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Jaguar S-Type Transmission Problems



  • After extensive research I have solved my "problem with transmission" that used to show same symptoms as yours by replacing ignition coils. My 2000 V8 with 100,000 miles on it feels like a new car now. Try it :)
  • Thanks Stork99. Wanted to clarify that this probably is one of the many symptoms that are causing these transmissions to fail. On my car, it was the cooling lines that take the transmission fluid to the radiator and back. Their is a heat shield under these lines so if they start to leak at a very slow rate, the shield stops the fluid from landing on your garage floor or wherever you park the car. So you don't know its happening. Then while driving it blows off the shield. This is why they made a terrible mistake of not allowing the owner to check the fluid levels. Sealing the transmission so the fluid will last 100,000 miles and stating this as ok is a real problem. Really needs to be changed sooner as I saw noted on another post. This owner claimed all kinds of junk in the fluid after 60 thousand miles.
  • yanek1yanek1 Posts: 1
    Another one of unhappy owners of 2003 S-type jags. Have all of the above mentioned problems and then some. Can't afford to fix it anymore. Something has to be done and I'm happy some one is doing something about it. Please keep me posted.
  • I am amazed at all the Jaguar owners that are actualy having the same problem as myself. I will say this I love my car from the ride to the design and especially the look. I get so much respect in this car I feel that it is classier than the BMW, Benz, and Lexus. However, the transmission problem needs to be addressed. My 2000 Jag is hard to get out of park on inclines, and takes atleast 3seconds to move after puting it in park. I'm hoping I can get it fixed before it goes out. I'm going to have my mechanic look at changing fluids, changing the ignition coils and checking for leaks from the trans to radiator. Please let me know about the lawsuit. I dont want money I would just like to be able to go to a dealership and get serviced.
  • marksemarkse Posts: 2
    Add me to the list of screwed S-Type owners. I got the "Gearbox Fault" warning on 10/19/07, although the car still ran okay. Took it to the dealer on 10/20/2007. Transmission started crapping out on the way to the dealer -thankfully I made it okay. I was told 4th gear was gone and new transmission was $3,750. I will be contacting Jaguar corporate. Below are some names in Jaguar North America I plan on contacting about this issue. I'm realistic about my chances of getting a response here. But I feel I must try something.

    555 MacArthur Blvd.
    Mahwah, NJ 07430 United

    President, Aston Martin Jaguar Land Rover North America Mike O'Driscoll

    Purchasing Director, Jaguar Cars and Land Rover Ermal Faulkner

    Manufacturing Director, Jaguar and Land Rover Jan Gijsen

    Product Development Director, Jaguar and Land Rover Al Kammerer

    Manager, Corporate Affairs Rosemary Mariniello

    Director, Global Marketing, Jaguar Connell O'Donnell

    Director, Legal Affairs, Jaguar and Land Rover Jon Osgood
  • marksemarkse Posts: 2
    I forgot to mention on the previous post - My S-Type is a 2001 with 79,000 miles on it. After reading some of the other message boards about this car, I'm actually thankful I got to 79,000 miles before it crapped out! Of course, this is my last Jaguar. In fact, I was planning on purchasing a Range Rover next year, but I may look elsewhere now since they are all run under the same company.
  • The problem is corporate America does not look at it the way they did in the past. The exec's were paid a good yearly salary and a bonus if business increased. Today, that president is around 2 to 3 years tops, his bonus is predicated on bottom line profit because they have to feed that ever hungry shareholder. So to do this they cut costs, stop really caring about their customers, deny any problems, and at the end of the year, get that fat bonus check that could feed a small third world country. With that much at stake, the ride is very short to the promise land. In order to do this, they do spend more in two departments. The showrooms, which rival billionaire homes and marketing. And now here comes the holidays, we will sit at home and watch Its a Wonderful life and Scrooged and for one fleeting moment we will think, yeah, We need to be nice to our fellow man and everyone makes mistakes and we just need to admit them and correct them and the sun will come out tomorrow. Then January hits and its back to business as usual. Thank god that the checks and balances thing allows us to have enough lawyers today that when they smell blood, will pounce because they have to eat to.
  • zx1400zx1400 Posts: 2
    bought the car in june drove for three week and transmission went out. lucky I took out extended warranty. rebuilt the tranny it needed new pump,converter,parts inside of tranny. price 2300.00 so far so good. keep you posted.
  • I have 85,000 and my 2000 stype is starting to display what seems to be transmission problems.
    In may I had a problem with my fan and overheating. The engine still feels like it gets too hot too quickly.

    I have yet to replace my heater and a/c that went out last november. I have to replace a cst and heater vlv because the heater pump leaks when I use my a/c which blows the fuse AND is very oxidated from leakage.

    I love my car but it has been very expensive to maintain.
  • Please keep me informed on your progress. I too am experiencing
    transmission problems with my 2000 S-type. shifter gets stuck in
    park on an incline. The dealer wants about $900.00 to fix the problem.
    Jaguar has to admit to their mistakes, please keep informed. THX
  • I have a 2001 s type and have had all kinds of problems with my transmission. At least 10 visits to the shop and the warranty co finally fixed problem but cost me every time I took it in. I also had to have the $1600 hose replaced and something with the struts for safety reasons another $1800. Now I'm having electrical problems and the dealer can't figure out what is wrong. Of course at $106 an hour they have been trying process of elimination and can't figure out whats wrong. They're saying it could be one of 4 models or a loose wire. Has any one had problems with this. The car blows the #21 fuse at the passanger side and the A/C radio, all gages and truck release stops while the lights stay on constantly. When you put a new fuse in it goes for about 4 days of light driving and blows again. If any one has any idea what's going on please e-mail me and if any one knows of someone in the Orlando area that works on Jag I would really appreciate it. I love the way my car looks and hate to get rid of it but I'm starting to think I better do something while it's still under extended warranty and less than 70K miles.
  • I have owned a 2000 S-type for the past 3 years. I bought it with 8,000 miles and I now have 45,000 on it. My shifter has been replaced twice, every window has had electrical problems (including the sunroof), the radio screen is intermittent, it overheats easily (the thermostat and hoses have been replaced already)...other than that, I love its is just like having a cheating trophy wife...
    I would like to be included in the list, but hopefully I'll dump the thing soon enough. 2007 Jags have rebates of around $9000 in my area, and I was thinking that having one with a warranty could not be that bad (that to show everyone that I do love the looks), but after reading this thread I could not justify getting another one...
  • Wow, my first time on the Forum .... a bit scary. I bought a beauty Silver 2003 3 liter a week ago, 25K miles, close to white interior. I really thought I had done my home work in selecting this car, first Jaguar for me. We cames out of the Porsche, MBZ and many high-end Street Rods world ... with heavy emphazie with V8's. My wife has pushed me to explore better fuel economy as we have a shoe 49 Chevy Corvette based big block vehicle sitting in the garage.

    Today was my first time on your Forum (maybe I should have started here), what are the tranny problems all about & why aren't the dealers fixing problems in or out of warranties. Guess the Share Holders should start to get senior management salaries back to reality, is supect they're in the megabuck range. Why hasn't there been a recall on these problems, what should I be watching out for?

    My car is out of warranty, should I consider extention. Are Jaguar Dealers across the country like Corvette Dealers, some can set there warranty prices with very good prices.

    I would greatly appreciate hearing from my new Jaguar colleagues. Hope I am successfull getting back onto this forum, took awhile to get setup. I am somewhat of a wrencher, in the Street Rods world, would like to learn as much as possible with this car .... I just had "the big one" last week. So I really would like to make this a keeper, but my wife has heard that numerous time. I wouldn't be surprised if she wanted an older Coupe some day.

    Best regards,

    Gil, Central Florida
  • I bought my 2000 S type 4.0 with 46,000 miles this past July and only got to enjoy it trouble free for 4 weeks!!! I wish I had done my home work more thorough, my troubles started out with my passenger window regulator having to be replaced, Then soon after that my engine light came on, the temperature gauge shot all the way to hot in 15 seconds after the car was started, said engine temp was hot and went into "amber safe mode"... brought it into my mechanic and they replaced what was to be a faulty thermostat sensor? Two days later I noticed large amounts of liquid on my garage floor ( I thought it may be condensation from my air-conditioning ) wishful thinking huh? Sure enough my coolant reservoir cracked...antifreeze all over the garage floor!!! Now Im steamed! This was fixed 2 weeks ago and now the "amber safe mode" light was flashing again 3 times yesterday! I give up! I love this car and have always wanted a Jaguar and now with what Ive read and experienced, what am I in for next? By the way my engine when its cooled (overnight usually) when I start the car up it sounds rather loud (Tapping of pistons or cylinders or something ) for about 10 seconds until it idles down, then its smooth and quiet... is this normal? I hope...I asked Jaguar and they said that the oil has settled over night and its no big deal...I have 52,000 miles on it as of today I noticed all of my troubles started at 50,100 miles, I kid you not!!! Now Im afraid my transmission is going to go next, and I have no warranty!!!! Does anyone know of an affordable warranty? I bought this car second hand from Lexus and when they wanted nearly $8000 for an extended warranty I thought they were out of their minds!!! Thats nearly half the price of which I purchased this car ($13,988)
  • Guess what? As I post this today, my car is in the shop. A warning light that read gearbox fault came on. The car seemed to be shifting a little rough. I am waiting to hear how much this repair will cost me. At the current time I know it is related to the transmission. Prior to this time the shifter would get stuck in park if I parked on an incline. I also had my share of problems with hoses, a.c. and heat. I have a 2001 S type with 68,000. When I called the manufacturer and asked if there had been a recalled I was strernly told, "Absolutley not!" If in fact people are getting ready for a class action suit please count me in!
  • i have a 2000 s type and im having the same transmission , shocks and that broken tube that makes the car shake when started as everyone else. i would love to put my name on your class action if still possible. let me know thanks
  • I've had my 2000 S-Type for a little over three years now. With all the repairs it's pretty much a brand new car under the hood. I've had the entire cooling system done at about 68,000 miles, numerous problems with electrical system, and let's not count the number of coils I've had replaced. Let' see, the car has 8, I've had all of them replaced and a few more than once. I love the style but it has truly been a headache. Does the car really need brakes every 6 months? Mine does. I don't understand it. Even when they're new (from the dealer), they squeak. Anyway, a month ago I had the engine rebuilt at 86,000 miles (and some change) and two weeks later it needs a new transmission. Unbelievable! :cry: Thank God I did have the sense to get an extended warranty on the vehicle. The transmission was getting stuck in second gear, but after turning the car off and back on again, it would reset. Also it was shifting very rough and the car would flash "Transmission Fault" and "Failsafe Engine Mode". The warranty company covered 95% of the repairs I've had done on the car, but with my deductible and some of the things they would not replace because they weren't "broken enough", I've still spent a couple of thousand over the time I've had the car. When I first bought it, I couldn't wait to be able to upgrade to the XJ (yeah right). After this experience I'll never buy another Jag again. When this warranty runs out (another 14,000 miles), the car is outta here! The stress, the time, and the money isn't worth sitting in that kind of luxury! Oh, and if anyone needs a less expensive extended warranty company let me know. You'd be crazy not to get one with this car.
  • I purchased a Primus Care extended warranty for about $2700. It's good for up to 100,000 miles. It was a great deal because they've spent approximately $14,000 on my car's repairs. Hmmm... Jaguar could put them out of business at that rate...Now that's a shame!
  • I purchased a 2003 S-Type with the hopes of avoiding some of the brake and transmission issues earlier model years had. I even purchased a "certified" car. Since Ford decided to intermingle Lincoln and Jaguar parts I did not feel I was purchasing an authentic S-Type by buying anything earlier than 2003. Well I was mistaken. Within 2 weeks of driving my 35,000 mile certified Jag I experienced this annoying squeeking of the brakes an a rubbing sound coming from my transmission. I took the car in and the dealerships reply was ridiculous. First they said the breaks squeeked because someone put non-jaguar pads on but they could correct this by replacing the entire break system for $1800. Second they said the rub was and I quote "No big deal, and common with the new transmission". They fixed the rubbing noise and well a month later it has returned. Now it feels like it is in the driveshaft area and is driving me crazy. Please any advice.
  • New to the forum and bought my jag 1 year ago and having all the same problems everyone else is. Do you have any new news on your action against these problems? I have had 1 headache after another with my jag. Just curious.
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