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Jaguar X-Type: New Owners Needs Some Pointers

If you're a new Jaguar X-Type owner and need some advice on operation, maintenance, etc., post your question to current X-Type owners here!


  • I was told by a Jag dealer that remote starts and not recommended to be installed in the x-type because of problems with electrical systems and starters. Has anyone heard of such problems before I have the installation done.
    I have a 2002 X-Type 3.0
  • I have just purchased my second 2004 X-type in less than 2 months. My first one was stolen, however I hope someone can give me some pointers on this problem. First I should have been paying more attention when I was making my purchase. Im having problems with the key transmitter. I have to keep reprogramming it. It will work once after I program it then not again until I go through the motions again. Got any advise? Ive checked and changed the batteries...
  • I'm not really a new owner, or a new user, but I could use some pointers. First, what would be the optimal RPM to be running the engine at? I use a manual transmission. Automatics run engines at pretty low, around like 1 or 2 thousand, but I read/heard that some engines (I believe mostly DC engines) run optimally at around 4500RPM. What is the best for the X-Type? (Both for fuel economy and engine health) Secondly, someone stole my keys!!! (I was running and didn't have any pockets so I left them in my usual safe spot which I guess wasn't so safe) Anyway, I just want to have the spare key made, I don't need the programmed remote. It's going to cost around $170. So has anyone found a cheaper solution? Thanks A lot
  • jagingtonjagington Posts: 1
    The fuse for my turn signals and hazrd lights keeps blowing. The manual says the correct ampage is 15, so why do the fuses keep blowing? Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone have a solution?
  • jcm57jcm57 Posts: 7
    Hi all:
    I just purchased a 2004 X-type, 6 cyl, auto, 23,000 miles. I have been reading some reviews and blogs (unfortunately, AFTER I bought the car) and am absolutely terrified that I just bought a lemon. I am reading horror stories about how mechanically crummy these cars are, very expensive to maintain, things always breaking down. What suggestions fo you all have for an extended warranty plan? Are those cars dogs?
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Have had 2 of them. My first was an 03, and, now an 06. Mechanically the cars have been bulletproof. Between the two of them I've run up about 60K miles. Sevice costs - on your 04 - I believe the 10K service intervals are free through 40K miles. Check with your dealer. After that, using the dealer for routine service is pricey, same as any other car in this class. If you want to sleep better, talk to your local Jag dealer about extending the factory warranty to 100K miles. Jag's extended warranty is one of the best, and, they have a number of deductable amouts to choose from. If you want to buy one of Jag's extended waranty packages, you have to do it before your original warranty runs out. I did it when I purchased my 06 new - extended the warranty to 7 years - 100K miles. Have seen some of the blogs and reviews as well - have found most of them to be pure fertilizer.

  • jcm57jcm57 Posts: 7
    Thank you for your response. For my own piece of mind, I will get an extended warranty. Now, just figuring which one! I did not buy the car at the Jaguar dealership, but that shouldn't prevent me from purchasing an the extended warranty from them? Thanks again.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    Happy to be of help. In addition to shopping your local dealer for one of the factory extended warranty packages, you might contact Bergen Jaguar in New Jersey as well. I believe they sell the factory warranty packages via the internet at a discount. Yes - your car should still be under its original factory warranty if it has less than 50K miles on it. Your local dealer can advise you of its original in service date, service history, etc. and help you decide which package is right for you. I went with the $100 deductable because I'm a pretty fair shade tree mechanic and can handle minor stuff myself.

  • can anyone help/advise, my 54plate engine has an awful noise noticable on idle. . ive sent it back 4 times and they changed different bits but no cure. i recently had a crash and it got declared uneconomical repair. and cat C. so i bought it back and off ebay got 2 doors a wing a headlight sill cover, a bonnet ,. and bought from jaguars bottom wishbone a hub assembly front shock. quite cheaply . so for £2,000 it will be back on the road .after a vic check. ive had the car over 2 years. whilst i had it jacked up doing the suspension i ran the engine and saw the crank pully was out of ballance and the belt flapping and thus making the awfull vibration noise that the dealer was unable to fix. i spoke to the dealer and they tell me that the warranty has ended because the car had an accident is this true . the dealers have lied to me and tried to con me for years and we recon that if bullsh-- could fly theyd be astanauts. can anyone advise regards the warranty issue, and how to cure the crank pully (change it ,) the car cost me 20,000 and depreciated rapidly ,glad i took out the gap insurance , clearedenough to repair car and few hundred left over. it did take 9 weeks of hassle getting the payment. so im going to keep the car once finished. thanks for any help.
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    I suggest you call the factory support number, or, e-mail them, and ask them about the warranty. Then you'll find out if you dealer is being truthful.

  • MrShift@EdmundsMrShift@Edmunds Posts: 43,636
    yes if a car is declared salvaged then you have no more warranty.
  • betmendbetmend Posts: 1
    Just bought my 04 AWD x-type (15,600 miles)through Carmax, and bought their extended warranty (additional 5 years from manufacturer's) Have I set myself up to a world of trouble? Dcouments say a $75 deductible if serviced at a Jag dealership or $50 if I service through Carmax. Love the car, but just want to know what I should be looking at for the future.

    Thanks, betmend
  • oldcemoldcem Posts: 309
    First of all - check with the Jag Dealer. You should have some remaining factory warranty and free service available on your vehicle through Jag. I've owned 2 X Types, an 03 2.5 automatic, and, now, an 06 3.0 automatic. Both have given me excellent service - just don't let Bozo the clown service it for you. I change the oil and filter at 5K intervals - twice as often as the owners manual reccomends. Use good oil ( I use Castrol GTX) and decent filters. Treat and service the car well and it should be very reliable, and, very enjoyable to drive. Feed it a steady diet of premium gas to maximize performance, fuel economy, and engine life.

    Hope this helps:
  • I have an 04 x-type and wish to lower my rear suspensions. The front is fine. Can someone please make recommendations on the following? I need to hear from people who had previous experience on this aspect.
    1. is it advisable to buy a lowering kit, which is pricey, for my jag or buy a lowering block?
    2. what is one the best brand name of parts I can buy in the market for a lowering kit and/or a lowering block and where can I purchase them?
    3. please provide insights on the pros and cons of installing one.
  • One thing you must keep in mind about lowering is that you can only lower a certain small amount before you also have to change out your struts/shocks so as to prevent a very harsh ride and destruction of your stock struts. It may be that the lowering kit you are talking about includes new, more compliant struts that can cope with the lowered ride height--and this is why it's expensive.

    So you get what you pay my opinion, if you lower more than 1 & 1/2 inches without changing to the proper struts, you are asking for trouble.
  • I bought an 03 x-type loved the car but the ride is the worst i ever had if i ride over a dime in the road i feel it what can i do? and those darn air vents that keeps popping up
  • Are you running completely stock tires?
  • Meaning what?. I was thinking to just get new shocks coming from a BMW 740i i really hate the ride on this thing
  • will new tires solve problem and what brand you recommend.
  • Has anyone notice that your manual recommend that no more than 4% ethonal should be used but the lowest available is 10%
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