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Subaru Impreza Brake Questions



  • Corrections... the car is 2008 Impreza 2.5i and the cruise control does not work when the ABS and VDC warning lights go on (I said off above). The restart works like a reboot in Windows... clears up the problem(until the next time). I hope its just a software error that is fixed by an update to the code applied by the service computer.

    Stay tuned for an update.
  • Subaru service in Milford CT ordered a brake sensor today... stay tuned will report after its installed and see if the warning light problem is solved.
  • Sorry about your problem but somewhat relieved we weren't doing something wrong. The dealer; Goldstein Subaru Albany, NY, did replace a part and to date, we haven't had a reoccurrence of the problem. I'll include the error code and part changed in a message tomorrow.
  • Update on service performed by Goldstein Subaru: The comment section says "replaced VDC control module". The system error code was COO54. The parts and labor section as listed straight from the invoice:

    1 27595FG010 ECU REPAIR VDC C0U4

    Hope this helps
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    I've always had good luck with repairs at Goldstein.

  • After the diagnostic visit for the problem I have not had a recurrence. I returned for a part replacement, and in my case Dan Perkins Subaru chose to replace a brake light switch:
    1 83311FG010 Switch
    308151 Stop Light Switch R&R

    I will report after a few months if this did the job. I did send the Service Manager the fixes done by Goldstein for the same problem, but they chose to replace the switch.

    If anyone has a similar problem feel free to call me on the number in one of my replys above.

    Thanks, Sol Briks
  • On Nov. 30, 2007, I took possession of my brand new 2008 Subaru Impreza, 2.5i sedan (premium package, 5M) and starting at about 400 km, the warning lights appeared and the VDC, ABS, and hill holder functions were disengaged. Restarting the car cleared the warning lights until the next time it happened. When I initially took the car in, there were no diagnostic codes that could be pulled, so the service dept. couldn't do anything. I was told to bring the car in when the warning lights were on. After two weeks of driving with this annoying problem (each time the warning lights come on, I pull out of traffic and restart the car), the lights finally came on while the dealership was open. They pulled some codes from the car because I didn't turn the car off.

    The first fix was to change out a control unit of some sort - I think it was the VDC control module. That fix resulted in the warning lights coming on more frequently, making the car virtually undriveable. After only 2 1/2 months, my car is in the dealership for the third time (and it's been there now for the past 2 weeks) and they will be changing out the brake switch. I'm hoping this will do the trick, but I won't get a call back from the dealership until tomorrow (all things going well, and so far they haven't). Even then I won't know if the problem is fixed until I drive my car for an extended period of time without the warning lights coming on.

    This is my first Subaru and it's looking as if it will be my last. The only reason I purchased this particular car was for its safety and reliability ratings. How frustrating that it's the safety systems that have proven to be highly unreliable. I could've spent much less money on any number of cars that don't work.

    I was told by the dealership here in Winnipeg that there are two Impreza's in Winnipeg with this problem. I believe there will be more Imprezas reporting this problem as sales increase and as people put miles on them.

    I would very much appreciate knowing if the brake switch replacement worked.

  • Hi, I had the same problem.. read Post #28. The problem was solved with the brake switch being replaced. It has not reccured since it was repaired. I love my first Subaru and plan to own many more.

    Sol Briks
  • Thanks for your post #30. I'm hoping that will do the trick on mine as well. When I picked up my car from the dealership after they changed out the brake switch, the red light that appears around the ignition was flashing and not fading out as it should. This turns out to be way too distracting while driving at night. I'm hoping that this will be a quick fix, but it results in yet another trip to the service department today. (But I did drive for an entire day so far without the VDC, ABS, and hill holder warning lights coming on.)

    When my car is working, it is fantastic to drive. Given my experience, I don't have the confidence that when I turn it on it will work. I'm hoping that I just got off to a rocky start with this car and the flashing ignition light is the last repair. I'll know in a year from now whether or not I'd purchase another Subaru. At this point, the fun factor has not exceeded the time, inconvenience and aggravation of the repairs.

    Thanks again for responding with your message. I'll post again in a month if the brake switch did the trick. I'll post again sooner if it didn't!

  • I'm pleased to say that the replacement brake switch seems to have fixed my problem with the VDC, ABS, and hill holder warning lights coming on. The service department at the dealership found that the original brake switch was in fact broken.

    I've been driving my Impreza for almost a month now without the warning lights coming on. It's been great (and I'm knocking on wood as I type this). The Impreza is certainly a terrific car to drive, especially during less-than-ideal winter driving conditions. I'm hoping that future trips to the service department are few and far between and involve only routine maintenance.

  • I am having the same problems with regard to the warning lights.

    Was it the brake switch light or the VDC control module that fixed the problem?

    I am bringing the car in for service on 04/12/08 should I tell the service department about the solution mentioned in your post.

    Thank you

  • Please do mention it.. in my case I told them it may be the VDC module.. they told me its a defective break switch.. and it did the job...

    Now I am dealing with thin and fragile paint.. hope the fix is simple.. somehow I think I got a lemon. Have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow.. stay tuned..

    I have a dark gray color.. 2008 Impreza sedan.. bought in November.

  • impreza2008impreza2008 Posts: 30
    After a couple of months the brake switch problem returned tonight.. right after I released the brake pedal.. maybe the new break switch failed again..

    If anyone has a repeat failure please write in. I also have difficuty shifting out of Park now.. I think its related to the brake switch failure.

    Sol Briks 203-767-0770
  • mom3peggymom3peggy Posts: 8
    I had the same problem re not being able to get out of park. When my break switch was fixed the transmission problem went away. I am very interested as to what your dealer says about this issue. I have not had the problem again but am now worried that I could in the future.

    Would it be possible for you to keep us informed about the issue? Peggy Manner
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    Makes perfect sense. The brake switch is what is used to keep the car in P so if it has failed, then it wil not come out of P.

  • impreza2008impreza2008 Posts: 30
    I just had the second break switch replaced at Dan Perkins Subaru.. they think the design is flawed and may break again. At least they promised a free oil change the next time it happens.. very nice people.

    Also, they spray painted the black peeled paint on the muffler.. which they damaged when they applied the paint harder.. see my other problem...

    All in all the issues are being handled and I am happy with my 2008 Impreza.

    Sol Briks

    PS...Does anyone have an opinion about the 2009 Forester?
  • mom3peggymom3peggy Posts: 8
    Did your dealer indicate that they have had alot of problems with regard to the brake switch? I had the same problem and my dealer indicated that they have had only one other car with the same problem.

    After I read about your second go around I called Subaru 's 800 number and asked if they have had a run of brake switch problems with the 2008 impreza. I was told no. They assured me that if there is a rash of warranty repairs for the brake switch something will be done about the problem.

    Was your repair reported as a warranty repair? Do you think that your dealer reported their thoughts to Subaru re the design flaw? I realize that replacing the brake switch is not hard or expensive but I do not relish my new car having to be repaired every couple of months.PM
  • impreza2008impreza2008 Posts: 30
    I did not speak to the service manager.. just the counter person in the service department. She said they replaced the switch with the same type and they expected the same result in a few months. She had a theory of what was wrong with the design but I did not pursue it with her. She also said the next time this happens I will get a free oil change. I called my wife and said I should be getting lots of free oil changes.

    Yes, this was a warranty repair. I was told to expect a survey from Subaru. I will see if there is a write in part to the survey so I can voice my displeasure. We priced out a 2009 Forester. I put that purchase on hold until I gain more confidence in Subaru quality.

    I will report on this issue if another break switch failure develops. I know where the switch is located in case it does not reset. I may have to give it a whack to snap it back so I can get my transmission out of Park.

    Sol Briks
  • impreza2008impreza2008 Posts: 30
    Guest what, yesterday the VDC and ABS lights came again on after I applied the brakes on the highway. I won't call the dealer until I need to go in for an oil change.. and hopefully collect on the pomise of a free oil change if the repair fails again.

    I responded to a a survey sent by Subaru. Explained the repeated failures. Hope they email me and offer an explanation.

    Please write in an let me know if you are having this problem.

    Sol Briks
  • mom3peggymom3peggy Posts: 8
    I am so sorry for all your problems.

    Are your brakes still working and it is only the lights that are failing? Are you still having problems getting your car out of park? Hopefully you will not be buying the 2009 car.

    Do you think the car is safe to drive?

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