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Mazdaspeed test drives

jerseymazdajerseymazda Posts: 7
edited March 14 in Mazda
Hi folks:

I've had some terrible luck with Mazda dealers. I own a 2006 Mazda3 hatch, and I really want to buy a Mazdaspeed3. I just want to be sure before I trade in my 3 (which I love) that the suspension tuning and road manners of the Mazdaspeed3 will be to my liking. I live in central NJ and I can't find a single dealer who will let me test drive one of these things. I'm astounded. The car is worth some $23K, and I can't get a test drive! Especially given that I already own a Mazda, this is ridiculous. Has anyone else had this experience? The sales managers and MazdaUSA don't seem too concerned about this, but I'm livid. I make more than enough to afford this car, and I'm seriously considering getting rid of my 3 and buying an Audi A3 instead. Anyone have any advice?



  • I recently got to drive a pre-production Mazdaspeed3 at a local dealer here in SoCal, and what a blast!!! Put a deposit on one that night - It should be here by mid-December. Dealer is selling them at MSRP - No mark-ups. I highly recommend it if you're in the market for a fun, yet practical car.
  • MSRP is definitely a markup. Selling at invoice would be considered no markup. If VW dealers are selling 5dr GTI's for under MSRP, you should definitely be able to get a Mazadaspeed 3 under MSRP.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    you should definitely be able to get a Mazadaspeed 3 under MSRP.

    Good luck.....just got a bulletin from mazda stating that the speed3 will not be eligible for any special purchase plans like S/X plan. This even applies to Mazda corp all the years that I have been with Mazda I have never seen this type of restrictions.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    MSRP is definitely a markup. Selling at invoice would be considered no markup.

    Huh? How do you figure? What's magic about invoice? Since the dealer isn't making any more than his holdback, you consider this 'no markup'? What about the factory? What if their total cost(labor/materials/parts/etc.) in a car was $10k but the invoice to the dealer was $20k? Would you consider THIS to be 'no markup'?

    The selling price is the selling price. I'm not going to get wrapped up in what the invoice, or the holdback, or the MSRP, or the dealer's ADM is. Personally, I don't care. When I decide to buy a car, I'll decide what I think it's worth, to me. If I can reach an agreement with a dealer to sell me that car at that price, terrific. If not, I buy elsewhere. If no dealer will sell me that car at that price, then I buy something else.

    I've turned down offers to buy cars at 'invoice' because TO ME they weren't worth it. And I've bought cars over MSRP because TO ME it was worth it.

    "If VW dealers are selling 5dr GTI's for under MSRP, you should definitely be able to get a Mazadaspeed 3 under MSRP."

    Repeat after me:

    Supply and and and demand....

    See, if supply exceeds demand, you can work deals (ie. 5dr GTI's under MSRP).

    However, if demand exceeds supply (which is the CURRENT scenario regarding the Speed3), don't expect any deals.

    Will this hold true 3-6 months from now? I have no idea. But simply stating that JUST BECAUSE 5dr GTI's are under MSRP, therefore Speed3's should also be under MSRP is insinuating that the supply/demand situations for both cars is the same. It isn't.

    Is the Speed3 WORTH more that Invoice? Worth more that MSRP? I have no idea, I haven't driven one. BUT, if the car lives up to the initial reviews I've read, then I would have NO PROBLEM paying MSRP or even something over that GIVEN CURRENT SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
  • I agree... In my area of the country (So. Cal.), demand far exceeds supply for most popular cars... I've seen 2006 3 hatches w/2k+ markups. So, I figure I can buy the Speed3 at MSRP, drive (and enjoy) it for a year or 2, and if needed, sell it for a minimal loss. I'm OK with that... You couldn't pay me to haggle with a VW dealer for a GTI - It'll be in the shop 10x more than the Mazda (I've owned several VWs, and won't be back)!!
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Yeah, I've never understood why someone EXPECTS to get a smokin' deal on a car when demand is far outstripping supply.

    If you can work a deal TERRIFIC. Just don't go into it EXPECTING a great deal.

    Another trap I think folks fall into is saying "well, I can get a GTI/Civic Si for $1k off of MSRP but the dealers are demanded full MSRP for a Speed3. So the GTI/Civic Si is a better deal."

    What they SHOULD do is compare the various cars AT the actual selling price to figure out which is a better 'deal' for them.

    The flip side of the coin is dealer's saying that SIX MONTHS FROM NOW that demand will STILL far outstrip supply so there's no point in waiting in anticipation of a 'better' deal at a later date. A good example of this is some discussions I've had with dealers in the Shelby GT500 thread. These guys are asking (and apparently getting) $20k and more ADM on new GT500s.

    That's cool, I've no problem with that. The car is hot RIGHT NOW and obviously the supply is limited. But don't insult my intelligence that the SAME demand will still be there 6-months/year from now, particularly when they anticipate building more than 8k units this year and another 8k units next. That's 16000 units of a car with a $45k MSRP. Somehow I sincerely DOUBT that they'll still be getting huge ADM by this point next year.

    Same with the Speed3. If I just HAD to buy one in the next month or so, I'd have no problem with MSRP+. But ALL 'hot' cars cool off.
  • Yeah, I agree.... I remember when poor fools were paying 2-3k ADM on PT Cruisers and New Beetles, and look at the product they were getting - a Neon and Golf with retro bodywork, but still a Neon/Golf.
    You still get what you pay for, and I think Mazdas are well-built cars - I've had a few, and Ford could learn a lot from there Corporate philosophy.

    So, I had no problem putting a deposit @ MSRP on the Speed3. It'll be a great ride for many years...

    On another note, does anyone have pics of what the "Cosmis Blue Mica" looks like - I went with it, having not seen it yet.

    rorr, thanks for the great feedback....
  • The cosmic blue is shown on the US Mazda site. Go to the MazdaSPEED3 section just click the colors link. I too opted for the Cosmic Blue because it is not as common place as the other 3 colors offered. The dealership I am buying mine from is only guaranteed 4 MazdaSPEED3's with the possibility of getting more in and last i heard production run is cut to 5000 total for the US. So unless they release it again in 08, 5000 is all there is going to be.
  • hey swatson19d, i've been looking for a dealership that would allow me to put a deposit down but I can't find any everyone just tells me we'll call you when we get them in and I go to school so my time's not as flexable as some so if you could tell me what dealer you went to and help me out i'd really appriciate it
  • Yeah, I've seen that, but you can't tell what a color really looks like off a website. I was hoping for an "In-person" photo of a car in that color. No dealers have them in-stock yet.
  • wosw7,

    Sure... I worked with Tustin Mazda (in Tustin, Ca.). They were easy to work with, and had a good relationship with the Mazda HQ a few miles away. The day we got to test-drive the Speed3 (pre-production), they had a Mazda Corporate Product Specialist on hand to show us the new Miata hard-top, and the new CX-9 as well.
  • PT Cruisers once sold in S. California for $10,000 over sticker. Then again, S. Calif. is more car hyped than most of the country.
  • hey swatson19d,
    I went down to a dealer this weekend and I also choose to go with the cosmic blue mica and after picking the color I was curious to see what it acctually looks like and I came upon a picture of the car in that color on -view.htm
    I am very happy with the way this color looks and it's a plus that it's only avalible on the speed3
  • Edmunds - I believe this is the correct blue.
    The pictures along the side can be enlarged.
    There was another website with multiple in-town shots, but I did not save that link.
  • Thanks... That what I thought it would be - Nothing to flashy, or Candy-colored. The perfect sleeper...
  • What did you end up paying?
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    Could someone explain to me why having leather seat bottoms would have been a bad thing? Not really a performance car buyer so I don't know to what the article is referring.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Could someone explain to me why having leather seat bottoms would have been a bad thing?"

    You tend to slide around more on leather surfaces compared to cloth. From a performance standpoint, it is better for the seat to hold the driver securely in place - the side bolsters help do this; cloth upholstery does it as well.
  • comp386comp386 Posts: 56
    So on the GT Mazdaspeed 3 seat, which parts of it are actually made out of leather?
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    From what I understand, the seat side and thigh bolsters, headrest, and a small insert in the seat bottom are leather with the majority of the seat backrest and seat bottom cloth.

    I haven't seen one in person so I'm only going by what I can see in published photos.
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