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Buick Rainier Repairs



  • Already had it checked and it was the ring and pinion gears went bad with 83,000 miles on it, bought it with 72,347 miles on it.
  • Took it to the dealer and they put transfer case fluid in it and told me to drive 100 miles left and right until plates seperate when that didn't work they changed the tccm which had already destroyed the front diff cause they didn't know what he problem was in the first place.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055

    I see that you've been to the dealership for a past repair. I hope they were able to correct the problems you were having with your vehicle. If there's anything we can look into for you please don't hesitate to let us know.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • No help yet, can't get car to dealership because the front diff is so busted up from them not fixing it the first time I brought it in.
  • Had problems with this vehicle ever since it was purchased and was always told nothing is wrong with it and now tht the warranty is up no one wants to help, so sad that after financing this vehicle for $19,000 and a year later I would have this much trouble with it.
  • Next time I will know better, thanks for your response. To my txt.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Hi angryinct1,

    I understand your disappointment with your vehicle and apologize that you've had problems with it for a while now. If there is anything I can do to help with or if you decide to take your vehicle into the dealership, please feel free to reach out to me.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I purchased my 05 Rainier in November of 2012, with 60000 Miles on it. Since then I have had to replace the engine (at 68000 Miles and a cost of $4k to do myself), I am having issues while turning at low speeds, The heater control module went out ($100 repair) and now, the security light comes on at random and I can't even start the vehicle.
    When my engine blew, I contacted the GM dealership where I purchased it (Owned by my uncle), and he put me in contact with their factory rep. He said "sorry about your luck". I contacted my own factory rep (Yes I have one) and was told the same thing. REALLY????? Never mind that this vehicle has such low mileage and the engine is BLOWN. I work for one of GM's largest customers and suppliers. You can't do anything for me?? Sorry about my luck??
    It's a good thing I am a mechanic and can make these repairs myself.
  • I have a 2005 Buick Rainier with 93,000 miles that has all kinds of problems! My AWD doesn't work? The rear slides when it's wet and I'm turning and, I absolutely cannot drive it when there's snow on the ground. Last winter it was snowing and I was making a left turn very slowly. The car just started sliding and I landed in a ditch. A car coming in the opposite direction came inches from hitting me! Thank goodness I didn't get hit, hurt another person or myself and my car didn't get damaged! Also, when I'm backing up. The rear of the car makes this grinding noise? Maybe it's also the AWD? I'm not sure?I've had my car checked out by 4 different mechanics and they all say they can't find anything wrong? I take that back. One said my wheels just aren't turning at the same time, but that's normal and there's nothing to worry about but...there is something wrong with it. A major problem when myself and others can be killed, I can't drive it in the snow or rainy weather's my only car! My gas gauge and speedometer also doesn't work! I've had 2 tickets due to the speedometer. I gauge my speed by other cars. I write down my mileage and how many gallons I put in my car, but I've still ran out of gas several times. How inconvenient, embarrassing and risky getting in strangers cars to go get gas! Here's the break down of the problems with my piece of junk Rainier.

    - AWD doesn't work.
    - Rear grinding noise when turning to back-up.
    - Gas gauge doesn't work.
    - Speedometer doesn't work.

    Please help me and reply back on what I need to do to repair these problems. Thank you in advance for you help.
  • Your issue with turning at low speed is the transfer case control module, I had the same issue and after they put transfer case fluid in and it didn't work they changed the TCCM and it worked fine but it was to late for my front differential it destroyed it, so make sure they change your TCCM.
  • Check WWW.GMBUICK.COM for recalls on your year and make and model of your car I think I saw on GOOGLE that there is a recall on the speed odometer and the gas gauge.
  • Pensketech1, Thank you so much for your reply and advice. As you can tell. I don't know much about car repairs, so is the Transfer Case Control Module expensive and/or complicated to repair? Do you know where the TCCM is located on the car? Do you have any advice regarding my other car problems listed? I'm so sorry it was to late to save your front Differential : (
  • Angryinct1, thank you for your response and advice. I am searching for recalls now. So far I have found a couple and hopefully will find more. I will list the recalls that I find in hopes of helping other people as well. Thank you again.
  • All recalls/problems listed for 2005 Buick Rainiers. The list also includes Trailblazers and Envoy.
    I believe 2004 - 2006 is the same model.

    Recall list - Must See

    Driver side door module causes fire: ly-suvs-over-door-e/

    Faulty Gas gauge - Fuel Sensor Recall sors/

    Windshield Recall:

    Vehicle Year Make Model
    2005 GMC ENVOY
    2005 ISUZU ASCENDER;jsessionid=k7pzS32YxkNf- MD45yQF3PlgvnyhyDlcm3wg8cvLGjMv73hv2BNmQ!1507103805

    Fuel Gauge Recall - Replace Fuel Level Sensor

    Search for recalls and/or file a complaint:

    I will list more recalls as I find them. I know this helps me and I hope my research helps you too. Good luck.
  • The cost of the control module is between $120 and 180 and it is located on the transfer case which should be under the drivers side and it should only take 20 minutes to replace and install . Hope this helps you.
  • Yes, it does help a lot and I sure do appreciate it. As you may have seen? I found and posted several recalls...a couple of the recalls are free and others you have to pay 50%. I'm not sure if some or all is still active recalls, but I'm going to call a dealership soon and find out? I will post my finding as well. Do or did you own a Buick Rainier? If so, what problems are you having or had? Thanks again for your help. Much appreciated : )
  • I sent them a complaint with all my problems last night. Hope they can help?We'll see what happens? I'll post their response when/if I hear back?
  • I still have the 2006 buick rainier and I still have problems with the front differential.
  • Did u get a response yet ant If so was it what u wanted to hear?.
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