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2007 Honda CR-V color pick



  • i got the silver metallic, and my mother got glacier blue.
  • calviccalvic Posts: 6
    Well for my money Green Tea is the classiest looking of all the colors. That color pulled me in to look at the CR-V.
    Oh well thats why the paint em up in more than one color!
  • snoopy21snoopy21 Posts: 114
    jj, can you do me a favor and post some pics of your green CR-V? i have yet to see one and i'm sure it doesn't really look like the photos in the brochure and the colors depicted on the honda website are way off. thanks.
  • I ordered a Green Tea Metallic. My wife previously owned a 1990 Accord in the Glacier Blue, now she owns a 2000 Accord in the Borregio Tan Metallic. I have a Red Prelude. As you can see, we like to try a new color every time we buy a new Honda.

    The green stood out to me because it's not something you see every day, and it seems to change color depending upon the lighting conditions. I've seen a photo on the net of one parked on a dealers lot in the snow on a cloudy day, and it looks like a rich olive/tan. I've seen it on a sunny day and it looks light olive/shimmery, and I've seen it on a sunny day in the shade, when it looks dark forrest green.

    I think that no matter what color you go with you'll be happy, but for me, I decided to try something a little bit different, so it was Green Tea for me... :)
  • My husband and I purchased a Green Tea Metallic two weeks ago. The color does change based on the light-it looks a lot lighter on a sunny day. I like it because it is a color that is very rare in the Houston area. I definitely have no problems finding it in the parking lot at the mall. I also drive a dark green Odyessey and sometimes I find myself trying to get into someone else's van as there are so many dark green ones out there.

    I will be honest, at first it took some getting accustomed to, but now we love it. We bought it at night and we thought it looked darker than in the brochures but the color kind of grows on you (pardon the joke). It's the color of nature and trees, very unique shade.
  • snoopy21snoopy21 Posts: 114
    thanks for the pics :) unfortunately, they illustrate exactly what i was talking about! i still can't get a handle for what the green really looks like! LOL in the pics, it looks like two wholly different colors :D
  • cmkcmk Posts: 59
    My first choice was silver, but I've never seen one in person. My dealer has a Glacier Blue. I actually kind of like it. It's silvery, and a little darker than what expect whistler silver to be.

    I hate that I'm even asking this, but...

    Do you guys find glacier blue metallic to be "gender neutral"?
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    I purchase cars inside out,since I am occupying the interior not the exterior. I want the Ivory interior because it's lighter,brighter,and more pleasant to me. I've had 2 metallic beige and 1 metallic red exteriors. Beige is the easiest color to keep clean or drive dirty @ your option.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    If you are concerned re gender of color you have more deep seated issues. :)
  • I also purchase from the inside out, yet prefer the grey interior over the beige. I determine which exterior color I want, after I narrow down the list, based upon interior color availability.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Only way to fly,toolman.
  • crv4me1crv4me1 Posts: 7
    Definitely want a light interior this time, gray is fine. I first saw the glacier blue and thought it a nice alternative to the ever popular silver. Next I saw the silver and must say it looked classy. I just saw the burgundy red yesterday which looked very cute and sporty.

    Sometimes you can grow tired of a color though and it can make a car look dated. As I like all of these colors, which would be the most universally pleasing in the long haul?
  • vjack1vjack1 Posts: 3
    I like the idea of the ivory interior, but I'm worried that it will show dirt much more than the gray or black.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Metallic beige shows the least dirt and has always been popular and you get the light beige interior which I had in 3 different Accords. Beige interior is still the most pleasant to me. Depends on the color of your dirt. :)
  • snoopy21snoopy21 Posts: 114
    I like the idea of the ivory interior, but I'm worried that it will show dirt much more than the gray or black.

    i've had all three interior colors. in fact, our current odyssey's interior is gray and our new CR-V's interior is beige. black may hide the dirt but it really shows the dust, which you really can't do much about except for frequent wiping, especially the top of the dash. beige is the shows dirt the most but hides dust the best.

    i figure the tradeoff like this: i have to take more care to prevent getting the beige interior dirty but, in return, i get a bright and airy cabin. also, i replaced the beige carpet mats with the black all-season mats...the contrast looks great and now i don't worry about getting that part getting dirty.

    as for gray, it actually does quite well for hiding dirt and dust. however, i find it drab. with black and beige, when they're dirty, they look awful but when they're clean, they look absolutely fabulous. with gray, regardless of whether it is clean or dirty, it just looks kind of dull all the time. JMHO.
  • I may be design challenged, but why would Honda not offer Ivory Leather with the Royal Blue exterior. I would order one now if that had that option. Dark blue is my first choice for exterior color and Ivory for interior. I don't want black exterior with Ivory because black exterior is impossible to keep clean where I live. Black interior gets too hot. Grey interior is blahh... I have it now and I am sick of it. Does Honda typically provide more options in they second year of a model? Thx
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Your living inside the car. So buy it inside out. My .02.
  • I really, really wanted to like Green Tea, based on the brochure. When I finally saw it in person, I could only describe it as "asparagus pee." :P
  • marig0107marig0107 Posts: 92
    that is such a personal message. My husband was buying this CRV for me, after years of driving a really crappy dodge. I wanted red so bad and he was going to get it for me. Except when I saw the crv red, I hated it. It was the candy apple one I would have liked. I hated the blue. Too drab for me. White was out of the picture, having driven white for 9 years. And I HATED grey interiors having had that in the van as well. But it seemed like so many of them had the grey, even the too dark red was paired with grey.

    So I looked around the web page and the only one intriguing me was the green. Something different and HOT! So when we went to one of the several dealers and saw the green and test drove it, we had to have that color. Funny thig was I'd never have gotten beige interior, having kids and all, but it was too beautiful to pass up grey leather.

    Now that I have the green and all the pollen is coming off the trees in srping, I can tell that it wa s agood choice. Not so noticeable, all that pollen. Dirt is not as noticeable.

    Have fun deciding. No color is really a bad choice in a vehicle this outstanding!
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