rusting away,my 2003 caravan is not even doing that!this car has 39000 miles on it and i hate to think what its going to be like in a couple of years.this will be my last GM car!GM wants to keep this under wraps because of so many cars that are messed up!noone should have a new car with peeling and chipping paint!I believe they have cut corners to save as much money as they can instead of painting them to last.
  • take that car to the dealer!when the paint is gone it will rust!then it will have rust through and you will have water inside when it rains,you should not have peeling clearcoat or paint on that car at will need a total roof repaint to do it correctly.
  • I agree with Bassmaster1 take it to the dealer, better yet the service manager and show them the car. If you are still not satisfied contact the owner of the dealership and express your concerns.

    You can contact GM customer assistance if you want to be treated rudely. This is the damage control department for GM. I had better luck with the dealer and service manager but it took 6-7 times of taking the car to them and being persistent, more particular than Corvette owner and very nice. I had the roof, trunk lid and the hood painted. I have three different manufacturers of paint on this car. The dealership switched paint suppliers in the middle of the process and IMO I received better paint results with non-GM paint. My car looks good now, but I noticed a blemish on the hood while washing it yesterday. Not worth the hassle at this point to take it to the dealer unless it flakes off.

    Oh and as a side note the service manager told me that the dealership has had at least three different customer assistance reps for their dealership. GM must be getting a lot of calls!
  • I feel your pain I bought my monte ss new in 2002 within a year and a half I had bubbling of the paint and saw what looked like rust under neath the paint. I contacted gm and they gave me a claim number but all i got was run around from corporate all the way to the dealers.Its inexcusable was told there was nothing they could do because i did not have rust holes in the anyways i will never buy another chevy I have been a chevy guy but afterall the bs Ive gone through with my monte ill have to go else where.Good job chevy lost another customer.
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