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Buick Rainier Repairs



  • benmaceybenmacey Posts: 3
    Your email does not appear in your profile.
    Do you want me to post the information here?
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I apologize for that! For whatever reason, our email addresses have not been displaying recently. You can email us at

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • benmaceybenmacey Posts: 3
    Christina, and Sarah,
    Email sent.
  • 2 days ago, I started pulling out my driveway and noticed that my dome lights would not go out. As I started coming to a stop, my ABS light came on and abs did not work. I then started testing everything and noticed that my rear wiper quit working and my key fob has stopped also. All of this at one time.
    I bought this car new in 2004 and have had SOOO many problems with it. When is enough enough???
    Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
  • mom0423mom0423 Posts: 14
    Not that one in particular, but my understanding is that there is a short somewhere in the electrical system. My battery will not stay charged but for a day or two, even with a brand new battery. If you notice, alot of functions inside the car work electrically whether the car is on or not. From what I understand there is a short happening somewhere between the battery and the computer. I am not taking it to someone who is going to spend weeks trying to figure it out at my expense. I will wait till I find someone who knows what they're doing. I can drive without the dash by using my GPS, so I will till I find someone who has figured it out.
    Meanwhile, be prepared to get "messages" from gmcustomer support who swear they're going to help you. If it's out of warranty - and most of our are by now, they don't care. They're just posting this on here to make it look like they'll do something. Who would've thought when we spent those thousands of dollars on this vehicle we'd have all these problems!
    PS - I will NEVER EVER buy another GM product. They refuse to stand behind it and rebuild our faith in GM. My kids all have Hondas - made in America, and I can drive it in to a dealership any day of the week and they will honor a problem. And they will fix it at their expense or a reduced one if they've found it to be an issue. And they acknowledge those issues. Not ignore them as if they weren't happening. My 92 Accord with 313,000 miles is running better than my 04 Buick with 140,000 miles. What's THAT tell you...???
  • bkc2bkc2 Posts: 2
    I totally agree. Our dealer has already been told by GM there is "no fix ".
    I am sure they have found a fix, but it would cost them to much to repair
    the mistake to everyone experiencing this problem. They want to use
    our taxpayer money to bail them out, but they don't want to make
    a problem they created right.
    I would love to see someone from GM stand up and own the problem,
    but sadly, they really don't care. They have their money.
    My next vehicle will definitely be a Chrysler.
  • elsazelsaz Posts: 3
    :mad: The control panel lights have dimmed again today. But gauges are fine so far. Should I take this to dealer now or wait? Does anybody else have the same issue?
    Just spent over two thousands on rear differential and air bag. Hate it!
  • mom0423mom0423 Posts: 14
    I still believe this is resulting fron a short in the line from the battery. If someone could research this or find out it would help us all!
  • tlc8268tlc8268 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2004 Buick Rainier CXL on June 14, 2012. Less than two weeks later, the air ride suspension failed. The rear of the Rainier is sitting so low to the ground I won't even drive it for fear of damaging something underneath the vehicle.

    I have done some research online and called various mechanics in the local area in search of a fix for this problem. From what I can find, there are a couple of options available to me. The one that looks the best to me would be to remove the air ride suspension components and replace this with regular coil springs.

    Since I have very little knowledge about this and this is a new problem for my chosen mechanic-- can someone advise me as to what parts I need to purchase in order to have the needed parts for repair?

    Thanks in advance!
  • wallsfewwallsfew Posts: 1
    edited July 2012
    I purchased a used 2004 Buick Rainier in 2010 with 84k+ miles on it. I didn't ask for a Car Fax! What a huge mistake! After the problems started, I looked online for the car fax for my vehicle, and found that there were a lot of "hits". We have only put 10k+ miles on this car and it has had all it's required maintenances. The "check engine" light was on constantly, and every time we have had something fixed, it comes back on. In May, 2012, we had problems with the turning corners. After about $400 we found that the transfer motor needed replacing. Now, almost 2 months later, at the end of June, 2012, while on vacation, this problem has come back. There is no "warning light" that is lit up for this now. After looking at the reviews of this vehicle, it seems that there is a problem with the AWD Transfer somewhere. Today, this is going back into the garage because of the same problem. I hope it's fixed this time correctly! The car seems to have a mind of it's own. If you turn the heater or air conditioner off, it comes on again when it wants to.
  • mclouser1mclouser1 Posts: 1
    05 Buick Rainier is making a clicking noise. The sound comes and goes. Sounds like a valve clicking. It gets louder when you rev the motor. It randomly starts and quits when you turn off the car and let it sit. The sound starts back at random times. Car has 83,000 Miles
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Have you been able to find the source of the mysterious ticking sound since your last post? If we can look into anything (warranty/recall info, help get you connected to a dealership), please don't hesitate to email at (include your name, contact information, and last 8 of your VIN).
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • What was the relay you replaced? i have been trying everything.
  • I had the same issue. Went online and purchased the coil springs from a Florida based company (cant remember name) and had a mechanic install them along with air shocks.

    They are working really good. I did use a mechanic who I know and the rate was really inexpensive.

    Get the parts and look around your area, and compare prices you can probably find someone fair.
  • I recently purchased a 05 buick rainier in July 2012 after our other vehicle was totaled in a hail storm. Last month the gas gauge started coming crazy and going from full to empty knowing I just filled the gas tank up.. It has 130,000 miles so I contacted GM and they said well you have to go get a diagnostic test done on it and see whats wrong with it knowing that it is the problem that everyone else is having.. I know they are not going to help me but they say they will do whatever they can do.. I never had this problem with my ford minivan and Im ready to send this piece of junk back to them and they can deal with it!!! I will never buy buick again!!!!
  • pgroseclosepgroseclose Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    I am having the same problem with my 04 Rainier. I just had it checked out, and they claim that it is my A.C compressor stalling. I don't know much about cars, but I do know this part is expensive! In addition, I am not having any problem with getting A.C and heat in my car. It is just idling horribly! :sick: I have also had it diagnosed as a the fuel pump. The Buick technition said it would be a reason for it to die. It says that the oil pressure is low, and it dies! It does this especially at slow speeds, while I am parking, or sitting at a stop light. Did you find out what was wrong with yours? I would appreciate any information you would have. I don't want to replace this compressor unless I know for sure it will fix it. Thank you!
  • cooterbfdcooterbfd Posts: 2,770
    More than likely the instrument cluster is on it's way out. Ours is having the same problem. There is a place in Syracuse NY that will refurbish it for $125-175.

    That beats the $300++ that the dealer will want for a rebuilt one.

    The place is United Radio.

    I hope this helps.
  • Just wanted to let you know I've had all the same problems as you. Can't sell or trade it without giving it away. It still runs and looks good but now I've got a noise in the motor. I've already spent out $2,000 in different repairs. Rex in Indiana.
  • jkeyesjkeyes Posts: 1
    I proudly bought one of these years ago with 24k on it. Almost right away we had noise in the front, we took it back time and time again, nothing found. Then we got the famous "locked up" or "getting hit in the rear" feeling. Take it in nothing, now of course the front differential is done, so my options at this point are to pay someone a crazy amount of money to fix it, or dump the vehicle. They are now selling for under $5k here by me, so $3500 to fix something is crazy. I am mad at the dealerships, they pass on fixing these things, and when the warranty all runs out the crap breaks and we get stuck. I have had the rear air pump replaced, and this thing wont stay up for more than an hour after shutting it off, never an issue until they "fixed" it. Did rear brakes just before differential went out, and backing plates are completely rusted away. And we have the issue with the pool on the floor from the clogged ac drain. So frustrated about all of this, this was almost a $43k vehicle when new. Now it is worth less than the cost to repair it, so many of us have had this exact same problem, sounds like a defect, yet we are all stuck. I am not sure what we are going to do, we wanted to trade this in but now it is worth almost nothing in its current state of use. I am not sure if I could do this repair, I have built engines, rears, transmissions, etc. But dont have a hoist and cant lift the motor in my garage if that really needs to happen. Anyone have any suggestions????
  • Noted that rear air bags need refilling regularly. I have diagnosis that both bags are leaking. in my 2004 Rainier CXL V8. Anyone had any experience with replacement cost. Parts were quoted at over $600.
    Another thought was to replace air bags with springs. Any one dealt with this.
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