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Lincoln MKX Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I don't know what the A plan refers to. I recommend you get the roof, it is awesome. It's a great car. Go to a few dealerships and negotiate. They are advertising it heavily. The mileage affects the lease price obviously but if you look back at the posts, you will get an idea of good deals gotten. I got mine (2008 model) in April and I think got a good deal. MKX FWD 10 500 miles, 24 months (or 39) I was able to choose. With the roof, and double DVD in the headrests for the kids, No Navigation system. 1700 down, I pay $475/month. It works out to about $550 / month over the 24 month period that I chose.

    The dealers are negotiable so good luck. I love the car. I don't think it will get cheaper in a few months, (unless its the 2008 you are talking about) it has been the same or sometimes more since April.
  • Yes. I am talking 2008. they have a ton of them on the lot. No Sunroof with Ultimate.
    What should I be paying? Nothing down, 12k per year.

    A plan is a ford member family discount for employees in Detroit. I don't trust the dealer.
  • how about some purchase prices guys? what are you picking these up for?
  • I went by Lincoln yesterday because I had it with Toyota. I decided to test drive an MKX. I was very surprised. It is a very nice vehicle. I was given the following price.: MSRP 37,720-Rebates 7750= 29,970. When I ran the $5000 rebates from factory off of the invoice I came back with 29,342. I am going to start my numbers at 28,625 and see what happens. Either way if they can meet my trade in of $9,000 I think this is a good deal. Any opinions. They have 25 MKX (2008) on the lot. They told me they ordered many of then right before the last order so that they would have them on hand when the end of the year rebates went through? Any help would be appreciated.
  • Those are some great rebates. Can you tell me what they consist of and is this a promotion right now?
  • Breakdown of Rebates in Baton Rouge, LA at Robinson Brothers Lincoln

    $4,500 Factory Rebate
    $2,750 Dealer Rebate
    $500 Rebate because Member of American Quarter Horse Association

    Two weeks ago I was told that I could have an additional Rebate from the factory if I owned a ford. Ford changed the requirements to the following: you must own an Explorer, Mountaineer of Explorer Trac. I lost that one because I don't own one of these vehicles

    This runs until November 3, 2008.
  • I went back to the dealership and this is where my negotiations stopped.

    MSRP $38,005-Rebates $7,750 -Trade $9,000 +TTL $1,854 = Final Price $23,109.

    I was offered a rate of 4.65% to finance the remainder over 36 moonths.

    Does this sound reasonable. The cost is higer then my original post because I choose a more expensive MKX.
  • I bought my MKX today. It was a very pleasant experience. Robinson Brothers Lincoln in Baton Rouge LA are wonderful to work with.

    I bought a Vapor Silver MKX with Light Stone interior. It has the Uttimate Package

    MSRP $38,005-Rebates $7,750 -Trade $9,000 +TTL $1,844 = Final Price $23,099.

    I was plesantly surprised when the offered me a lower interest rate then yesterday. I was offered a rate of 4.33% to finance the remainder over 36 moonths.

    I am happy. I tried to work with the other Lincoln dealerships in the area and no one could even come close to this deal.
  • I am a newbie on these forms so forgive me if this is posted in the wrong one. I live in Illinois and am would like to purchase a new (2009) MKX. While doing my research, I thought I would put together a financing spreadsheet to help me identify Rebate versus interest rate and differences in payments. Anyway, I would like to know what is actually taxable on a new vehicle sale. Please look at the list below and identify if it is applied Pre or Post Sales Tax.

    Documentation Fees
    Negotiated Trade-In Value
    Down Payment
    License & Registration
    Destination / Delivery Fee
    Interior/Exterior protection

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi- I am looking to buy the 2008 or 2009 mkx in the los angeles area of california. any good deals out there? how do I use the dealer invoice price to negotiate? one guy told me with the employee pricing and etc, that there was nothing else they could do to lower the price???
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    We have a 2007 MKX (black w/black, Ultimate & Elite pkgs) which has been an excellent vehicle. The new 2011 model is just now hitting the Central Florida dealerships. We were very surprised to see the jump in pricing for this year. A new well-equipped MKX is about the same price as the comparably equipped flagship MKS sedan. A comparably equipped Lexus crossover is only $1500 more.

    Just wondering if anyone else thinks this Lincoln pricing strategy may not work? We can definitely keep our '07 another year to see if the prices drop or incentives make a dent in the sticker price.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I found your post very interesting as I am just now considering the acquisition of an new 2011 Lincoln MKX. I am comparing it to the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited which is a very nice ride indeed. I had also been considering the new 2011 Subaru Outback Limited but that consideration is marred by the fact the new Outback has a shaky steering wheel at highway speeds, which is something I don't want to get involved with.

    Anyway, back to the Lincoln. The reason that the price has gone up is quite simply that the value of the currency has gone down and unless Ford raises its prices it will lose money selling these vehicles. The prices of virtually EVERYTHING are going up, not just MKXs. You can't have a government that is literally throwing trillions of dollars in unbacked dollars at every loony scheme under the sun and not expect prices of goods and services to rise.

    Considering the effect of inflation upon all prices, I think the new Lincoln MKX is reasonably priced, or at least as reasonably priced as it can be under the circumstances.

    IMHO the Lincoln is of higher quality than the Lexus. Ford is building better quality products all the time while Toyota is on the downward side of the curve. This deterioration in Toyota quality will affect Lexus sooner or later and I personally do not want to own a Lexus when it does.
  • I am working on a deal on an MKX that is fully loaded at $49k. So far I can only get $3500 off list. Noticed Ford posted a small $1k incentive today on the Lincoln website if you pay cash. Saw the same on the Ford Edge yesterday.
    Forget the Lexus - there's no comparison with the technology in the new MKX. It will take years for them to catch up.
    Edmunds review talks about "squishy brakes" - what? Am driving a Japanese manufactured, 4 yr old fully loaded SUV now that I love. I think the reviewer is nuts.
    I loved the red warning light that showed on the windshield when a car ahead of me braked suddenly and turned into a shopping center. I got a quick, tight response when I slammed on the brakes, and an adrenalin rush too. Whoa, baby!
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 216
    Anyone looking at leftover 2010's? Was wondering since the '11 is a new model perhaps the '10's would be considerably discounted.
  • robw64robw64 Posts: 76
    We've been watching the roads for new MKX's and have only seen one so far. We see quite a few MKZ's in our area. Our local dealerships are sending mountains of mail with invitations to test drive. The letters all offer the complimentary maintenance program and various lease specials, but no other incentives. already lists the TMV as $2,500 below sticker in Central Florida.

    Anyone seeing many of these on the roads? What are the real world prices in your areas?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 10,822
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  • Hi there! Searching for Denver locals to share their experience on buying a new MKX from local dealers. If you here please share :)
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