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Kia Sorento Vibration Problems

I just bought a used 03 sorento & even at the time of test drive there was a noise that only happens when you turn the car off & start back up & begin moving about 5mph. There is a slight vibration under the front end. The dealer told me it is the abs pump activating but they are not kia dealers & wanted to see if anyone else has the same issue.



  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    Yes! I've told the ABS is doing a self-test. I don't know why but it seems like it is only on Sorento w/ABS. It is on my car too. However, I don't feel/hear that on my loaner, '06 Sportage w/ABS.

    Everytime you start the car and put it in gear, either "D" or "R" and drive, you feel a vibration at the gas pedal and notice the noise within few seconds.
  • I have the same issue. I am also having issues with my 4-wheel drive, and I had a mechanic friend tell me that it could be something to do that or possibly with the transfer case.
  • What is the problem you are having with your 4 wheel drive. I think there may be something wrong with mine as well. When I switch 4Hi on going under 50 (as the manual says) as I slow down or come to a stop it feels as if the front wheels are binding up & it is very difficult to move. Sort of like driving with the emerg brake on. I asked my Kia dealer & he said that it will do that if I am driving on normal roads in 4x4. Which doesn;t make much sense to me, considering if it is doing it on flat wet pavement I can only imagine the snow or mud.
  • pia1pia1 Posts: 1
    We have a 04 Sorento with 42K miles. We have noticed an intermittent (now more often than not) "thudding" noise on the right side of the truck when we accelerate from a stop. I've had the brakes checked, had the rear shocks replaced (the mechanic thought that it was the shocks, but the noise is still there.) It almost sounds like there is something rolling around in the trunk, but we have checked the spare, emptied everything out, still hearing the noise. I took it to another mechanic, he suggested that it might be the drive shaft, but also said that I should see if anyone out in the market has had a similar problem and might offer a suggestion. Today,a friend thought that it might be a transmission problem....does this problem sound familiar to anyone? Thanks.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    did you have a sudden stop prior to acceleration....there is a TSB out on the drive shaft...something concerning the splines if the shaft where they connect to the differential I believe.....did you have it checked at a KIA dealership or a private mechanic....

    The TSB fix should be done under warranty......
  • We have a 06 sorento. There is a clunking noise in back end when you go from stopped and most times shifting. We have taken it back in several times. They seem to know exactly what it is. The drive shaft. What they don't know is what there going to do about it.They don't seem to want to do anything(my husbands answer is drive it threw the dealership Ha. That's not gonna happen.) They told us that all Sorento's do this after about 5,000 miles.Thier answer is grease it up, which doesn't help either or replace the drive shaft knowing that it's going to come back. Still working on what's the next step.
  • I had this problem with my 2004 and they at first said the had to make some kind of an adjustment. Well the noise came back!! They eventually replaced the drive-shaft and the noise has not been back. But several other problems have! The drive shaft seem to be a common problem among others!
  • Have an 05 Sorento and whne brakes are applied I get a vibration. Front brake pads are ok and the rotors check out ok. Could it be the wheel balance??
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    is the vibration in the steering wheel...if so...its the were they checked my question....most of the time you can see that the rotors are warped......I would suggest having the rotors turned.....if they are the OEMs...would suggest replacing them completely......warped rotors are a notorious issue with the sorento.......
  • tcpitcpi Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 KIA Sorento and I'm experiencing a problem with drag in the front end, seems to be on the left side and I think it also involves the power steering unit as well as the front tire rods. Can this be correct?
  • lok888lok888 Posts: 1,750
    Most likely the wrapped disc rotors. But I only had the vibration for the first time last year at 48K miles on my '03 Sorento. It was time to replace the front brake pads. And I only resurfaced the front disc rotors instead of replacing them. How do they find out the pads and rotors are ok? And by who?
  • Have had vehicle since Mar 07...put on 5K in 2 months. As of February (11 months) now at 15k. Since beginning there has been a steering vibration when moving out from a stop. It happens going forward and in reverse. At first I thought it was tied to turns since you always notice it when going in and out of parking spaces. In reality you can go straight and it occurs. Asked for service check twice in first few months. Both time told it was a given with AWD and not to worry. Second time a tire rotation was suggested. Did rotation at 12,000 since it had not gone away. Felt service guys just wrote it off as being female and not understanding AWD.

    This current visit explained to multiple people that this vibration is a big negative. Shared that people who drive my KIA have agreed that it is not normal. Surprise!!! when I pushed harder to quote tech who is checking out "customer states:vibration felt when driving at parking speed and turning"---"Found that vehicle vibrates BADLY when turning into parking space (slow speeds)". About time guys!!!

    A fluid exchange to eliminate vibration was done. It didn't improve things so a STEPPER MOTOR is being added. Can someone educate me as to what a Stepper Motor does? Also, what kind of damage could this long term vibration have caused?

    Anyone else had this problem?

    Thank you.

    Two Blue Eyes
  • My thudding as you described was a stripped bolt on the running boards. They wanted me to pay for it, so I called Kia USA & had a conference call with the head of service. I got GREAT service after that & usually a discount for my oil changes.
  • I have a 2006 Sorento EX AWD w/ABS. I had a vibration when braking. I did mention to the service advisor that I thought that the rotors might be warped and I read that this was a common problem on the Sorento. The dealer replaced all four brakes rotors today and the probem is gone, no questions, and no hassles. I waited about an hour. Great dealer.

    BTW, I get a vibration for about a second when first moving from a stop in both forward and reverse. This only occurs after the car has been parked for a while. This may the the drive shaft torque issue mentioned several times in this forum. They have no fix at this point or so I've been told.
  • Stepper Motor installation has completely solved the issue. Vibrations are gone and the gas mileage improved back to what it was (16 mph) in city driving.

    Took a lot of frustration to get taken seriously but the final resolution is good. It will take a lot of effort from the dealership to take away the months of frustration. Time will tell.
    Two Blue Eyes
  • 2005 sorento 4X4 the truck, just some of the time, makes a high pitch sound from the front end while driving / rolling. If I drag the brakes it stops., but the sound is not like old grinding brakes. Its very high pitch and like the tin backing plate is rubbing, but they are not. If you turn side to side it comes and goes. THe sould slows with the speed of the wheel. Sound like brakes, but the sound is diff. If there a tin brake where indicator that could be making the noise? Wheel bearing? To move around the wheel / tire while on the jack the bearing feels good. This is just a sound that I have never heard before???

  • I just got the truck back from the dealer. The noise is from a rear brake slider rubbing. THey tried to charge me and I siad if its not the pads then its should be a warr. repair. After a few minutes they agreed. JUst letting any one out there know what it was...
  • I hope there isnt' already a discussion about this, if there is I apologize, I couldn't find one. I have a 2004 EX that I bought back in november. When i test drove it, it was wonderful and do LOVE my car:) After I bought it however (about a week or so after) I started to notice that going around really sharp corners it would chug or lurch and my tires would drag. I took it to the shop and they said that it was the transfer case and it was basically "constantly engaged in 4 wheel drive" and causing the lurching. I'm not sure if I believe that's it and also the repair for that is quite costly. anyone else have this type of issue? :sick:
  • ken89ken89 Posts: 4
    yes i have the 03 sorento and have the same problem plus when im on the freeway going abought 65 70 miles an hr i have a major vibration dealer says thats how these cars come from the factory. does any one have this problem, and if so can it be fixed. ps. i read something abought a stepper motor do you think that would work.
  • Find another dealer, I have a 05 and have have no vibrations at any speed. I also pull a 6 x 12 enclosed trailer, about 2800 lbs, at freeway speeds 70mph ish :) and have no vibrations...
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