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Nissan Quest Transmission Problems



  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    Has the problem continued? If so I would get it checked out by the dealer. The powertrain is covered by 5 yr/60k mile warranty.
  • jeffgcjeffgc Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 Mercury villager with a Nissan 3.0 V6. There is a disconnected vacuum hose laying on top of the intake manifold that goes to what appears to be a vacuum switch of some sort mounted to the firewall behind the EGRC valve. This switch(?) has 2 wires going to it, one vacuum hose that goes into the left side of the intake manifold and the one vacuum hose that is disconnected. It appears that when this switch is activated, it connects vacuum from the intake manifold to something. There is not much room to "feel" behind the manifold and I cannot find a place where this hose can be plugged into. Does anyone know what this switch is or more importantly, where the vacuum hose plugs into?
  • dek0621dek0621 Posts: 2
    i have a '04 nissan quest se, i am experiencing some transmission problems and would like for someone to give me a little advice. the quest is apparently shifting into high gear and staying there no sooner than i drive down the road a has a little spontaneous jump or buck to it when it shifts. if i am getting on the highway i have no acceleration power unless i pull over turn off the car, turn it back on, then everything functions normally.when i get to a stop light, the car is still in high gear simply put its like driving a manual trans starting off in 3rd gear. now i know having 120k miles and never having a major issue, i am going to start experiencing some, but please tell me i dont need to buy another transmission. its very frustrating because going from highway back to city, if there is a stop light at the end of the exit ramp the quest is still in high gear....i am thinking that i could just replace the computer chip for the transmission (if there even a chip to replace), but then again i dont know what i am talking about. also should i replace the timing belt at this time, motor mounts, i havent ever replaced in the life of the vehicle...

    thank you in advance for any help you can offer me...
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    What you are describing sounds like a sensor issue as opposed to a bad transmission. Try to determine the conditions this happens so your mechanic can try to duplicate it.

    Also check the transmission fluid.
  • ejv1ejv1 Posts: 1
    My '04 quest has just started to exhibit the same problem. dek0621, can you let me know how this was resolved for you?

  • dek0621dek0621 Posts: 2
    i havent resolved that issue yet, i have to, because its seemingly getting worse, but have been financially strapped...will do soon and will get back to you
  • I have 2004 Quest that intermittently will refuse to do anything when shifted into drive or reverse. When shifted into gear the vehicle will very slowly roll in the appropriate direction, but no matter how much I press on the accelerator the engine just idles as if I am not touching the gas pedal at all. So far I can shift the van into and out of gear, abruptly hit the brakes and finally it starts behaving normally.

    Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?
  • I purchased a 2004 quest in 2005 with a significant amount of mileage. Haven't had any "major" issues until now. Should I be having transmission issues? If not, is there any recourse for me? A new transmission is $2500. A used one at the junk yard is $900 not including labor. I no longer have a warranty and cannot afford to pay outright to have it repaired. The van was not purchased at Nissan but at a lot. Is there some type of lemon law to protect me? Is there a statue of limitation? Or am I stuck with the bill. I'm a single mother of four and can barely afford gas much less a new or used transmission. Will it pay for me to buy into one of those "extended warranty" programs. PLEASE someone advise. I cannot go much longer without a vehicle.
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    First, how many miles do you have on the van? Second, did a mechanic actually say you need a new transmission?

    If you are over 60k miles (the powertrain warranty for Nissan), you really have no recourse. Also it sounds like you bought it used, 4 years ago. Not unless the van was sold with a warranty.....

    The reason I ask that second question is the Quest has had software problems with their transmissions that has caused numerous issues. If you need to replace the transmission, you may want to go the used option if money is tight. Also ask your mechanic about rebuilt transmissions. They are cheaper than new and come with a modest warranty.

    Don't buy the extended waranty programs. They are too expensive for what they cover. Basically you are paying for your repairs upfront for limited coverage. Also some of these programs have horrible consumer ratings. I wouldn't trust any of them. They are preying on people's fear.
  • Hi Hugo,
    there' re 2 problems:
    1/ TCM = transmission computerized module. Need to be replace.
    2/ Lay down on the floor in front of vehicle at the driver side, you will see the trans.
    fluid pan. Check for dents or damage. It so visible you can't miss it.
    If dented on pan, take your tools out and unscrew 10-12 bolts, the gasket should
    comes out with pan. If gasket broken, buy another.
    Put pan on flat surface , use a piece of wood to knock flat the dent. Do not damage
    surrounding pan lip which the bolts connect to trans housing.
    Clean the fluid residue.
    Check the filter, if damage, replace or use tool to straighten out the metal mesh.
    Put bolts in order when remove pan then put back together in order.
    Check manual book to see how much fluid to fill in. Done. Good luck. BTW,
    not too difficult to do, don't panic and do it slowly.
  • Hi Aderik,
    lay down on floor at driver side to see any damage, dent on trans. fluid pan.
    Big black pan, won't miss it.
    If dented, take it off from trans. pan from trans. housing and flatten the dent by
    mallet or piece of wood. Try not to damage the bolt holes and gasket.
    Gasket should comes off easily with pan, if broken, replace it.
    If no dents, then replace the TCM = transmission computerized module.
    Problems will fix. Not too expensive to have new TCM. Good luck.
  • my nissan is cutting out when ever it is warm outside, even though the motor is not over heating. Now im having trouble getting the speed over 45 mph. ive had it to two reputable mechanics and the nissan dealer mechanics, still no-one can fix. any ideas?
  • I'm having very similar problems in my 2004 Quest. Earlier, I used to have situations where it seemed to get stuck in a higher gear and it looked like all the power wasnt getting transmitted to the wheels. After pulling over and putting it back in park, it seemed to fix itself. Dealer had typical response "Could not reproduce the issue reported". I had a transmission flush done some months ago try and fix this issue.

    Now it seems to be getting worse - on three / four different occasions, the gas pedal would just not work - you pump it and it was just coasting. The most recent ones were the most scary - not only did it stop transmitting power, but the brakes LOCKED UP !! It's coasting and I cannot brake - all lights on the panel came on, almost as if I was in park, but I am in motion, in the highway, and I cannot stop. Luckily, I rolled to a stop without too much traffic on the multi lane highway, put my hazard lights on and switched off/switched on a few times and it seemed to fix itself. Guess what the dealer had to say? "Cannot reproduce the issue on test drive".
  • It's getting critical as a safety issue for me, since my wife drives this most of the time on major highways. If anyone has found a solution, please post it ???
  • dtownfbdtownfb Posts: 2,915
    About the only thing you can do is pressure the dealer to take a look at it further. Or try another dealer.

    Another idea is call Nissan consumer Affairs (number is in the owner's manual) and log a complaint with them. Be very, very specific with details.
  • would a faulty knock sensor cause my quest to shift hard as it changes gears?
  • Narrowcaster,

    I have a 99 Nissan Quest and it is doing the same thing, when it is in gear Drive or Reverse, it idles and makes a lot of noise and won't drive at all, right now it is parked and not driveable. Did you find out what was wrong, and could you share with me what the problem was please!

    Thank you!
  • My issue ended up being the ECM was rotten and had to be replaced. I think that issue was unique to the 2004 Quest because prior to that the van was completely different (same as a Mercury Villager) and after that year Nissan moved the ECM to a different place under the engine that wasn't so exposed.

    Your issue sounds like a transmission problem to me. Especially all the noise that it makes and it is consistent.
  • Hi Folks.
    I have 2002 nissan quest se. Its transmision is working like manual transmision, car does not move in drive mode. First I have to put it in #1 gear, when it moves then I put it in 2nd gear and when it reaches above 30 miles per hour then I put it in drive. it runs fine. If speed reduce to under 30 then I have to put it in 2nd gear. Is there any body who can help me with this matter.
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