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Acura RDX vs Mazda CX-7



  • Wait until you trade it in...

    You'll be wishing that you had an ACURA's resale value vs the Mazda.

    So many people forget about that aspect and only look at the money up front.

    Plus I hear the Turbo Lag on the Mazda is horrible compared to the RDX.
  • pxleakpxleak Posts: 7
    We're not trading it and we plan to keep. What you hear on turbo lag comparison may differ from what Mazda owners really hear. :shades:
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Virtually every new car sold today loses 50% of the MSRP in 3 years. Also, it is hard to compare because each car has different miles, conditions, and options at resale time. I drive an '07 Cx-7 w/43,000 miles and have not noticed much turbo lag from a dead stop. A little "lag" maybe from 5th to 6th gear while acclerating to hwy. speeds but this could also be a transmission gearing switch. Has been a decent car, getting average 20 mpg in urban driving. Only problems so far have been a recent dead battery (replaced) and that the front passenger window won't go down from the driver's console. I believe it is a blown fuse, haven't checked yet. Needs new tires all around. Would be nice if the interior had less plastic and if the rear leg room was a little roomier, but have been satisfied with the vehicle. Great performance, handling, braking, cornering and exterior appearance.
  • pxleakpxleak Posts: 7
    We're about the same I'm on 415000 on 07 and only had the gas cap annoyingly replaced, excellent car overall.
  • Got the RDX Tech over a fully loaded CX-7 mainly because I like the styling better, and the RDX is 1 second faster to 60 in the real world, although on paper, they're equally matched and CX-7 has an extra gear, which means the RDX motor is underrated.
    Not hating on the CX-7 it's a great car, however I think during resale time, the fact that CX-7 ranges from 24k to 33k hurts people who get the fully loaded models more than the people who get the 24k bargain basement models. I always buy my cars fully loaded, and Acura makes it very easy to find the car you want with a single option package.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The CX-7 makes more use of modern engine technology, DFI for instance, so turbo lag is not so much an issue as with the non-DFI RDX. Plus that makes it easier for the driver to have greater/easier control of FE by stay off-boost in hwy driving.

    From the CX-7's transaxle to the rear the driveline is an EXACT duplicate of the Ford Escape, Edge, etc.

    If you're buying primarily for wintertime AWD capability the CX-7 is a distance second from the RDX's SH-AWD system.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    From the CX-7's transaxle to the rear the driveline is an EXACT duplicate of the Ford Escape, Edge, etc.

    That is incorrect.

    First, the Escape is 4WD, not AWD.

    Second, the Edge uses Ford's in-house built AWD system, similar to a Haldex FWD based AWD system.

    Mazda uses their own Active Torque-Split AWD, which is also a FWD based AWD system.

    So, they are similar in design, but they are not the same system.

    As for resale, yes, the RDX will hold value better, but it also costs almost $4,000 more when comparably equipped. I just took a used 2007 RDX in on trade. It had the tech package. The interior did not hold up well and the leather looked very very worn. There was only 28K on the car. I was highly unimpressed.

    If I were going the luxury route, I would choose a Lexus over an Acura. Their quality is far superior to the newer Acura's. I know I may ruffle a few feathers here, but, I do not see much of a difference between an Acura and a Honda. They virtually look and feel the same on the inside. I'm not going to pay $35,000-$40,000 for a rebadged Honda. Again folks, this is my opinion. Don't kill me too much!!!

    As nice as the Mazda CX-7 is (2010 has a much much improved interior, thank God!!!), it is not on par with the quality of the RDX. I hope the 2010 is. Reliability has been really good, outside of the 2007MY bugs, 2008's and 2009's have been excellent!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I guess I would also recommend the Lexus RX but only the 2010 model since it now has an exact driveline duplicate of the CX-7, Escape, Porsche 911, F/awd system, R/awd in the Porsche case.

    On the other hand if you must consider wintertime adverse roadbed conditions a serious matter in your area the RDX's SH-AWD system will be head and shoulders over and other F/awd system.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are now literally a myriad of various and differing AWD systems out there in the marketplace, mostly FWD "base" vehicles. The buying public is now beginning to recognize FWD vehicles as patently unsafe for driving in wintertime condition and the manufacturers are reacting by "pushing" the additional safety of F/awd.

    Regretably very few of these F/awd systems have the ability to alleviate even a portion of the unsafe driving nature of a base FWD system.

    Being something of a traditionalist myself I do not like having these new F/awd systems, or even the R/awd systems, referred to as 4WD, which they are NOT..!!

    The Ford Escape, for instance, only drives the rear driveline under certain specific conditions, and rarely even at the 50% level. The rear driveline is ONLY coupled into the front with moderate to heavy straighline acceleration, or if front wheelspin/slip due to engine torque is detected.

    Should it be in use the rear driveline is uncoupled INSTANTLY if the brakes are applied, if the stability system is triggered, or as a function of turning radius vs engine torque. Tight turns or turns with high engine torque with the rear driveline engaged would result in driveline windup and subsequent damage. Stability systems cannot be fully functional and ABS not functional at all with the rear driveline engaged.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Was looking for a new SUV type in October...2006. Looked closely at the Acura RDX versus the Mazda CX-7. Went with the CX-7 because.....
    1.) Liked the styling better
    2.) Badged as an '07 instead of '06
    3.) Front seating was much roomier
    4.) Rear seating slightly better
    5.) Price was $4000 less.
    6.) Resale value....who knows? All cars lose 50% of MSRP in 3 years.
    7.) Liked brakes better on the Cx-7.
    8.) Engine/fan noise was quieter on Mazda.
  • pxleakpxleak Posts: 7

    Rear seating entry was narrow and very noticeable and was too expensive for us. I only need the bluetooth, heated seats and mirrors added to our cx-7 w/tech package since we get snow hehe!
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Currently have 48,000 miles on a '07 Cx-7 AWD. Replaced tires/battery at 45,000. Excellent winter vehicle. With new front end align ment, getting 21.5 mpg in town and 24.9 mpg on the road using 92 premium at highway speeds.
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