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Honda Odyssey Engine Problems



  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 7,597
    It's hit or miss deal. I guess it would depend on the manufacturer of the aftermarket part.

    Your insurance policy sets out the requirements for OEM and aftermarket parts. On what is basically a 4 YO vehicle, they will most likely only pay for aftermarket parts. But on the positive side, the insurer typically covers the part for the life of the vehicle.

    You can offer to pay the repair shop the difference between OEM and aftermarket if you are concerned about it.
  • cxccxc Posts: 122
    It is interesting to know that you found that the timing for your Odyssey is not right. When I was changing my 1999 Odyssey timing belt, I noticed that the rear timing gear is one-tooth off. After correcting this problem, I got 2 - 3 mpg improvement. Now the transmission of my odyssey with 140,000 miles is dead. I may have to junk it. Everyone, I talked to, said that I should not give another trust to Honda.
  • blackexv6blackexv6 Posts: 490
    Your insurance company most likely will not pay the extra money for OEM parts. It's usually not the body shop's decision. We use our Honda dealer for body repairs they are excellent & will use OEM parts when possible.

    I requested a Honda OEM windshield recently & the insurance company shot it down - no way they said.
  • pgnagelpgnagel Posts: 60
    Our 99 Odyssey has been doing the same thing. I ended up taking it to a local mechanic. He discovered that the wiring harness that connects the ignition switch to the main harness was defective. It's a Honda only part, and total cost was $248 to repair.

    Am I understanding correctly that there was a TSB on this item?


    Paul N
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    I normally drive pretty easy. I noticed that the ECO light is on quite often. Mileage right now after 4000km is 10.8 l/100km city and 8.8 l/100km highway. Seems to be OK so far.
  • Last week our '04 Odyssey with about 50,500 miles stalled while my wife was driving. She pulled over put it in park and restarted the engine. It started up right away, but the Low Oil light came on and stayed on. I checked the oil and it was full. After towing it to the dealer it's now knocking something fierce.

    To make a long story short, Honda says "our engines don't blow up, you must have run it without oil" We're in to it for $800 of 'diagnostic' work and just learned that the 60,000 mile power train warranty is only for '06 and later models. (the only reason I went to the dealer was because I'd seen many websites touting Honda's 5yr/60,000 mile powertrain warranty)

    Anyone heard of this before... I know it's not common. That's why I bought a Honda. (It sure was painful to watch our practically new beautiful van hauled away on the back of a tow truck.)
  • barbjhbarbjh Posts: 1
    In April '06 we had the dealer check the car because when we slowed to a stop, the engine would race up to 4000 rpm as I stepped on the brake. I used my right foot. No foot was on the gas. The dealer repair couldn't find a problem. Since then, we have had this happen more times, three in the last week. Has anyone had this problem? My husband thinks it is the computer.
  • tjhoupttjhoupt Posts: 1
    Hi Everyone, Looks like a great site to get some helpful advice. Today, our 2000 Honda Odyssey did not start after a quick stop at a local drug store. Lights, electronics, all seem to work. The engine does turn over and starts for about a second and then turns off. Did this numerous times. I was able to keep the engine running by pressing on the gas pedal, keeping the other foot on the brake pedal, and nursed the van back to our home (only about 1/2 mile). I wish that I knew more about cars... any advice on what it might be and how to get it repaired? THANKS!
  • As an update......we're 3 weeks into this ordeal but it looks like we might get our van back soon. It turns out the oil pump failed. Even though there is no warranty Honda is buying us a new engine, but we're paying for the labor to put it in.
  • agc7agc7 Posts: 2
    Hello, I have a 1995 Honda Odyssey EX, 113,000 miles, after a recent 500 mile trip I have noticed that my car turns off when idle. In the mornings it starts easy, its fine when it idles, but as the day progresses and it gets hotter out, the car has difficulty starting. And when it does start, it tends to turn off when idle. Any ideas? Any help out there? Thank you!
  • nancyc3nancyc3 Posts: 2
    YES! My parents are on their second Odyssey. The first one had the same issue and the dealer could not find problem after one week. My Mom was so scared to get in it again they turned it in and got a newer model. Now their second one is doing the same thing! Same issues you note. Both are after they have had the car for about a year. Not sure what to do for them. I'm looking for others who have had the same issue as I wasn't sure if it was my Dad's driving. I've seen one other complain like ours on another link threadid=29508
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    Hey there.

    I'm having the same problems on my 07 Touring, so it's not just the non-VCM Odysseys. I even tried 92 octane.

    My dealer worked on my van's preingition problem for 3 weeks with a Honda Canada Rep. as he said that they have another brand new EX-L on the lot that is also " pinging" badly. They replaced/swapped everything they said they could think of. So I took it to another dealer here in town and same thing; so back on the phone to Honda Corp.

    Mine is a lease so I said, to Honda Corp.,if you don't fix it now you can have the piece of crap back once it burns holes in the pistons or valves and then you need to give me another van! Their reply was that they don't know why some Odysseys are "pinging" and they want us to keep driving it until it does break down so they have a better ideal of what is causing it. What??? So I'm to be your test mule? Nice way to stand behind your product!!!
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    The only other issues that I had with this van was the front-side windows rattling, but that was fixed by Honda installing new weatherstrips. No other work was ever done besides scheduled services.

    The part that I don't get is that my van was fine for the first 17,000 Km or 10,500 Miles before it started having the pre-ignition problem. So something had to have gone wrong instead of it being wrong from the start....I assume. But the EX-L that my dealer claims has the extact same problem is brand new.

    I guess the good thing is that the problem seems to only be on a few of these vans, the bad news it that the buggers can't/ won't fix it and you may not know if you have one yet. Actually there probably is a few thousand more of them but the average person won't recognize the sound or be able to distinguish it and not know that it will eventualy and inevitably destroy the engine.
  • ping3ping3 Posts: 11
    It's definitely not " normal ". Mine also does it on initial acceleration, just before and after the vans shift points at 50km/h(30mph) and 70km/h(45mph) under light acceleration, and up hills especially when the engine is hot.

    The knock sensor is supposed to prevent this from happening.

    The problem is real! Honda Canada and my dealer said that it is indeed a pre-ignition noise. They don't no why it's doing it, and they don't know how to fix it!!!!

    The problem is defined by Wikipedia in 2 ways but the result are the same :

    Knocking (also called pinging)-

    Colloquially detonation—in internal combustion engines occurs when air/fuel mixture in the cylinder has been ignited by the spark plug and the smooth burning is interrupted by the unburned mixture in the combustion chamber exploding before the flame front can reach it. The engineered combusting process ceases, because of the explosion, before the optimum moment for the four-stroke cycle. The resulting shockwave reverberates in the combustion chamber, creating a characteristic metallic "pinging" sound, and pressures increase catastrophically. It can range from hardly noticeable to complete engine destruction.

    Detonation or pre-ignition-
    The fuel/air mixture is normally ignited slightly before the point of maximum compression to allow a small time for the flame-front of the burning fuel to expand throughout the mixture so that maximum pressure occurs at the optimum point. The flame-front moves at roughly 33.5 m/second (110 feet/second) during normal combustion[citation needed]. It is only when the remaining unburned mixture is heated and pressurized by the advancing flame front for a certain length of time that the detonation occurs. It is caused by an instantaneous ignition of the remaining fuel/air mixture in the form of an explosion. The cylinder pressure rises dramatically beyond its design limits and if allowed to persist detonation will damage or destroy engine parts.

    Consequences of Knocking or Pre-ignition
    Engine knocking has disastrous consequences for the engine, since it leads to the catastrophical wear of the combustion chamber walls, through particle wear for moderate knocking, to welding for serious knocking. This is due to the contact between those walls and high temperature gases resulting from the unwanted explosion. The processes also lead to a 'knocking' noise for the engine, that give its name to the phenomenon.

    A big problem us owners are having is finding enough of us to recognize our vans have this problem and to make Honda do something about it - I think they should buy the vans back and do the research on them that is required to fix all of them.
  • I have a 2006 Odyssey EXL. When warmed up under very light acceleration there is some engine knocking. If I apply the brake then give a very small amount of gas it might knock but not all the time. Backing the boat into a parking stall will do the same thing, but not all the time. Has anybody heard this knocking?
  • '05 EX-L has the same problem at 1500 rpms between 30 and 38 mph. Dealership couldn't duplicate problem.
  • hi i have a 02 odddyssey and about 4 month ago at 96k miles i change the plugs and now the engine vibrate a little and rpm goes pass up and dont go over 1krpm just up and down when park,can any one give me some tips on what should try before going to the dealer,thanks
  • My 2006 Odyssey LX has the same knocking on a warm engine at 20mph uphill. Started at around 14k miles. Haven't talked to dealer yet. Quite worrisome. I haven't been able to find out any other info on the web except in this forum.
  • I have a 2007 Touring, my wife normally drives this vehicle but on weekends I usually end up driving. I noticed ours was pinging from the start when we purchased a few months ago. On certain days when the ambient temperature is about 68-72 ours pings very bad under no load, flat road driving about 15-30mph. I have also noticed it uphill and under acceleration. The thing that is most bothersome is the average MPG I am getting 12-15mpg. My new 07 tundra v8 is getting 18-19mpg with no cylinder cut off. Honda has looked at it with a response of quote (WE KNOW OF THE PROBLEM BUT CURRENTLY DO NOT HAVE A RESOLUTION). I cant believe that. I have pursued BBB for a buyback. Honda's statement (THE PROBLEM DOES NOT CAUSE ANY SAFETY PROBLEM THERFORE WE ARE NOT BUYING THE CAR BACK). Now it is off to arbitration to see what they will do. I will keep all posted. :sick:
  • I brought my brand new 2007 Ody for its 1st oil change and right after that the a/c failed to blow cold air. I would have brought it back immediately had I realized it was a problem. Since the a/c was working BEFORE I brought the van for service, I thought it was just me not feeling the cold air. Besides, traffic was bad to make a U back to the dealership. I called the service dept and was told at that it might just be a resistor. But when I brought the van back for a check-up, the service person told me the condenser coil has a leak and most likely was caused by road debris. I asked if the warranty covers the damage but was told no since it's an accident. Since the leak on the condenser is in an area that has no protection from any incoming objects, no matter how tiny, I told the service person that Honda has to realize this is a design flaw. Is that how you managed to have your a/c fixed under warranty? If not, I would appreciate your leading me to research on this issue.

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