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Jaguar XJ-Series Electrical Glitches



  • don
    PLEASE tell me that you found the (an) answer to this problem with the blowers. I have the exact problem just as you described it and as a result I have no a/c in my 1990 Jaguar xj6. Local dealer is no help and wants a fortune to just diagnose the problem.
  • I am having the same problems w/ my 2000 XJ8. Did you ever get this resolved? Mine has been in the shop for 3 wks now, in and out...mostly in. I started out just trying to get the module fixed in the rt rear door so the window would work. What a nightmare this has been.

    My problems are: 1. The ignition switch does not activate . 2. Seat does not automatically adjust to set position when car is cranked. 3. Doors lock and then immediately unlock when the plunger is pressed. To lock doors, it is necessary to use the key or the FOB.

    This guy only has a few hours left before I hang him from the highest tree. Thanks for you help.
  • Hi
    I did work out my problems, I change the front right door module. This module is the main brain for all of those items. Was a bit costly, over $300.00, easy to change. Make sure you get one with the right code the dealer can not reprogram the module. The code can be found on a sticker under the trunk matt on thr lift side, it will start with DDM ######## and don't buy a use one I tried that and just wasted money. Hope this works out sounds like the same problems I was having
  • deadjagdeadjag Posts: 8
    My problem turned out to be a bad battery which I replaced. I had tested the battery voltage which was OK but the amperage was not enough to turn the starter. (IThe battery was original equipment so I should have known!) In the process of finding this out someone told me how to reset the computer. Don't know if this would help you but apparently if you remove the black (negative) connection strap from the battery for 10 minutes, then reconnect, it will reset the computer. Good luck.
  • Just replaced a module in the back rt rear door and I'm moduled out! Sheesh! If I do it is it a tough job?

    Will the battery cause everything to go fritz on the car...?
    1) doors won't lock when pushed down
    2) interior lights stayed on
    3) seat won't set properly
    4) **and it won't start...

    Also, mechanic replaced the back door module w/ a used part that he swore would work. This guys been there for 26 years and I thought he might know what he was talking about.

    Thanks, guys...I'm about to lose my rosy disposition over this.
  • Four years ago, had a starting problem on this one. Would not start unless starting amps were topped out with a booster. Soln: cleaned oil from ignition module, replaced coil and distributor. No problem last four years.

    Now, same problem again. Cleaning module did not solve problem this time. Questi
    on:::: should I replace the module??? coil??? other???

    Other info: Starter turns over engine briskly. "Occasionally" I can get it star†ed by topping out the battery charge, and putting a battery booster on it, about 1 in 4 attempts. Runs great once started. (Until next attempt to start). Comments appreciated.
  • I have a 1998 XJ8L and love the way it looks - I just wish I could drive it. It won't start. My mechanic (not a Jag expert, but honest and good with cars generally) has been trying to figure it out, and is close to concluding the GEM module needs to be replaced at a Jaguar dealer, with a likely cost in the THOUSANDS of dollars. I only paid $6,500 for the car a year ago.

    When I said it won't start - everything lights up when the ignition is switched on, but when I turn the key all the way, nothing happens. I mean nothing. No sound at all, no engine turning over, no starter sounds, not even any clicking of relays. Absolute silence. Is it the GEM? Will it cost thousands of dollars? Can't we just cross a wire somewhere and bypass all this electronic crap?
  • Mine is a 99 XJ8. My starting problem turned out to be the battery. I had tested it with a meter and it had about 12 volts so I moved onto other problems, wasting time and money. Problem was that, although the voltage was OK, the amperage wasn't enough to crank the starter. If you have an original Jaguar battery (white color) and it's more than 3-4 years old, it's probably shot. Another possibility is the computer needs to be reset which can be done by removing the + battery strap for 15 minutes then reconnecting it. Good luck.

  • Good advice. Unless you "load test" a battery, just measuring voltage at rest doesn't tell you much about it's condition. And that's true, most batteries are pretty tired after 4 years of use. Some go longer but on average 4-5 years is plenty for optimum performance.
  • Thanks to both you and Mr. Shiftright for the responses. The battery had died back in February. That was weird. The engine would turn over and over, but never start. We thought maybe it was a fuel pump problem! But it was just the weak battery. Replaced it and everything was fine. For a while after that, I would try to start it and nothing would happen. Then I could switch it off, immediately try it again, and it would start right up. Or sometimes I would have to turn the key off and on two or three times before it would finally crank. That's what made me think it was some sort of simple relay switch problem. Obviously, the last time it happened, turning it off and on didn't work after trying it 20-30 times.

    It will be interesting to try disconnecting the battery though and let the computer reset. Thanks for that one.
  • I turned the key on and motor does not turn over. I had to pull fuse on windshield wiper because would not turn off. any ideas? Thanks Doug
  • I would put the fuse back in to see if the wiper starts. Could be as simple as a bad battery caused by a short or ground in the wiper assembly/motor. This might have continued to discharge the battery even though the wiper stopped when the fuse was pulled. If this were true, it may have discharged the battery below its ability to crank the engine. If the battery is relatively new, should be able to jumpstart after letting it charge up for awhile. But, if the cause is a short or ground, that would have to be eliminated. Good luck.
  • Jem40Jem40 Posts: 1
    yes stupid me put in new battery and it was configed different from the the old one and in one second poof sparks and i disconnected it, now car won't turn over, headlights won't work,right side windows won't operate.
    This a '93 xj6 VP

    Anything some can shed light on to check?

    Jim :(
  • I expect you've either blown some fuses, damaged the new battery or both. I personally would disconnect the battery and use a second vehicle and try to jumpstart it. Carefully connect positive to positive and negative to negative without the new battery in the circuit at all -- make sure the jumper connectors are separated and don't touch each other. If that starts the car, then the new battery is either discharged or damaged. You might also then assess whether the lights work or not. Then you could try to recharge the new battery -- it it doesn't recharge, it might be damaged.
  • Just replace a driver's side exterior door handle done by a local jag mechanic.
    Now the window on the driver's side not working. Mechanic said he worked trying to get the window to work but no luck...wants me to purchase a new motor for the window. The window worked fine until the new handle was put on.
    Just read on another forum where someone else had the same problem but there is no response to this issue. Any ideas out there? Would dearly appreciate your information!
  • Driving down road and tail lights start flashing, headlites go off, "tick tock" sound starts,windows won't work, "low windshield fluid" message, emergency flashers won't work. If I pull over and turn off car it will not start back up. Starter won't engage and shifter won't come out of park. If I let it set 10 min or so all is ok. Ideas?
  • My Jaguar is a 1994 XJ6. It would not start one day so I had it taken to the dealer. After $1000 they said it was fixed. (bad wire in the harness they said) Got the car home and it would not start. Cranks but no juice to coil or distributor. They will not fix the problem without charging more. Help.
  • Hello, anyone have any ideas on this subject. I have an 2006 XJ8, the windows work as long as the head lights are not on. They will not go up or down when the head light switch is in auto or in normal mode. Took to the local dealer and they have no idea, they did have a wiring diagram but the mechanic couldn't figure it out.
  • I'd check the alternator output when every one of the car's accessories is on, to see how the alternator is handling high demand.
  • i'm thinking of buying a 1984 xj6, but it has no brake lights working. is this an easy fix or is it headache waiting to happen. i've heard about electrical issues on other years, but i can't seem to find any for the 1984!
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