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Buick Rainier Repairs



  • Good morning Dustin,

    I am sorry if we've further upset you by our presence on Edmunds. Looking at the list of repairs you've put up, I understand that you're frustrated. Have all of these repairs been done at a dealership at your cost, and do you have a current concern with your vehicle? We can build up an assistance case if you were to email us more information about your situation.

    Happy Holidays,
    GM Customer Service
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    Dustin, have you called the 800 # for Buick Cust Svc to complain??? I did it with my Rainier, and I did get results.
  • I have a '04 Ranier that is also having issues with speedo. I was told you could reset it with the key. That didn't work. I wasa told the same thing that I needed the whole cluster replaced. I told them only the speedo was nor working. But they said it all had to be replaced. This is the same company(gm) that said it would cost $45 to re-program my keyfob. I did it myself in 2 minutes.
    Any help at all on the speedo issue. Maybe a silent recall. hhhmmmm
  • adf2adf2 Posts: 7
    I know when I had my speedo go whacky, the fix was to replace the stepper motor, which was done by a garage. It's been fine ever since (4 years).
  • bob192bob192 Posts: 19
    I had mine replaced a couple years ago under an aftermarket warranty. It cost me the 100$ deductible. The repair center told me they had to make a 900$ deposit to have the replacement cluster sent to them. They had the car for 4 or 5 days. Only the speedo was bad, but the whole cluster is how they sell it. The speedo is a very complicated hi tech expensive replacement for something that has been around for decades. bad design and even worse customer relations. I will never buy a GM again. They've had thousands of these fail on cars just out of warranty and if its a Ranier you're on your own. If you have a GPS hooked up you could get your speed from it. I dont know if you could get by inspection without a speedo though.
  • I am sorry that you have not had a satisfactory experience with us. Since the replacement, how has your vehicle been? Do you have any current concerns?

    GM Customer Service
  • bob192bob192 Posts: 19
    about a year ago, my Rainier was hit while parked and subsequently totaled by my insurance company. I also had the transfer case actuator fail. Another 500 repair, just out of warranty. I certainly wouldn't buy a GM without a better warranty. 3 years or 36 is not very good in today's market, particularly with their reputation for failures.
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    It's now 4/50 bumper to bumper, with 5/100 on the powertrain.
  • Likewise my '04 Rainier had all the symptoms described in this thread from the slight bump when stopped to the stuttering/inability to turn sharply at low speed with whine while decelerating. One dealer says the transfer case needs replaced and another wants to replace the actuator. The motor is available on ebay motors for less than $175 shipped. I don't know what the installation charge will be but I ordered the part. If that works, great; if not I'll go for the transfer case. At many suggestions here, I double checked the tire air pressure but that was within a few pounds of one another and when evened did nothing to stop the issues. The vehicle had less than 35K miles when I purchased it in Jan '08 and has less than 70K 4 years later. I recently saw a thread with a GM service bulletin number that I will send to the local dealer as well.
    Again like many here, I had the stepper motor issue in the speedometer and had to pay for the repair out of pocket.
    I also have a intermittant problem with the NAV/Bose unit making such an horrific noise the radio is un-listenable. A sharp slap on top of the dash ususally cures this but no one acknowledges this as an issue at any dealer or GM Customer Service but EVERY aftermarket electronics dealer laughs when I tell this story.
    I also have possibly reversed polarity on the seat as it slams me under the steering wheel when I exit instead of sliding all the way back to facilitate exit.
    I apologize for hijacking/rambling but I am really frustrated. I have owned Buicks all my life from my first car in '72 until today.
  • lb267lb267 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Buick Rainier with 56500 on the dash, I bought it 6 months ago with 50000. I have the SAME issue as pretty much everyone else on here, I took it to the dealership where I got it from and Turns out, the Transfer case was binding, fortunately I bought a warranty with it, So all i had to pay was my 100$ deductible. They said that they had to replace the Shifter fork, and the actuator clutch...
    I replaced P/N 89059278 for $75 labor at a local IGO and this cured the issue. Actually feels better driving than it has in quite some time! We dis-assembled the old actuator motor and found one of the magnets inside the end housing with a piece snapped off. The loose piece was still inside the housing and may have jammed the motor. Don't know but all works as it should now. Interesting a service advisor at the local dealer told me yesterday "Good Luck with that, don't waste your money just let us replace the transfer case". I didn't yet put my hands on bulletin #3928 which address this issue.
    Thanks to all those here for their diligence in reporting issues and resolutions so that others may benefit. Clearly GM Customer Service won't, or is not
    permitted, to tell the truth about the depth and breadth of problems facing owners of this vehicle platform.
  • mrsmac116mrsmac116 Posts: 2
    edited January 2012

    I have not worked with Customer Assistance. I would be happy to if I will get some action and not just an, I am sorry you are having problems email. I do not have the time to waste or the tolerance for games.

    I did take my Rainier to the dealership and had a new fuel sensor put in. What a huge hassle. Not only are the repairs at the dealership outrageous, but the service was well below a satisfactory level. I made an early morning appointment and at 5pm I had to call and ask when they would be done with my truck. I was told they did not get to it and could I bring it back the next day. What choice did I have? The next day I took it in early again and again had to call in the late afternoon to see if it was done. The first time I filled up with fuel the problem started again. I had to call the dealership and take it back in the next week. They said the fuel sensor they put it must have been bad, so they put another one in. Seems to be working now.

    While they had it they checked a noise I was hearing in the front driver side area. They tested it and found it needed a new wheel bearing hub assembly at a price of $700.00. My husband was able to fix it himself for less than $100.00.

    Now it is winter in Wisconsin and the rear windshield wiper stopped working along with what seems to be the AWD not engaging.

    Sarah, I would be happy to work with someone who can help me with these repairs, what phone number can I reach you at?
  • I understand your hesitancy and skepticism. Hopefully I can clarify what we would be able to do through Customer Service.

    Through Edmunds, I would request that our initial contact be made via email. To investigate your situation, we would need some more information to set up a Service Request in our department: your name/Edmunds user name, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, contact information (your phone and address), and the name of your involved dealership. We would contact the dealership from there to learn more about your service history, and would want to get you set up with a diagnostic appointment for your current concerns (AWD and the rear windshield wiper) so that the dealer can evaluate what repairs would need to be performed. We would follow up on that appointment with you and with the dealership to see what course of action should be taken.

    I have made my email address publically viewable under my profile, and this is forwarded to our database. My coworker Christina handles a majority of the incoming emails from Edmunds and would answer your email and further advise you.

    Hopefully, this helps you know what to expect if you were to work with us towards resolving these concerns.
    GM Customer Service
  • bkc2bkc2 Posts: 2
    We have had all of the above problems with our Rainier, lights dimming and going out
    while driving at night, clunking in rear, coming to sudden stops when trying to turn (
    sound like the transmission is ready to fall out). We have reported to dealer, Buick Customer
    service and have had lemon law lawyer call us. Major problems started occurring within
    a year of purchase (we purchased brand new). Dealer and GM has told us from beginning
    they know there is a problem with the electrical system and the computer on v6 awd
    Rainiers, however, they cannot find a fix. They told us in 2006 they were working on it, but
    I have a feeling since they don't make Rainiers anymore, they are not working very hard.
    We have everything documented, but we have had no satisfaction. My SUV has about
    70,000 miles, and about a month ago I got to experience the problem of filling my tank
    and my gauge showing empty. Yesterday, I was driving about 50 and my speedometer
    surged to show I was doing 120. It still shows me doing 40miles an hour when I am at a
    stop. I agree with calling customer service, they will open file for you, but what is the
    point if they don't help you. They know these things are wrong, but don't care. What
    if I was driving down the interstate at night with my grandkids and my lights dimmed or
    started flickering which they do on many occasions and a semi would rear end us and
    kill us all because they didn't see us? We would like to get rid of this lemon also, but
    I couldn't sell this vehicle to someone knowing the problems. If someone were injured
    in it, I would be worse than GM.
  • With my gauges and sensors decided to fail at the same time in 2 Buicks, and getting told GM will only pay half the repairs, I decided never to buy a GM product again.

    Our President told Toyota to do the right thing and fix their cars, which they did. Now Mr President it is time you took full responsibiltiy since you decided all Americans needed to be owners of GM and fix all these issues free of charge!

    I am an owner of GM and demand that you do for owners of these failed cars what is right and order GM Dealers to fix ever Envoy, Rainier and Trail Blazer that has a fail fuel and oil sender problem.

    Show us why we should have faith in Our Buicks!

    Are Toyota's going to be the New GM Alternative?
  • My 2000 Jimmy 4x4 is used as a camp truck on my Maine wood lot and works better in all areas much better than my 2005 Buick Rainer. I have a great mechanic in Medway Maine, but he can't help me with the Buick.

    The Oil and Fuel sender units are going to cost over $400 to repair and I can only go to a dealer to fix this issue? Now the air suspension is failing. Can it be true this model is a lemon??

    A lemon.

    Toyota and Subaru's are the answer. They fix their proplems, not run away from them.
  • bkc2:
    Wow, you didn't get a response from a "GM representative" claiming they wanted to "help" you with all of your concerns! That is a HUGE surprise. But alas, they are just icing over the problem and trying to make it look good because people are SO unhappy with this GM product. I too have had these problems. I bought the vehicle new and it had been a dealer driven vehicle and had 1000 miles on it when I bought it. Loved the vehicle until the problems started. I even had a problem with the front axle, at a lovely cost of $1900 - in addition to all of your problems! This vehicle has NEVER EVER been in an accident, never driven beyond a trip of 500 miles away and ALWAYS cared for on a very regular basis. Oil changed on time, etc. We had our local GM dealership close long before the rest so we did not have anywhere within a 50 mile radius that I could take my vehicle to be serviced. Knowing this, GM has STILL expected me to have all of my work done by a GM dealership. Not only do I not have a way to get it there, what am I supposed to drive back home or while it's being worked on? None of the dealerships had an alternative other than to RENT a vehicle and they admitted it would be there awhile because they weren't sure what to do beyond replacing the entire assembly. What happened to figuring out how to fix things at a reduced expense? Are we becoming a totally "throw it away when it's broken" society? So much for "buy American when you buy GM". My 20 yr old Honda Accord with 300,000 plus miles has been far more reliable and WAY less expensive than this vehicle! AND I certainly spent a lot less when I bought it new!!!
    On the other hand, I will tell you what we have concluded on the repair end. I have had to have it repaired by some excellent technicians when I've had problems. When I ask around it's agreed that this is an electrical issue. My gauges too are not working, or should I say they work sporadically. But we are also noticing that if the vehicle sits more than one day the battery is dead and it has to be jump started. We have changed the battery TWICE, so they can't blame the battery. There is likely to be a short somewhere, but finding that will take time. Something is probably too close to a part that gets hot or that wears on a cable, but we have to trace the lines to figure this out. Apparently a tech at a GM dealership 100 plus miles from me has traced it and was able to resolve someone's Rainier. Lucky them, and I can only imagine what that repair bill cost. But alas, 100 some miles away? At this point GM owes ME and needs to do something to resolve the situation. I couldn't give this vehicle away if I wanted to. I have to drive with a Garmin to know my speed and guess at the fuel level. Is THAT the GM quality the President is talking about????? I CHALLENGE a GM representative in quality control to respond and actually DO SOMETHING about this!!
  • elsazelsaz Posts: 3
    I used to love my 2004 Rainier but am beginning to have problems. I looked at this forum and found that I have had most of the issues.
    I had fuse problem, air conditioning problem.
    In the past month, the car had problem with suspension. Sometimes it was OK, but there are 3 times when the rear part failed to raise up. I was on a trip, and this happened once more. I restarted the car and it became OK again. After I came home, I think I should bring it to the shop.
    Last week, on a Thursday morning, it broke down. The car could go for a few feet, but I can't make turns and the car would not accelerate.
    At the dealer's shop, they took it apart and it was the actuator. I told them about the suspension. Turns out the air bags had to be changed. They were kind enought to loan me a loaner car. But the entire repair had costed me $2368.
    Don't know if this is a rip off, but I could not afford to trust other smaller shops (I had a buick regal before, everytime I took it to the shop, it magically got more problems afterwards).
    2 days after I took my car back, I found that the panel begins to dim. I still can see, but the light is not as bright . I am worried. So many people have had issues with this part, but I really don't need it now!
    I am a foreigner but I always purchase American cars. My first was Buick Regal, second was gmc 2004 envoy xuv V8, but it was totalled. So I purchased this Rainier. I really want to trust GM, but I don't know how long this trust would last. :confuse:
  • benmaceybenmacey Posts: 3
    I too have a 2005 Rainier, I have blown a front differential, which cost me about 2500.00 to get towed and to replace. I have had to replace the entire instrument panel, and NOW I am getting the fuel level sensor issue. I also have a check engie light that according to the dealer is a cooling sensor, and will cost around 400.00 to fix.
    I have only purchased American cars for my entire 30 years of driving.
    I have a 16 year old Grand Cherokee with 250,000 miles on it that only gets routine maintenance. I have NEVER had issues with it. I am so sorry I bought the Buick for my wife. When everything works, which is rare, it is a joy. but normally there is something going on with it.
    I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow, not looking forward to seeing this bill.
    My next vehicle will be a Ford, and I doubt if GM will EVER see any more of my business.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,005
    I apologize for your frustrations and inconvenience. Can you please email me directly with your VIN, current mileage, and the dealer you are working with? Please include a copy of your post. I look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy your weekend.
    GM Customer Service
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