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Subaru Impreza Real World MPG Numbers



  • dfong87dfong87 Posts: 171
    so...took delivery on my limited hatchback yesterday and even with only 30 miles (37 overall) on it, i think i can contribute something here.

    so, i'm assuming that the dealer tested things out so that when i started driving the car, it was warme d up. i drove from the dealer to work and then home. i would say that the first trip was about 50/50 highway and then stop and go city stuff, the second trip was 60/40 highway/city driving. i got an average of 32.5 mpg over those two trips. very impressed especially since i could see, as expected, the stop and go stuff killing my mileage and i still got that number.

    this morning, pulling out of my garage in a mild, cold morning temp of 49 oF outside, i drove to the train station which is 4.1 miles away. in that short stretch, my mileage dropped (overall) to 30.6 mpg with mainly stop and go driving the whole way

    as has been suggested, the problem, is probably the 2-3 miles where the car is cold and trying to reduce emissions. i dropped to that 30 range average quickly and the last mile, it stayed steady there. so, although i didn't look at the instantaneous mileage, it suggests that when cold, i was probably seeing less than 20 mpg. (if my math is right, it got 22 mpg for my commute in -- all of these based on car's computer, not real consumption) i'll have to keep an eye on it in the days ahead, but i don't think i'll break my habit of driving away from my garage with the cold engine. letting it idle in my garage to bring it up to operating temp seems silly...
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    I'm upto 200+ miles on my CVT Sport. I have a roughly 35 mile commute to work with 80% or so being urban interstate (highway) miles. Today there was 5 minutes of stop-n-go. So traffic conditions can really change the conditions from day to day.

    Within the first mile on city streets the blue temp light goes off. Then once on the interstate the first roughly 3 miles has the instant MPG usually under 25mpg. For the first 200 miles I'm still above 1/2 a tank and I don't think the tank was 100% full from the dealer. Average MPG based on the computer is 33, which includes 5 to 10 minutes of pure idle time at the dealer.

    Outside temps have been between 35 and 60. So not very cold, but not real warm either.

    My old 2001 Outback wagon is the same way. Cold engine = poor mileage. Once the engine is warm mpg is at or above the expected values.
  • fredjohnsonfredjohnson Posts: 48
    edited April 2012
    Did a trip last week for work. About 200 miles from Minneapolis to a small town where my customer's office is located. Majority of the trip at about 55-65 mph. I averaged 38 mpg. I swear the gasoline must be reformulated to summer now because I couldn't get any higher than 33 mpg in the winter on a nearly identical trip. Sunny day, no wind, temp of about 50 degrees.
  • danstheman7danstheman7 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    Car: 2012 Impreza Hatchback

    As a teenage driver, I can say that my average (combined) MPG is around 23, because i'm decently aggressive on the gas.

    Now, I do drive a lot of highway miles, where the real time highway MPG is usually around 30, but in the city the real time shows around...say...19.

    Still much better than my previous '07 Sportage, which averaged 12MPG.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Twelve?! Yikes.

    Let's see, carry the one, you're saving about a billion a year in gas now. LOL
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,269
    You have to pay to play! :P
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    With today's gas prices, you pay even if you're not playing. ;)
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    First fillup car showed 33.3mpg. I'm not sure the tank was full and the car idled much more than normal as salesman showed my the car and what not.

    237.3 miles 7.3 gallons 32.5mpg 33.6 car display
    374.2 miles 11.43 gallon 32.7mpg 35.4 car display
    319.2 miles 9.73 gallons 32.8mpg 34.8 car display - tempature ranged from 40 to 60?
    366.9 miles 11.48 gallons 31.96mpg 33.9 car display - tempature ranged from 30 to 55.
    364.0 miles 10.54 gallons 34.5mpg 36.9 car display - tempature ranged from 40s to 70.

    Current tank: Car display is 38.1 with about 140 miles. - temp ranging from 50 to 80.

    The tank that shows 31.9 mpg was a cold week and had more true city street driving. My current tank is more highway (70%?) and temperature is warmer. So far I'm happy but a little worried what -10F might bring next winter. Each fill was about a weeks worth of driving so none of these are a single long trip.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    edited May 2012
    Impressive - makes you wonder who needs a hybrid?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    I don't know about you, but an "optimistic" mpg display irks me to no no end. My WRX is off about the same.

    I think it may be due to the fact that the readouts are in 3/10 of a mile increments, rather than 1/10 of a mile increments, and therefore the accuracy is compromised.

  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    The 3/10 probably pays a roll too. I took my numbers and just subtracted .5 gallons and then the car display matched. Hence my theory that the car doesn't know about some gas.
    I have noticed this Impreza does take a little more gas when topping-off than my old outback does. Agree it would be much nicer to have an accurate readout so I can put my calculator away.
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    Funny you say "who needs a hybrid". The final choices in picking the new car was between the Prius and Impreza. Key difference is fun to drive with AWD or MPG. I figured a Prius would save me about $600 a year in gas money ($4 per gallon) and roughly a 5 year payback which isn't too bad.

    There is a need. But until gas goes $5, or you drive over maybe 20K miles a year, its not as much as one would think.

    For $600 not getting stuck at the bottom of my driveway sounds good. Oh and my wife hated driving the Prius, not that she gets to drive the Impreza much. :blush:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Of course if it snows and you have to rent a 4x4...


    Or even to tow.

    The Soob is all around a more versatile, complete car.
  • jd_24jd_24 Posts: 92
    You mean when it snows. I'm in MN.
    Our driveway has 2 Subies and a Tahoe (4x4). The Tahoe sits mostly now.
    100% agree: "The Soob is all around a more versatile, complete car."
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    if I would rather have the slower FA20 (FB20?) you all have with the significantly better gas mileage you also have, or my '09 with the 2.5, which has what I would consider to be the minimum necessary power for a highway-going AWD car this size, but totally mediocre mileage as a consequence...

    Went camping this weekend, mostly highway with a little bit of being stuck in traffic and puttering around near the campground, 395 miles, 12.9 gallons, 30.5 mpg and that's pretty much the best I ever manage. :-(

    Oh, and I'm with Bob, it's annoying that the trip computer can't accurately calculate mileage, and I don't top off when filling up, but mine is a little closer than some here have reported. My readout this time was 31.5 mpg, so only one point off (it's usually more like 2).

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    The new one is lighter, plus the CVT can make the most of the power the 2.0l makes. I think acceleration is similar, maybe half a step behind yours.
  • charitcharit Posts: 1
    Is the Impreza easy to tow? Do I have to do anything to it to tow it behind a motor home?
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,269
    If it has a manual transmission, it's easy to tow once you've mounted a triangle.

    Anything else, and it is also easy to tow.... all you have to do is put it on a trailer! ;)
  • galabargalabar Posts: 6
    I'm seeing an increase in mileage after several months of owning my new 2012 impreza. I was originally seeing 25 mpg at the pump (about 26.5 on the computer). Recently, I was doing a longish highway drive (about 20 miles). I kept the cruise control at 58-59 mph and the computer was claiming almost 42 mpg.

    I've also noticed my combined seems to be creeping up to the low 30s (computer).

    Could the impreza be sensitive to winter gas formulations?
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,657
    No doubt. My WRX's gas mileage increases in the summer.

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