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Subaru Impreza Engine Problems



  • merogulmerogul Posts: 13
    Hi Claudettec,

    I asked a subaru mechanic in Turkey about using different ignition key. He said that if the problem is random, the ignition key should be checked. However, in my situation, the ignition key is not a problem since I am having this cold start problem all the time. He asked permission to come to my city and get some more readings to send to Japan. I feel like I were a guinea pig in a freezer experiment. On the one hand, Subaru mechanic and the company claims that there is nothing wrong with my car. On the other hand, they are getting computer readings from my car and sending them to Japan. I regret for trusting them. I wish I had sued them last winter. I will not let them use me like this. There will be a hearing at the court next month. I will post here the result.
    I also think that your car is not as bad as mine. I thought that I was doing something wrong when my car did not start last winter. However, some of my friends tried and they could not get it started either. I would like to remind you to get papers for everything the Subaru mechanics do. The Subaru mechanic in Turkey tried to fix it many times but they did not give me any papers and this might cause some troubles for me at the court.
  • Dear Tortured Merogul,

    I am so sorry the key thing did not work for you. I haven't had the problem since last week. I did start the car with a different key though. I just can't tell if that is the problem or not yet. The old key started it also. It is driving me nuts. I never know when the car is going to act up or not. I hope your mechanic is correct about the because I really like the car otherwises. It has a lot of power.

    If you need to use my e-mail messages for your case, please do. I can help out if you need me to. I am documenting all of these problems though, The Subaru dealer said they have it documented in case my warranty runs out next year, and I still have the same problem. I think I may purchase an extended warranty though, next year. You should try to contact Subaru directly, they may help you along your tortured path.

    Good luck,

    c :) :( :D :cry: :confuse:
  • wrc555stiwrc555sti Posts: 12
    I had a CEL issue with my 02 WRX a few years ago. Incessant CEL that comes on and off. Dealership wasn't able to find any problem. So they sent the ECU to Subaru HQ at New Jersey. I am not sure if they reflashed the ECU or just replaced it. But the ECU map was supposedly retuned/updated by Subaru back in 05 or 06. I would guess CEL caused by lousy California gasoline quality had come to Subaru's attention.
  • G'day guys from Australia.
    Guys I got a Impreza RS 2009 with 2010 Compliance. Similar issue.

    Did you guys resolve your issues with this?

    Did it happen again?

    I have like 1000 questions and tried the resolution given to me today on another car with the similar issue, it never resolved it, I wait to test my car again shortly because I know it's not going to resolve the issue beause the Dealer's car faulted also.

    I am intending on taking this story to a few media places down the track if it keeps occuring so it's just a waiting game right now, I just got the my car back tonight has not faulted like before yet. But tomorrow is a new day.

    Talk to you guys soon.
  • Dear Australia,

    I had the car checked in March 2009. It was still not starting correctly. The dealer told me to try another key. The dealer took the whole steering column apart. I wanted it checked before the dealer warranty was run out. I have it documented with Subaru in case this happened again. The technician thinks the key was not connecting correctly in the ignition, so he took the whole steering column apart. It is now November 2009 and this problem has not returned. I don't know if it is luck or not.

    I hope you can use this information. I hope you know about the recall on the fuel tank.

    Thanks! Good luck! :lemon: :mad: :D
  • Hello,
    I have 2007 Subaru Impreza. The engine does not start properly in the town where I live. In summer, the car starts very weakly. IN winter, I have to get up and drive the car about 15-20 minutes at 12:00 or -1:00 am so that the engine starts in the winter mornings. It is like a torture for me. However, the engine starts perfectly at the sea level in summer. I think that it cannot adjust the air pressure since air pressure is low in my town. That is what I think and they cannot solve this problem. For two years, the only thing the dealer has been doing was to replace spark plugs and install a so called winter program. It does not help at all. I have had to sue them. The case is still continuing. I cannot give the particulars of my case right now since it can be against law to talk about a continuing case in Turkey. After the case is over, I intend to write my story in Subaru forms and send to newspapers in Turkey.
    I have sent a fax, which explained the difficulties I had been having, to the manufacturer of this car in Japan. They said that they are sorry but they cannot help because of geographical distance. However, they can ask from the dealer in Turkey to make some measurements on my car and send them to Japan. They got some nerve. I will not let them use me to develop their faulty car. Also it is against consumer law to get some measurements from the car and send them to another country since it proves that Turkish dealer cannot solve the problem. If they cannot fix a car in Turkey, they have to replace or return the money according to Turkish law.
    The dealers in your country might be good but my humble opinion is that we should sue them if we have a right to do so. We do not pay so much money to be tortured. I sadly realized that my good intentions had been exploited.
  • Guys thanks for the reply, today I have been in contact with Subaru Australia, after logging a complaint last night.
    It seems the work around they offerred has worked so far.

    I have another question for both of you, still unsure of are we both related to a similar issue.

    What fuel does your car run on? Last night I switched back to Premium Unleaded for a half a tank to see if that was causing this issue also.

    Though the remedy Subaru Australia offered was that it was a new known problem to resolve it, you pull the keys out of your ignition, lock the car, unlock the car and the re-crank the engine and it should automatically reset, ok this solutions seems to have so far fixed my problem after using the car today, one day after getting it back from the dealership and the dealership using the fix offerred by Subaru Australia.

    The car the dealership gave me, it never fixed the problem in it. That car was just a normal Impreza..... Still leaves you think what the hell happened.

    Anyhow guys there's my update, and I really do appreciate both of you taking the time to come back on here and give a update on your situations. I will keep in contact on here,I still am not sure about how to send messages on this forum...... But will learn slowly how to do it.

    Thanks for your time.
  • Hi imprezaohno09,
    I do not think that I have understood this key trick. (On what position do I need to turn the ignition key before pulling it out?)But I will give it a try since I am desperate here. I can try everything although I have already tried some ignition key tricks. I have some questions. Is this company having fun with us? Are they joking? Why do they not really solve the problems. Do I have to play with ignition keys all the time. My friends are having fun with my car.(It does not hurt my feelings although Subaru does.) I wish Subaru were a more responsible company.
    I am glad you have solved your problem. It is very painful having car problems in a cold climate especially, when a dealer cannot help you.
  • Hi Merogul,

    I can understand your disappointment.

    Basically put the key in as you were starting the car, the car does not start, pull the key out of the ignition stay in the drivers seat and lock the car, then unlock the car and try and start it again. Apparently it resets the problem and should work after that.

    They also told me to continuously crank the engine so that it can register a error code, does your car crank? Like u turn the key and it makes a noise like it's trying to fire the engine?

    I stress again, I am still not sure if both of our problems are the same, but hey this is worth a shot.

    My model it worked on was the Impreza RS 2009, this might be different between models, but I put it here so if it helps you guys out atleast I've done something good.

    Once you do my suggestion it is supposed to fix the problem altogether, yes I agree my friend joked about it, and said what next, DO 3 Hail Merry's around the car before entering it.

    The model that it failed to work on was a Impreza R I think 2009. But still can't test that theory due to that car's gone back to the dealership as it was managements.

    Yes Australian climate at the momment is the opposite, HOT around mid 30 degrees celcius. SO like the opposite of your clime.

    They are not joking about the resolution, though when I complained to the two service managers, I showed them my disgust 2 weeks of having a new car and WHAM. Then I pulled the shock of a life time on them, telling them that there LOAN car had the same problem and I with-held it from them.

    I test there car and the same problem did not go away, so I stress again, it may or may not resolve your issue as i never did this resolution on my own car personally someone else did it.

    You should not have to worry about it once it's done, it should resolve it. I would personally complain to Subaru like I am going to, I am not sure of what and how long you have had yours but mine was 2 weeks going into 3 that it started.

    Final question if you could answer.

    What Petrol do you run???? I am just curious as this problem started getting worse when I changed fuel from prem-unleaded to Unleaded, now back to Prem-unleaded.

    I am just curious and need this, for in case something else happens.

    I talk to Subaru Australia tomorrow to register my disgust. :cry:
  • I am sorry I have missed your question about the fuel. I use regular unleaded petrol. It writes on the cover of gas filling place that I should use 95 unleaded which is the cheapest gas in Turkey. I asked about using prem-unleaded gas to a dealer in the USA and Turkey. I was told that it does not help anything if a car wants 95 unleaded. My car is 2007 Subaru Impreza, 1.5 engine, and autotransmission. I have been having this problem for two years. Since there has been no real Subaru dealer in my town and I had to take my car 2 or 3 times to a real subaru dealer in a distant city for repair and they never gave me a complete explanation, I had to wait a long time to sue them. I regret for waiting for this long. I will be the happiest person alive if I can prove that my car is a lemon since the dealer does never accept that.
  • Well that's a interesting view from those two dealers, considering what we see it here in Australia as a engine cleaner and amongst everything the total GOLD of engine fuels as why it is so costly here like $1.30 litre.

    Did you try the fix that I suggested? My car started yet again today.....

    I am about to call Subaru Australia and get stuck into them.
  • Dear Australia and merogul,

    I usually use regular unleaded gas. But lately I have been using BP regular unleaded gas,and the car engine wants to stall when it is idling. I wonder if I should use better gasoline? But so far my ignition problem has not happened since March, I have my fingers crossed! When I used Exxon regular unleaded gas, the car ran much better.

    My car is a 2007 Subaru Impreza, 1.5 engine automatic. Maybe the key is not making a connection in the ignition. Have a tech take the steering column apart.

    I hope this helps!

    :) ;)
  • Dear imprezaohno09 and claudettec,

    I have tried the key trick but I do not think that it helped me. I tried that last night and this morning I could not see any differences. One of my friend told me to do the same trick without pulling out the key. Turn the ignition key half way and lack and open the door by using ignition key and start the engine.

    My car sometimes behaves like Claudettec's car. It happened a couple of times when I used the car first and the second day. May I ask the altitude of your cities. The altitute of Kars, the city I live, 1775 meter. So there is usually low air pressure here in summer and it is very cold in winter. I think the engine cannot adjust itself to this high altitude. My car starts fine at the sea level. I do not think that a key trick can solve my problem.
  • Hey guys sorry that it never work, more sad news, basically after calling Subaru Australia today I was spoke to rudely and basically told that it was USER error.

    I then basically shoved it down here throat over the phone, and hung up.

    She was ignorant and degrading, told me that it was user error when it was not at all.

    Going to send letters of disgust to Subaru Austrlaia and Subaru Japan.

    Disgusted with the way I was treated by her especially after driving for 14 years basically told I was a idiot over the phone.
  • Guys have you thought about putting this on other forums also to see the response?
    Seems to be across the board issue ranging in years for my problem, maybe some might be able to help you., I am pit_bull on there. This is the response I got from a user on there. Still similar to my problem, maybe there is no definate cure to ignition problems because Subaru will not answer the question. But now it reach's far back to 1998. Post below is what a user posted on there forum, the technical talk, if you do consider and have problems getting account email the admin. I am only trying to get you guys some serious help or ideas, anyhow onto the response from that site.

    Unfortunately I can't give you a definite cause, but I've also experienced this issue on my Australian delivered MY98 which I purchased new in 1998. It only ever happened three times in the ten years I had the car, but on each occasion the car would turn over as normal but it would refuse to start. The first time it happened I simply left the car overnight and it started again the next morning. The next two occasions the car was taken to a mechanic familiar with WRXs who could find no error code on the ECU nor reason for the failure to start.

    The second time I took the car to the mechanic (Cromwood Auto) they swapped the coolant sensor (on a hunch) and although the problem never appeared again (had the car for a further 3 years) the sensor was never confirmed as the cause.

    Hopefully this might be helpful in some slight way. Good luck with the diagnosis.
  • Dear merogul and people from Australia,

    Like I said my car has not misbehaved since March of 2009. I have read your problems, which seem worse than mine. Do you think it could be a computer glitch? I know a person who has a 2007 Toyota and it happened to him also. The car did the same thing mine did, and then it started! He called the dealer and they said it was a computer glitch. Of course, they could not get it to do it again at the dealership. Merogul, I don't know the altitude of the city of Pittsburgh. It is a very rocky and mountains here though. As far as error codes, I don't know what or where to find that on a Subaru.

    I think the dealerships or techs are just guessing on what to do. As far as Subaru being rude to Australia, I would complain to a supervisor or manager.

    Good luck everyone!
    :shades: :cry: :)
  • adec63&

    This is what the problem of mine could be.

    I dare say have a look at the TSB listed on this site and sort threw them you maybe able to find yours Merogul and see if you have been lied to at all. Atleast this is a start in the right direction to more information.

    Subaru Technical Service Bulletins

    Many Congrats to a friend in America who showed me this site.
  • Hi imprezaohno09,
    I have written some other forums related to Subaru. I have explained the problems of my car in detail. I have done some of the suggestions. However, nothing helped. Most people said that my car is a lemon and I should have sued them.
    I told the dealer in Turkey about coolant sensor. They said that the computer would have shown an error about it.
    Since I have already sued them I do not want to make any changes on the ignition system of my car.
  • Hi mprezaohno09,
    I have sent a fax to Japan about the difficulties I had been having with my car and the subaru dealer in Turkey. They are just sorry that I am having those problems and they said that the Subaru distributor in Turkey has all the means and responsibilities to help me. If that was the case, why had I bothered to send them a fax? I just think that they are ignorant and do not care.
  • Same kinda similar issue my friend, last night I constructed a letter to the dealership I purchased it from now the car is running I am asking why I was treated to such a delightful array of accusations that the USER was at fault now there is a Subaru Technial Service Bulletin stating problem with the immobilizer.

    I dare say if you have done all the reading yeah, your 100% on the money, I just thought I would try my hardest to get on here and see what I could do to help you both, obviously claudette is fixed, I am just so sorry I could not do anything for you.

    Would like to know that fax number if there was someway to get it to me, I was hunting japan and fuji industries last night but still could not get any contact details other than those of ones in Australia.

    If you are to send the fax number to that would be greatly appreciated, so it gives me at aleast 1 lead into Japan.

    BUT it's the same attitude you faced I am facing, the computer never error'd so, "YOU HAVE NO IDEA what your talking about".

    This is totally wrong approach to customers, as I have stated I have driven various cars, some have had unique problems that never showed up on the computer and also that the mechanic never detected.

    I will be sending and creating various letters today, so wish me luck my friend.
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