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Pontiac Sunfire Headlights

My girlfriend has a 2000 Sunfire and the lights are terrible. We drive with the high beams on all the time and still can't see 15 feet in front of the car. It's getting dangerous, especially in the rain. Does anyone else have this problem with their Sunfires and what do I do to fix it? I'm not sure if the lights are getting dimmer, or if I just need to adjust head lights.
How do I adjust the headlights?

Thanks in advance


  • rdk1rdk1 Posts: 1
    Everyone thinks my headlights are on high, but they aren't. Constantly get flashed, even by semi trucks??? Help!!!!
  • peaches9peaches9 Posts: 1
    I own 2003 pontiac sunfire my headlight both went out yesterday i replaced the bulbs and still nothing all the other lights work fine any ideas on what may be wrong????
  • woof_indywoof_indy Posts: 1
    i have a 96 sunfire and the headlights were all 'foggy' looking. it was hard to see. i went to autozone and bought a kit that has adhesive pads and a bit for a home drill. you attach the pad and mount this on the drill and buff the lenses. it really works !!!!! it cost me about $12 for 6 pads [all in the kit]. be sure to read the directions [ i dont have the name for the company right here, but can retrive it if you need it] . just ask the counter guy. it really works
  • laxking17laxking17 Posts: 4
    did you think to check your fuses? 90% of the time when 2 things stop working at the same time its a fuse.
  • laxking17laxking17 Posts: 4
    two options A)diagnose wether to buy new light bulbs/fuses/wires B)buy either a halogen bulb kit or an LED bulb kit and you will never have problems again with brightness.
  • check below the battery tray their is a connector that may have a bad connection from battery acid.
  • Even though they may not be burned out, the bulbs turn black over time. Try new bulbs. Also get a plastic polish and clean the lens. You may need to get them aimed.
  • The "turn signal/dimmer multifunction switch on the steering column is probably the problem. Usually the brights continue working.
  • I have a 2000 Sun fire Convertible and last week when i started it up the headlights flashed, and its been doing it every time i start it up now. I wish i knew what was going on. this car has had nothing but electric problems since day one. i wish they would of had some recalls on it. does anybody know what it can be or had this same problem,
  • slawekoslaweko Posts: 1
    How to change low/high beam bulb in Pontiac Sunfire 2002? Thanks
  • how do i change sunfire 99 headlights????? can anyone help pleassssseeee! :sick:
  • '98 Convertible 2.4L

    The headlights no longer come on when I turn them on. The reduced beam comes on when I put the car in gear, and the high beams come on when I pull on the wand, but go back off when I release the wand.

    Have checked the two fuses marked headlights inside the car, and all fuses under the hood. And, I work nights, so really need the headlights.

    Anyone got any ideas?

  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Hope you mean the headlight bulbs and not the entire headlight set. If it's the bulb then (At least on my '96 this is the procedure):
    Turn off car.
    Pop the hood.
    Remove enough of the the long black plastic covering that stretches across both headlights (It unscrews or requires the removal of plastic, breakable plugs) so you can get your hand underneath.
    Remove the next cover.
    Reach underneath, to the back of the headlight, and unscrew the nob holding the headlight in place.
    Disconnect the headlight bulb, put in a new bulb, and screw it back in.
    Try to aim the headlight as well as you can by pointing it at a wall.

    Try putting the plastic covers back on. You should be OK as long as it's still attached.
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Have you tried replacing the bulbs? That's the cheap thing to do first.

    Owner of a bright red 1996 convertible, 2.4L, and 5-speed.
    Today a woman at work told me how much she liked my car.

    Go Seminoles!
  • The bulbs work, at least on high beam when I pull on the wand and hold it. But they don't work the rest of the time.
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    If I remember right, when I replaced my bulbs the high-beams and day-time running lights still functioned while my low beams did not. Two bulbs later and I was back in business...and yes, when one bulb dies the other usually goes within a week.
  • slackermanslackerman Posts: 43
    Did replacing the bulbs work?
  • No. The bulbs worked all the time.

    Had to change the headlight switch. About $180, if I recall.

  • My 2003 Sunfire headlights also started flashing. One of the headlights no longer work. The flashing seems to be a warning that a light is out.
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