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Dodge Ram Warning Lights and Trouble Codes



  • I had my 2006 dodge ram 1500 tested to find out what the light that came on was about. It came back transmission control module. It lets you drive only in 2nd gear. They told me that was a fail safe mode. to get it to the dealer. any idea on cost and how long that repair takes?
  • I have started getting an engine light indicator, the fuel gauge then drops to empty and the fuel warning light comes on. All of this despite having gas in the tank. The code I get is P0463. Any help to solving this problem would be great. Thanks
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Posts: 254
    Fuel level sending unit, volts too high. Failed tank float sensor or broken wire. Check sending unit connections first.
  • Thanks for the input. I will go check those out and get back to you.
  • Problem started about a week ago,first low idle when started truck had to keep foot on gas,then abs & brake light came on a few days ago but the brakes are good next the (no bus,check engine light,airbag,low fuel warnings are on and now all the gauges wont work but the brake light went of, does this sound like a computer problem,I have checked all the fuses,battery connections any advice would be apprieciated,
  • fuhquefuhque Posts: 3
    Hey all....
    Have a 02 dodge ram 1500 and about a month ago my stereo stopped working but would come on and off periodically but now stopped working all together. Now I know your thinking then there is something wrong with the stereo but there is more. I now have a flashing red light on my dash that was never there before, and unless the truck is turned on my power windows and locks don't work. My check engine light is on and my rear lights stay on for about 30-45 seconds after I shut the truck off. oh and my interior lights won't work unless the truck is on. I am just wondering if might be fuses or wiring problems? Any answers would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  • i have a 2006 dodge 3500 with a diesel engine.i had a code poped up tonight.the code is 11
  • I have 06 cummins and I fired it up the other day and both of these dashlights came on. Any one know what the cause of these lights being on?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    That usually means the computer has detected a fault in the ABS system and has disabled it. You still have regular service brakes, but they will now be susceptible to locking in a hard stop.

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  • I have a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500. The emission control light keeps coming on. We replaced the air filter and that helped for a short time. Tokk it in for a diagnostic test and got code P0068. does anyone have any ideas
  • I also have a dodge ram 1500 and yesterday my engine light came on and the truck was making a rattling noise like it was bad gas. I went back home and called to make an appointment and they told me to bring in today. Now it won't start and it makes a funny noise when I try to start it. Can anyone tell me what they think is wrong? They will come tow me Monday, I just hope its not serious. Thanks anyone that can help...Laura
  • karihkarih Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    My truck had a serpentine belt break and replaced that , now when pullin horse trailer or engine is working at all on hot days temp guage shows almost 280 -300 but is running fine and is full of coolant and seems to not be running hot.Also replaced the fuel pump 6 months ago due to loss of power and running hot on guages up hills or under working conditions .
    headlight out dummy light stays on and wont go off even after replacing bulbs only have lights on both sides with full beams on .passsenger window only works some times on drivers side , occasionally on passenger side.
    Now truck was running fine and stalled on highway no noises no stalling or cutting out just died and wont restart?? any ideas does a 2004 have a crank shaft position sensor? injector pump what all can be causing these problems with no codes on computer??
    Also the air will not blow cold idloing have to be moving to get that to blow cold again
  • You have too many problems to attack all at once. Try to solve one at a time. I would start with the fuse block. The only thing I see in common with all these problems. It can be unbolted and turned upside down to look for burns, etc.
    Once you have it running, find someone to loan you a no-touch temperature gun (parts store, etc, only about $25 if you have to buy). Shoot the radiator hose to determine if you are running hot or if you have a faulty gauge/sending unit. bobwinner :cry:
  • karihkarih Posts: 3
    Thank you for your response I am open to trying anything and was wondering if they all can be related.
  • 06driver106driver1 Posts: 4
    edited December 2010
    Sorry if this is a duplicate... i didn't see my message after posting initially.
    Our Dodge 3500 box van kept dying so the dealership found some codes in the computer. After much ado, they said it was just some needed updates, but weren't sure if that was causing the dying problem. Well, evidently those things weren't related becuase it died again today and will not start.

    Having it towed to a different dealership, very frustrated. A friend said it could be ignition switch. Hope so because new computer is $1700. No warning, just driving along the interstate and truck dies, pull over, but it starts 5 min. later. That happened several times but today it will not start back up. Any advice/comments??

    UPDATE: OK, a system booter was installer and PCM was updated to latest calibration. That's what was done yesterday according to codes that were showing, but truck is dead again today. Any ideas??
  • Bought a used 2008 Ram 1500 a couple months ago. This morning a warning light came on. I could not find the manual anywhere in the truck. The warning light looked like the outline of a horse show or pot with an exclamation pint (!) inside. Can someone tell me what this warning light indicates? Thanks!
  • I meant "horse shoe"
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