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Kia Sorento Vibration Problems



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    get another dealer...I hate when a service department blows off an issue because of their laziness or lack of technical skill...or both!!! vibration at all here in my 03EX
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    are you sure you dont have an AWD sorie....on the 4X4 you have a auto selector...or do you have a HI and LOW selector....I have an 03 EX and it is AWD.....and has the problem you mentioned....that is typical for sharp low speed turns in this model.......
  • Your Kia comes with a 5 year 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee. I would not take it to any other mechanic besides Kia so you don't void any of you coverage.
  • ken89ken89 Posts: 4
    hi this is ken89 my sorento is an ex model with 4hi -4lo selector switch and yes it is AWD the vibration is very aparent at 65mph and very iritating i just dont want to waste $ if i dont have to so if anyone has had this problem and fixed it can they let me know how they did it .
  • For my 07 took a LONG time to get the dealer to listen to me but my persistence paid off. My car had a vibration in the right wheel well. After multiple visits with the complaint, I finally got the service department to pay attention. The first solution was to be replacing the fluid with a heavier weight (from the Pontiac division of the dealership). That did not fix it so a stepper motor got ordered and installed. Instant improvement. Now I get great service (think they figured out it was a big oops basically ignoring me and telling me also that it's just the way the Sorrento drives). Love the car, especially without the vibration. Now, if the gas mileage was better...that's my only disappointment at this point.
  • ken89ken89 Posts: 4
    so im still not sure what a stepper motor does or what it is please help ken89
  • Well....not being an engineer & also being blonde (truely) understanding is that the stepper motor improved the transmission fluid pressure. That was put on after swapping the fluid with a heavier weight. It took persistence to get a resolution. They did cover it under warranty work. I believe Kia has a technical notice out to their service crew. Good luck~~
  • Hi twoblueeyes. i was wondering if you have a part number or any more information on the stepper motor. I think my sorento has that problem also, only on initial movement. thanks. I know this is an old post but maybe someone out there knows,
  • Troy,
    I'll look to see if I still have the receipt..should. I'll look this weekend in between watching the Olympics!!! Have not got my complete "fix". Oops...I digress. I'll check and do a post. Worst case I can give you the location of my favorite Service person. He's learned to listen when I have an issue. I get GREAT service these days. twoblueeyes :D :D
  • It seems almost any noise coming from the sorento is dismissed as regular operation. from my experience the only sound that should come from any car is the sound of the engine
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    Beyond the stereo, horn and seat belt chimes that would be the ideal! But then there's the air conditioning, heater fan, talking nav, door ajar indicator and a few others. There's always earplugs! ;)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Well...I have to agree they (Kia Service) did not take me serious on the "vibration"....I was persistent with every visit and eventually one of the Service Techs noted a significant vibration problem. I got ignored multiple times with a variety of "suggestions" (or excuses) as to what the problem was....the best one was that I just wasn't used to driving a 4x4 ....let's see by then I'd had a Ford Explorer 4x4 for close to 8 years!!! These days....after the major oops....they treat me nice at the service department. TBE..
    Troy no luck on the receipt with the part #. Will post again...have to go through receipts for taxes so with luck it will be there.
  • I do not necessarily need a part number, i just need to know where to tell the mechanic to look. the problem is there are various stepper motors in the vehicle performing different operations. I need to pin it down to an exact one. Thanks for looking
  • troy30troy30 Posts: 4
    This is kinda off topic. My crankshaft bolt broke today. my car is out of warranty plus my vin number was not included in the recall for this part. so kia Canada is trying to pass off responsibility. These guys need a class action lawsuit or something
  • ken89ken89 Posts: 4
    my crankshaft bolt was replaced when i brought it in for service and its a 2003 idont know why they wont fix it for you unless you only had so much time to get it done ?
  • mejias24mejias24 Posts: 1
    Three days ago i began hearing a loud screeching sound coming from the front drivers side of my 2005 kia sorento. The sound happens when braking but also (strangely) when turning left (only). Thinking it may possibly be the brake pads, my husband changed both sides; while they did need to be changed, this did not solve the horrible screeching sound. Has anyone had a similar issue or can possibly provide me w/ information on what the problem could possibly be? Hopefully, nothing too expensive... Thanks! :blush:
  • When do you replace the shocks and struts on a 2007 Kia Sorento?
  • Vivo en Venezuela y poseo una KIA Sorento 2006 XS, actualmente esta presentando problemas con la suspensión, específicamente la trasera, la camioneta rebota mucho cada vez que paso por algún obstáculo, a pesar de haberle cambiado hace 2 meses los amortiguadores por unos originales. Alguien del foro podria sugerir alguna solucion viable a mi problema
  • So what did this end up being? Just curiouos as I just got my 2007 Sorento back from the shop....yesterday it was loud crunching noise out of right front wheel started after we had just hit town after a two day trip coverinng maybe a little over 200 miles....we hit town and stopped to do an errand. Got in the car & while backing out of parking spot heard weird crunch-like sound ...intermittent with moving back & forward. It had a vibration. So fortunately my daughter & I with our superb problem solving skills decided to get a tow to the KIA shop on Sundary no less. Left a note & the keys. Got it back today with replaced wheel bearings on right covered under warrnaty. NICE SURPRISE. Only negative...when I asked about the replacing the left was told not covered under warranty but was told if a customer came in with the same problem outside of warranty they would strongly reccomend that both sides get replaced. I suggested that lets hope it doesn't fail and cause an accident. Apparently the wheel pretty got a lot worse when the frove it from the parking space into the shop. He told me he wasn't sure he would make it without freezing up. He told me our BEST decision was the ow.
  • Let me start by saying we do not own a Sorento yet. Have test driven 4 different ones & all appear to have a fine vibration that resonates through out the cabin. During test drives we had a bottle of water with us in the center console, it quivered like a constant earthquake tremor, vibrations could also be felt in seats. Even tried a v6 LX with different tires, same vibration. I have read about this vibration in the 4cyl but not the v-6. Been told it is "normal" & all of them do it! Drove all the competion & did not feel this in any of them. If you own a 2013 V-6 EX awd Sorento I would appreciate your feedback. Do you get use to it?, does it get worse, go away? Really love the Sorento but cannot get past this vibration to pull the trigger & buy one.
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