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Subaru Impreza Transmission Problems



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 27,671
    Yeah... sounds like a clutch issue to me, too..

    I wouldn't drive it that way... If it is just the clutch, and the transmission is okay, you sure don't want to damage the transmission... that would add mega-bucks to the repair...

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  • jphanjphan Posts: 1
    Were you able to solve this problem? I have same or similar problem. Was wondering what you did to fix.
  • phxmotorphxmotor Posts: 9
    This is why I never opened a shop of my own. So many shops just can't tell the truth. It's maddening and sad that so many shops knowingly mislead people just for the fun of it.They just can't help themselves. And why not, it's so easy to do. Heck; half of the driving public (no; it's more like 75%) can't change their own tire and go to bed every night thinking only a "shop" can read a code reader.
    It's fun to diagnose car related things, and it just isn't all that hard to do. I'm at a loss to see how many people are just ripe for the plucking. But after reading one posting like this after another I'm going to have to start avoiding this activity. It's not fun anymore. It just convinces me how lame and guilable many people are. Kinda like our legisltive uberclass. They sure act like they are worthy of respect and trust, but in reality...
  • how hard is it to rebuild a auotmatic transmission for a 05 subaru impreza rs 2.5
  • took car out today on a long trip, noticed abs light on at traffic light, shut car off and restarted light was out, 30-40 miles down the road it started vibrating then stopped then did it again then stopped. I pulled of off the highway and the trans started to slip pretty good. Pulled into a lot and noticed the A/T trans light was on, the ABS light was on, the cruise control light was flashing. I checked the trans fluid and it seems to be dark and a little foamy but the level isn't low. Let the car sit and cool down completely. It slipped as I backed out of the spot but other wise seemed ok going back home till I got back of the highway and to my first traffic light. The trans slipped bad in first gear and just a little in 2nd gear. Then the lights came back on and the engine revs but car will not move. anyone experience this? its an 09 Impreza with 98k on it, never changed the fluid and I dont think it will help now
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Don't sell your car short.... a flush is a LOT cheaper than a new transmission! While it is possible that irreparable damage is done, try cleaning out the badly sheared fluid, remove the varnish on the clutch plates and other channels and surfaces, and just see what you see in terms of results. I had some luck with Lucas transmission oil in a badly worn AT a while back.

    It's been nearly a month since your post, though. How are things now and what have you done in the interim?
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