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Jaguar XJ Transmission Questions



  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    I have a 2000 XJ8. Even though I drained the transmissioon at 70,000 miles and refilled it, 4,000 miles later, transmission fault light came on, while it banged into gear out of park. Then hardly any power when trying to drive it. That's because in limp mode the car only has 4th and 5th gear. New rebuilt transmission out of south san francisco has some updated parts that won't fail like my old 2000 tranny. Cost $3,800. for the trans. Without any labor costs. Comes prefilled with sealed in fluid.
    Had to also get a gear box too, as after new trans. was put in, mech. noticed the shifter didn't really fall into each gear nice and tight. I had noticed that too. Finally, the bill with oil change was over 6,000. A big decision to do it, but as soon as I drove the car, it was wonderful. Big difference. I bought the car used last June for a great deal. $9000. with 64,000 miles on it. Don't wait forever to get a tuneup, and when they do, ask to have the timing chains checked and compression. When ever timing chains are repaired, or changed, get a new water pump. Anytime after 70,000 miles is a good time to start thinking about timing chains. Not cheap, but very serious. Ask if any leaks around valve covers. My ABS sensor also comes on, telling me I don't have traction control...comes on when it feels like it. Brakes are ok. How's your car running at idle? Feel just a little like it's gonna need at least one plug changed pretty soon? Mine seems to feel like that. Maybe it's in need of an air filter, and a carb cleaning, or adjustment, and not just plugs. Change your oil a lot, as it will cut down risk of clogging your screen...also, lift the lid, and on the drivers side, take a look at any rubber hoses on the left to see if they are starting to crack. One inch thick hose.....I love my car....silver with just a touch of red in it, and black interior with the wood. It never ceases to please me. san francisco is a great town for jag service.
  • myeramyera Posts: 2
    I have just bought a 1998 Vanden Plas with 98K miles. I noticed the "transmission fault light" came on as I pulled up at home. I am not quite sure how to deal with this as I do not have any prior experience with Jags. One thing is obvious - I need to get to a mechanic. Please I will appreciate any advise from experience Jaguar owners. I will also appreciate recommendation on good jaguar mechanics in the NJ area.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • myeramyera Posts: 2
    Any luck with researching with using a different transmission?
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    using different tranny...You gotta remember that a jag computer is hooked up to the jag tranny...and good thing it is...So, I doubt that you can put another one in and have the computer be happy.
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    Tranny work is guaranteed for around a year. IF you get a new rebuilt one, ask about whether or not the trouble with the old one has been updated or not in the rebuilt one with better parts, etc. Also, the coupling for the trans to the engine was replaced on mine, and it just failed...New one put in free last week, Coupling lasted me two months.!!! You may or may not need a gear box also, if it is sloppy. Sorry, can't help you with new jersey....But look for British motors repair before hitting something else.
    Hope you got a decent 10 grand or so price for the car, as I bet you will need to spend about another 5 - 6 grand in the next two weeks.
  • huvehuve Posts: 2
    My light has not come one. I have a 2002 VDP with 59,000 miles. It seems to downshift on its own once in awhile. The last two times car shook violently and made a loud noise. Otherwise it runs leaks whatsoever. Could it be the solenoids? Should I have it diagnosed by Jag dealer?

    What atf can use besides the expensive dealer fluid? How much does it take?

    What is the name and number of the South SF tranny place? I live in Santa cruz..

    All help is greatly appreciated?

  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    I'm a real amateur at this..but don't wait for answers here...Take it in. of your plugs is going bad, or, maybe oild isn't getting up into the engine due to a clog in the line that goes down into your pan...maybe the coupling to the tranny is starting to wear out...or the tranny fluid is low...or the tranny is going....
    THis year I replaced my transmission, the shifting assembly, also the coupler from the engine to the trans. GET this the new coupler lasted 30 days...I started feeling a roughness at certain higher speeds....I knew something was wrong..didn't wait, and a new coupler was put in for free, as I got a warranty for a year for all the stuff.
    So, check your trans...linkage,
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    The south city trans place is not a repair place. I got to John's Jag service on Valencia St. between 18th and 19th, I believe...740 Valencia 415-829 8480
  • huvehuve Posts: 2
    The verdict unfortunately is in. Went to change
    the fluids (almost 60,000 miles) what we found out fluid was
    greenish (from what I understand this this is the expensive
    stuff) but it had a bronze residue to it. The magnets had
    metal shavings to it (which is expected) but the bronze
    large deposits in the pan are a sign of thrust washers
    (according to my mechanic).
    Soooo now for a course of action:
    1. Getting prices from bay area jag places for rebuilt
    tranny (trading my in as a core)
    2. Bringing in my tranny and have mine rebuilt

    As I see it I need to find out cost and LENGTH OF WARRANTY.

    My mechanic will charge me about $400 (6 to 8 hours) of
    labor for removing and replacing it once it is rebuilt. He
    replaced head gaskets on my '95 xj6 (for about $600) and it
    is running great.

    One of the quotes we're getting tomorrow is from my mechanic
    that services the other family cars who works for AAMCO.
    They have a lifetime warranty (also 90 days, 36 months,
    etc). So the big question is how much this lifetime warranty
    will cost, how much a 36 month will cost compared to shop
    that specialize on jags (mercedes, bmws, etc) warranty and

    The jag dealer wants $7,500.

    I would like to hear everyones idea on the above.

    I'll get back to you when the quotes come.

    This is a big set back but when I'm on the open road with
    this baby ('02 VDP) comparison to any other car!
  • Have 1998 XJ8 - since the car was new, the transmission would not shift going up a hill until the crest of the hill. At the time, I was told that was normal.

    Car has 99,000 miles, has been serviced always, but lately, and not always, the car will have a delayed shift as if it was going up a hill. It is better when the engine and transmission is warmed up, but still happens some time.

    My mechanic cleared the codes, and it was better for a while, but it happening again.

    Any thoughts?
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    My 2000 XJ8 shifts when going up a hill. But usually the case is that it shifts down. And we have some mothers here in S.F.(hills)
    My transmission lasted till 72,000. I also needed to have my shifter assembly changed, as it started to get a loose grab..(noticed at the same time) I was bummed about doing it, since I bought the car used and it went out after one year...but then I realized I paid 9000 for the car with 63,000 miles on it, and if I (try to sell a car with a bad tranny) sold it and got another used car...I had no guarantee on it's transmission. So, I bit, and one forgets, that as soon as the money is really don't think about it, and now I have a brand new transmission, with a guarantee...and I'm driving a gorgeous titanium jag with a black interior. Now I use the auto speed thing when I get on the freeway, set it and forget it....saves tickets, my unusually sensitive foot, saves gas. Great habit to get into. When I go on a big rise on the freeway, though I notice that it's more efficient for me to get out of auto speed, (or whatever it's called) as the tach shows too high revs on the hill climb, but drops down to 2 or less when I go back to using my foot on the gas. At 100,000 miles one is supposed to change plugs on a 2000, and when they change them, they are supposed to look at the chains.
    By the way, when a 2000 XJ8 trans. starts to go, it moves into a special zone...I believe it's the third gear called something like limp home mode. The trans light will come on, or probably just the check engine light. Good luck...I say, change your transmission...or get a 2000.
  • Thanks for the information - maybe I should upgrade to a newer model. Except had the whole front end redone for lots of money, and so I am indebted to the car. Plus we like it. My problem is the oposite of what you described - it does not shift going up hill, but it never did that anyhow. My bigger concern is the delayed shifting - it sometimes holds a gear before shifting, and if you take your foot off the gas to get it to shift, it just slows down, but does not shift. However, it does not happen all the time.

    So my question is - does clearing the codes really help, and does this type of shifting problem mean the transmission is going?
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    I think it's either the shifting mechanism or the transmission or both.
    At your mileage, it's to be expected. You should only be using a jag mechanic.
  • Hi, Digital girl here, did you find a good jaguar mechanic? I am looking for one myself. Have 1994 xjs-6. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  • MY 98 xj8 does not shift into 4 or 5th ( higher than 3rd). In drive, it runs through 1St 2 nd and 3rd, then at 2200 rps it disengages and the trans fault lights up. If I start on the other side of the j gate in 3rd its stays engaged. 4th is the same as drive. The ASC light has been on since way before this problem started.

    Im so close!! Anybody out there that can help? Thank You.
  • waitswaits Posts: 17
    Jeez Chriiiis...take the car in before you hurt somebody. In regards to the ASC light...some guy on the web replaced his throttle body and the light never came on again. I have no idea what a throttle body is, but I do know that British Motors wants about two grand to replace the computer for the ASC. I have the same problem..light comes on when it feels like it. ALways fun to drive a beta car, isn't it?
    andre in S.F
  • I have a 2004 XJ8. When shifting from Drive to Park (brake pedal depressed), the shifter moved into park but the transmission went to reverse. The shift lever will not move out of park, but the car would drive backwards with the break released. Shut the car off, now it won't start. The shifter stays in Park, but the car will roll when the brake is off. With the ignition on, the shift indicator shows reverse and the back-up lights are on. Roadside assistance suggested letting it sit for 20 minutes to see if it would reset, didn't work. I hate taking anything to the shop. Any suggestions?
  • Sounds like your mechanical linkage is loose. Try this: on the gear indicator for the j gate there is a plug with a star indent on it up by park. unscrew that plug, below it is a latch that keeps the car in park-or the shift lever in park. get a skinney driver put it down that hole and push down to release the park lock. Move the shifter to neutral and start the car. If you need to move it do it now, using 4th or 3rd. on the j gate.

    when you get some where safe, take the shift indicator off. facing first, then shift indicator. You will need to put the car in neutral with the emergency brake one. to get these parts off but its simple to do-take your time. Get a strong light, look on the passanger side of the center counsole for the actual shifter cable: is it intact? firmly in place? You could shift into what would be park to see what happens. I'll guess that you have a broken neutral or rotary switch. Both are easy to replace.
    Let me know.
  • Thanks. I finally found some time to work on the problem, and you were right about the mechanical linkage being loose. I was able to get the console apart far enough to check the cable, and it looked fine. I then got under the car to look at the other end of the cable and found that one of the 2 bolts holding the cable bracket to the transmission was missing, and the other was loose. A new 8mm bolt and a few drops of locktight and I am back in business. Thanks again.
  • Good for you! How much would that have cost at a dealer? $2K minimum. Congratulations
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