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Jaguar XK-Series Chain Tensioner Replacement



  • Hi,
    As the proud new owner (2 weeks and counting) of an immaculate '97 XK8 coupe, 32k miles from new, I am in the process of equiping myself with tools and knowledge to do some level of routine maintenance myself.
    I have seen on Ebay, a selection of workshop manuals on CD. Some claim to be factory certified others don't. Any guidance here would be appreciated.
    I have also read the past posts on the infamous chain tensioner situation with interest. I have the full service records for my car and it doesn't appear the upgrade has been done. It runs like a dream currently without the slightest hint of a rattle, even on cold start. Is it possible to do an inspection of the current tensioners to assess their condition, or is the fatigue failure such that there is no visual evidence until it fails?
    Finally for this post, my driver side headlamp has moisture in it. Are these sealed units or is it possible to get the unit out to dry out the interior?
    Thanks for any guidance you guys can provide.
  • bhornbhorn Posts: 2
  • I have a 98 XK8 with 58,000 miles. The tensioners were replaced about 5000 miles ago at a repair shop (not a Jag dealer) that I now have low confidence in and worry that it was not repaired properly. I am now experiencing a valve noise that only shows up after the engine is warmed up. This is not a rattling noise, but more a tapping sound that tracks the engine rpms. Could this be something related to the tensioners or do I need a valve job? Thanks for any suggestions.
  • I am the original owner of this Jaguar. It only has 70000 miles and been regularly maintained by the local dealer. Never had any issue until a week ago where upon starting the car I got a very rough start. I brought the car to the dealer and they indicated that there it is related to Tensioner which might be broken and the cost $2700 to have everything checked and replaced. I was very shocked and found this article online: I brought up the issue to the dealer and they tried the local market manager of Jaguar to pay for part/all of it and he refused. Jaguar customer care was not helpful and did not do anything. My extended warranty ran out end of 2006, but could have had everything checked out if it was still under that warranty. As I understand it, this is a known problem and Jaguar is aware of it. They have 3 times changed the tensioner series and the latest is no longer plastic (made out of metal) put on 2005 and above. I would like to write an email or letter to Jaguar's President Gary Temple to complain. Anyone has his email or any other suggestions.


  • I have been researching the whole tensioner issue (a tensioner is what keeps the timing chain tight if it break your screwed) and have found that if yours has not been replaced you should have it done ASAP. You should be able to contact the dealer and have them run your VIN to see if it was done. An independent may done it but I would have it checked
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