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Mazda5 Cold Weather Issues



  • You should check the suspension message board for your answer.
  • This past weekend I experienced the same thing. It sounded like something between the windshield and dashboard. I began to think one of the engine mounts was about to give way. very scary especially on the highway.
    Where do I find the suspension message board?
    zoom 500
  • how do i find that message board?
  • Go to the Forums menu bar at the top of the page - select Mazda5 - suspension - you will find a lot of information there.
  • That didn't work Hmmm - you could copy and paste this into the "search" Ugly Suspension Noise When Cold
    It starts with messages from Feb 2006 right up to my last post tonight - it will keep you up for hours. ;)
  • It's late - make sure you scroll down and remove the box that limits you to discussion forum on "Mazda5 cold weather issues" and select "all forums" that will get you a series of messages - pick any one of those and you are in the Mazda5 suspension forum - at least it did when I just tried it.
  • We are working on making a new place for suspension specific questions. I'll link you there, along with moving all related topics there as soon as it's ready.
  • excellent
    thanks for your help
  • castg1castg1 Posts: 34
    My cold weather issue is that of the mazda remote starter.
    At -28Celcius and below, if the car has been parked for 2 hours, chances are the car will not start the first time. AND the remote starter does not do a 'Retry' like the other typical remote start units I've used on other cars. The light turns on as if it has started and then turns off
    after the cycle.

    So, from the 6floor of the building looking down at my car byt the car park, I would click the remote starter, observe the car. If no steam comes out of the tail pipe, Then I will have to do another 'remote start' procedure.

    I think this mazda remote starter does not know if the car has started or not. lolz.
  • I have similar case, as I sent my Mazda 5 GT for fixing the freezing latch. They did not change the latch, but added silicon lube. It resolved the problem, and my car did not have the problem afterward.

    However, today, after I brought my BB for a wash, I discovered the rear side beside the right sliding door has a scratch. It was rubbed by the inside panel of the sliding door which also has scratch. I brought to the same dealer, and asked for a fix. At first, the manager said he did not see it. But after I pin point the area, he can no longer denied. He ordered the inside panel, and also arranged the affected area to be repaint.

    The cause probably due to the poor workmanship, but the manager said b/c of the warpage of the panel. Anyway, the fix will be done in a day, and will let you know if fixed. Anyone would suggest me what should I do other than send the car for fix, and what should I do to ensure the fix is good?

  • Hello,

    I have seen a couple of posts from Jan and Mar '07 about the freezing door latches and they appear to be on the '07 model.

    Can anyone confirm if this is still a problem / recall on the '07 models as I am considering purchasing a Mazda5 Touring edition and want to check first with other owners.

    Also, are there any other recalls / problems prospective owners should know about on the '07's? Would you recommend the vehicle overall?

  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402

    Just FYI bumped that post to New Owners Report
  • hifivehifive Posts: 72
    Mine is an '06, and there were quite a few problems, like the car was removed from the road for a while to fix a problem that caused a couple cars to catch fire. It was recalled twice, once for that, and then again for the door latch. I have heard of other types of cars having door latches freeze in cold climates.

    HiFive :shades:
  • kanatakanata Posts: 22
    My Mazda 5 had rear doors that would not latch in freezing temperatures. The initial attempt by the dealer to alleviate the problem was to clean and relube the latches: my Mazda's VIN was out of range for the door latch fix. The relube did not work and I was fortunate enough to have a new appointment the day after a very cold night. I could show the service advisor that the door was not able to be closed, the dealer contacted Mazda Canada and got authorization to apply the SB based on the visible evidence.

    However the car was left in a dirty state with oil runs from the doors down the sills, and oil splashes inside, especially on the 2nd-row seats. It seems that Mazda mechanics do not provide or use the paper floor or seat covers that NA car dealers use to protect the car interior from oily clothes and accidents.
  • trishr1trishr1 Posts: 75
    I had the same issue when the temperature here was really cold (-35 to -40 C). Just the type of weather that you appreciate remote starters.
    I would here the horn honk to tell me that it responded to the starter but when I came out there was no motor running - just lights on, radio on and fan on but no heat.
    This has happened twice so far...
  • kivokivo Posts: 64
    I'm interested in buying an '08 and I was wondering if anyone knows if the freezing sliding door problem has been fixed for 2008. It should have been! Thanks.
  • It only affected 06s I believe. 07s and 08s, no probs.
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    Has anybody experienced this? Lately, when the temperature is low (20s) and I start driving my 06, if I hit a (small) bump I'll hear a cracking noise that sounds exactly like the windshield has just cracked. It's quite loud and unnerving but there is no visible damage. I'll frequently hear it a few times until either the car has somehow "settled" or warmed up.

    One time it was noticeably worse (many "cracks") the next day after driving through a car wash. So this made me think moisture was somehow the cause. Maybe ice is forming between the windshield its mount. I don't know.

    Anyway I'm curious if this has happened to anybody else.
  • coolmazda5coolmazda5 Posts: 525
    I'm sure is not the same, but the dashboard crunches when very cold, that's pretty much it (see link below). I started noticing it until I began driving my 08 daily (and my 06 does it too).

    Not a biggie to me, my former car, a Honda Civic, did it since new as well (and that one's suspension squeaked bad during cold, but not my Mazda5s :surprise:).

    coolmazda5, "Mazda5 Suspension" #137, 1 Mar 2008 5:20 pm
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