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Jaguar S-Type Transmission Problems



  • beewarebeeware Posts: 8
    It hurt to trade it for the c class. The jag is definitely more stylish and more car. But, I need more dependebility than style. Believe me, I miss that engine. From what I read and experienced in that short time, it's a chronic fixer. I'd rather get into a car note, which I don't want to do. This car so far seems to be in really good shape and its pretty fun to drive. I'm sure it has its problems, but I just wasn't ready to spend 4 to 6 grand on a car I only had for 2 months. I feel good about it.
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    I'm giving serious consideration to buying a 2003 S-R with 116,000 km and a 2 year p/t warranty. Besides "don't", any serious input out there? This one has the ZF tranny and is a straight car - safetied and e-tested from a dealer I trust. Any test reports I've read suggest that the 2003 vintage was perhaps not the best year for these cars (no one ever tells you why that is) and because of the mileage I'm a bit afraid of this one but, what can I say, I'm "in love". I've read some really intelligent comments and advice in the forum so I'm hoping to get some of the same for myself. Both positive AND negative comments and input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • manueximanuexi Posts: 1
    Please advise on the following if you can. I am having similar transmission problem of my 2002 S-Type Jaguar. I bought the car in 2006 with 22,000 miles. A few months ago, I replaced the transmission with a used one. Unfortunately, that transmission is now defective and it happens just after the 90 day warranty. Should I consider this time a rebuilt one from the dealership or any other supplier?
    Thanks to advise.
  • 116,ooo miles would be a lot of miles on that car, but 116,000km is no big deal.
    If it has the ZF transmission then there aren't any more worries than buying a 2003
    Mercedes or BMW. That being said, anything that is 6 years old is capable of
    having problems. If you have a powertrain warranty that covers engine, transmission, and rear end, then that is not a factor anyway. What you would then have to worry about is every thing else. I would always recommend a more complete warranty on
    an older luxury car if you can get it. However, this is a transmission forum and you
    answered your own question when you said it has a p/t warranty. The car itself is AWESOME!! Just get a good warranty, do all your maintenance as prescribed when due, and enjoy it. The car is a real stud. Very hard to find a car you will love as much.
    Watch out for coolant leaks, They should be taken care of instantly. Any overheating problems warrant immediate attention. Don't drive it if it starts running warm. Tow it.
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Thanks, soberguyjaguar, took your suggestions and enhanced the warranty on the car to bumper to bumper for 65,000 kms and we're keeping our fingers crossed. If the amount of fun we've had with this car so far is any indication of our future with it then any problems really won't seem too bad. Biggest consideration right now is whether or not to take the dog out in the car. Pooch always rode with us in the clunker but seems we're always leaving him behind now and he really isn't happy about that. We're really not "computer" or technology savvy people and our last few cars have been somewhat older ones so we were a bit alarmed when we had to pull off the road to read the drivers handbook on our new car to learn how to turn on the headlights. Leave it to the Brits to make things so complicated only university profs. can work them. Good heavens, it doesn't even have a simple button to zero the trip odometer. Are we having fun? When? Who knows - but we sure are sharpening up our reading skills. Happy motoring.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright CaliforniaPosts: 44,421
    Depends on pooch's habits. You can cover the back seat but if he insists on jumping up to look out the window,you are going to have a messed up/scratched up window sill, to say nothing of nose prints on the windows. And of course, dogs to while you might not notice it, others will.


  • Dear gr8cat, One of the great things about a Jaguar is that they do not have"leather" upholstery. They have full leather hides. If you had bought a lesser car car you would probably have Fileted leather. They can get as many as 6 filets of leather from one hide. The dog problem is much worse when your leather is thin and painted. With
    full hide upholstery you can take most dogs anywhere and just wipe the interior wh
    ith a damp rag to clean it up. Sharp toenails are a danger, but not nearly somuch as in a
    car with cheap upholstery. I don't take my dogs in my cars with cloth upholstery, but
    I have had no real problems in my Jag.s. No Puppies should be left alone in any car.
    Dont forget to moisturize your leather twice per year. Good hand lotion with "lanolin" is usually as good as fancy leather creams. Best of luck, Soberguy

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Thanks, Soberguy, for the leather care reminder. The pooch (Jack Russell Terrier) will have his nails clipped for sure and he's really quiet in the car. If I were a really responsible pet owner, I probably would crate him in the car but I don't think I could handle the discontent.
    I find that for cleaning leather - real leather - of everyday normal dirt- Murphy's Oil
    soap does a bang up job followed by a good rubdown with beeswax leather-fit oil. Neither of these products leave any transfer residue on the leather to ruin clothing and the beeswax keeps the leather supple and somewhat waterproof - good if there are grandkids around making spills, etc. and it also protects the leather from the sun's ultra-voilet rays - and that should help to keep the leather from drying up and cracking. Oh boy, is this cat going to be a lot of work - it's already been washed every day since we got it, vacuumed twice, dusted, and next the leather. Soon the mechanic, I suppose. We are having fun - can't believe how FAST this cat takes off - and square corners - man, my old Dodge Shadow would, ah well, no point in going there. Thanks again.
  • Yep, you're livin' the good life now. From a Dodge Shadow to an S-type-R must be
    like going to heaven. Enjoy your car. Take yours dogs with you. Be happy. Save
    your pennies. And, when the extended warranty runs out, go get a used XJ-R.
    Preferably a Vanden Plas. Of course, when your ready to trade, the new XF may
    be within your range by then. Or, you might just want a newer S-type. The XFs have
    destroyed their resale value, and we should be able to get just as good a bargain
    in 2 or three years as now. However, there are very few cars as good as the one just bought. Regardless of price, that is just about as good as automotive excellence gets. The purist who doesn't want a large car will stand a good chance of liking it better than every other sport sedan. I know that I definitely prefer a V-8
    S-Type to my '05 BMW 545i sport package. The E class Merc.s are numb, The Audi.s aren't powerful enough. Unless you count the Maserati Quatroporte, then
    you just might have the worlds best sport sedan. Life is Good!!
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I know exactly how you feel. I went from a Dodge Intrepid 2.7 to my first Jaguar. Took me a week to stop grinning. My co-pilot is a 50 pound female Bearded Collie named Tillie - who loves to go "bye-bye" in the car.

  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    Jaguar Service CD - sounds like something we need for our new used 2003 S-R - guess our local Jaguar dealer would be the best place to apply for one? We're trying to stay away from the dealership as they seem to major in screw-ups rather than repairs in most cases. Unfortunately, our "new" cat is already in hospital complaining of too many computer glitches - i.e. every possible "fault" light scrolling across the dash. I think it scared the pants off the salesman when he looked at the dash - we assured him that we had not planted a bomb in the trunk, asked him to call when the car was fixed and wished him luck. car was running fine so we figure maybe a fuse or some simple thing or maybe even some big thing but nothing mechanical. The fun begins. We'll definitely need that CD. Cheers. gr8cat ???:)
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309

    There's usually a bunch of the Jaguar Service CDs for sale on EBay - fairly cheap. I 've got one that covers the models through the 2003 model year - think I paid $20 for it a couple of years ago. Some of the internet Jag forums also list sites that'll let you download the info off the CDs free as well. I've been checking EBay periodically - looking for a CD that covers the 06 model year.

  • Just brought a 2000 Jaguar, and I'm looking for a extanded warranty company
  • gr8catgr8cat Posts: 21
    for our 2003 S Type-R we purchased a Lubrico Superior Protection Plan with the Power Equipment PLUS option.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    We cannot support posts soliciting for a class action suit. Such posts will continue to be removed.
  • I respect your response in reference to the luck of an extended warranty and the person posting in reference to being able to have the finances to repair the car. I disagree with you though about the disgruntled people posting on the site because they cannot afford to pay for the repair or bought an older model. I would guess most like myself, paid for a new transmission if needed and for the other repairs they had to have on the car. The disgruntled comes from buying a car you claim few others are as good as, for a good deal of money, and all think many years of use and the issues start to happen. I think most have done the right thing with the upkeep and scheduled maintenance as I have. So please do not blame the people posting about the various problems they are having but maybe the manufacturer who should take a little more responsibility for the car they manufacture. That old term where there is smoke there is fire rings true here because their seems to be a lot of disgruntled people posting.
  • Well, I respect your respectfull disagreement. However, older high performance cars are less dependable than newer or low performance cars. I think we are dealing with
    expectations versus reality in this case. All cars break. The only questions are what and when. If you purchased a new trans. and then it went out again in only 20,000mi.
    then that is a bad thing. Definately. The trans is one of the weak points of this particular model. Every car has something. In this car it's the trans. I wish I knew more about your driving style and the circumstances because even this trans lasts longer than 20,k mi.
    It does however have a weakness when parked on a slope. This trans developes problems when placed in park on a slope which will leave the weight of the car resting on the transmission. There are others with this problem and it can be cured by setting the parking brake before placing the trans in park. Not doing so is commonly known as hanging the car on it's transmission. We see this a lot in Oklahoma because of all the sloped driveways (it rains Hard here). If that is not your problem then I would look at the other things that can cause transmission problems which dont have anything to do with the actual transmission. I did a car recently for a customer who had constant transmission failure lights and default to limp mode. He had a bad transmission relay ($15.00) and then we found a defective speed sensor. After that he came back furious
    2 months later that his transmission was defaulting to limp mode again. He could fix it by
    pulling over and switching the engine off and waiting for 30 seconds then switching the engine back on again. He would then have full performance for about 2 days then his trans light would come back on and the car would go back in to limp mode.(3rd gear only) We pulled codes from his ECU and found that the engine was missfiring. We had reminded him repeatedly that it was past due for his new spark plugs but he had always declined because of the costs of fixing his transmission. He was always good about keeping his car clean and we found out that he had been washing his engine as well.
    The spark plug boots were 9 years old and the last time he washed his car he apparrently filled 2 of his spark plug shafts with water. When the engine computer sensed the missfires it put the car into the default/limp home mode.(3rd gear only). We
    refused to fix the car unless he caught up on his spark plug and boot and coil maintenance. That cost him almost $1000.00 dollars but it was overdue by 21,000 miles. This car has been into my shop 4 times for transmission complaints. Once,
    when it was 8 years old for a new transmission. 3 times after that for just plain age and wear that were triggering transmission defaults. He has been in twice since then for oil changes with no more complaints. The ZF transmission starting in 2003 will not go into default no matter what the engine is doing. It also lasts about twice as long as the one
    you have. However, it is not rebuildable. When it wears out, you just replace it with a new one. The parking pall in the ZF is as strong as American cars and the Parking brake now sets automatically. That doesnt, however, help you. The weaknesses endemic to your model are yours and you can learn to understand and live with them or sue. I wish i could get my hands on your car so that I could see if you really have another transmission problem. If you do, and if its not your fault, then I can certainly understand your angst. It is just so unlikely that you could put in a new transmission and then have that one go out so soon due to a factory defect that I wish I could check it more thoroughly. Its possible, definately possible, but unlikely.
  • Hey guys, forget about it. These jaguars are no good. Maybe the new ones are, but I wouldn't know. I had a 2000 3.0 s type for 2 months, the minute it started giving me tranny problems, I got rid of it. These cars are all ford. When I began to see so many people with the same complaint over and over again, It didn't take long for me to get rid of it. I had the money to fix it, but these cars are repeat offenders. Get youself a benz. I bought a 2000 c230 kompressor, no problems.
  • I agree. I think in my case, the first trans was an issue because the heat shield under the car was directly below the lines that ran the tranny fluid to the radiator to cool it and back. The lines would start to leak but the leaked fluid would lay on top of the heat shield so you would not see it until to late. And it makes sense that the fluid would be more apt to leak when the car was moving so I was told it would blow off the shield onto the road so you would not know about it. I just think because of the various issues on this specific model and certain years, jag has shown (survival business tactics is my guess) an "admit no fault" attitude until it becomes very heated and almost legal, before they even consider doing something. My point with the previous response was more to state I don't think people are posting problems and complaining because they cannot pay for the repair but more "I only would expect to get what I paid for in the first place whether new or used" thought. Jaguar set the standards by demanding the price, which again people were willing to pay if they get what is promised or expected for the amount but it seems in many cases this is not the outcome.
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