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Jaguar XJ Transmission Questions



  • five10five10 Posts: 1
    My XJS leaks transmission fluid. I took it to be checked out and was told that in addition to that problem, the engine leaks/burns oil and that the best thing to do would be to replace the engine which is not an option because I do not have the money to get that work done. At this point, the best I can do is keep my eye on the fluid levels and keep them topped off until the engine blows. I know where to check the tranny fluid but can't see where to top it off. Can you tell me where? I don't know anything abt cars so please keep it simple for me. thanks!
  • adobian1adobian1 Posts: 4
    Hello everyone,

    I am about to buy a Jaguar 2000 XJ8. I have a few questions:

    Does every single one XJ8 experience transmission failure that requires a rebuild? Should I expect to spend $3000 every 50000 miles for a rebuild? Thanks.
  • adobian1adobian1 Posts: 4
    It seems as though the XJ8 from 1998 to 2000 all of them experience transmission failures or engine failures or both, and many cases multiple recurrences.

    So if I buy a $2000 XJ8 from those years now, I probably expect to get about 10000 miles of trouble free driving and after that it would be $10000+ in repair to fix problems, rebuilding transmission and rebuilding engine must be accounted for (in some cases several times)
  • kjpesqkjpesq Posts: 2
    I had a 2004 XJ8 with 32,000 miles on it (I only put 10K miles on myself) when it needed a rebuild. I've read and heard from local people that parts have been so hard to come by (Jaguar or Jaguar-approved) that the parts actually used for the rebuild may not be all that reliable. In any event, I unloaded the car, as much as I loved it.
  • art18art18 Posts: 2
    I have a 1995 XJ12 which I have had since '98. Over the past four years I have had it in the shop numerous times for transmission failure. Although the transmission is the original heavy duty (GM), the electronics are extensive, complicated and prone to periodic failure. Since Jag has changed hands twice since I bought the car and the company is now part of Tata motors of India I am not that optimistic about future parts availability except from the auto salvage dealers
  • MJL0713MJL0713 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my jag. Is there a part number for the 8mm bolt or will any do?
  • twodogs66twodogs66 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I don't live anywhere near Johns Jaguar nor Calif. for that matter. I read wonderful things about Johns but hardly anyone posts WHAT THEY DID to fix the problem. Please, next time find out what the exact problem was before posting. (I'm trying to diagnose my own) Thanks.
    Went to Just Answer to get a mechanics opinion about my 2000 XJ8, they billed my credit card $40 then said my email was already on file (never been on that site before) and didn't match the password-they reset the password and when I tried to use it .I got the same message. Never did get an answer but, owe Visa $40 for the 'visit'.
  • Why did you have 20 jags in 8 years?!
  • OME_OMYOME_OMY Posts: 12
    With regard to Jaguar transmissions...clunking, not working properly in many ways, transmission warning light coming on dashboard lights, and all that..... My recommendation is to have your transmission mounts checked by any very good mechanic to see if they show signs of needing to be replaced. Then, REPLACE those transmission mounts. Many problems disappear on older Jaguars. In my particular case, I have replaced the motor mounts and the transmission mounts. I also replaced the round rubber/metal transition part on the drive shaft between the engine and transmission. I have had my XJ6 for 9 years and have slowly built it up to what might be thought of as a new 1994XJ6. Not only mechanically, but for looks and function in other areas, such as new leather on the seating, a $4000 paint job, and that sort of thing. All original Jaguar Parts so far. But, all that said, there is always something else to fix or do. And, as many, I love mine too.
  • magicthmagicth Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 XJR with 67000 miles on it. Bought it new. This has been a fabulous automobile.

    The transmission has always leaked a very tiny amount of fluid, but it's working fine. Right now I think it needs some tranny fluid and the brilliant engineers at Jag have made it very difficult to check the fluid (stupid move Jag).

    I have had only one other front suspension issue that was warrantied long after the warranty expired.
  • Need to know if you felt the transmission go or it just happen out of the blue? Can you read the computer to out to find out what the fault in the gear box is? Try to understand what is going on with this car.
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