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Chevrolet Corvette Electrical Problems



  • wfrwfr Posts: 3
    Thank you for the reply. My service people at the dealership said that the 50ma drain is normal and that nothing is wrong. They just said to get a battery charger.
  • wfrwfr Posts: 3
    I forgot to answer one of your questions. It was a dead (low) battery. The FOB was recognized.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Corvettes continue to be delivered with crappy batteries, which fail soon after delivery. I think this is what happened to you.

    And I think Corvettes live a hard life if they sit on a dealer's lot for any lenght of time. If the dealer allows it, a lot of people can be getting into the car, moving the seats, leaving the doors open, maybe starting it up and not running for any length of time. This leads to a badly discharged battery. Modern 'sealed' batteries, if severly discharged, will can never be re-charged to full charge. The number I've seen, is a sealed battery discharged will only recharge to about 80% of it's original capacity. If discharged again, this falls even lower.
  • 02 Z06, daily driver,19000 miles with a new battery. Every once in a while when I turn the key it acts like the battery is dead or the clutch isn't on the floor. It starts after several tries but yesterday it took about 20 tries. I'm afraid to take it to the dealer because he'll keep it a week, charge a fortune and find nothing wrong. Any hints? Thanks, Joe.
  • comanche1comanche1 Posts: 5
    02 conv. vett. 2 days ago the switches on the driver door would not work at all.
    After opening and closing the door they would again work. Then the following day
    all the switches went out and while driving the oil went to zero, the Temp went to
    red and messages began to apear telling me, check engine, low engine power,
    check tire pressure and some more. I pulled over, shut the car down and upon
    restarting everything functioned fine except the door switched. As I pulled away
    it started all over again (3 times) .I opened the door and squeezed the boot holding the wires and the door switches worked. All mechanical functions seemed to work fine during all this.
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, the first thing I would do is have the battery tested. Not just check the voltage, but a 'load' test.

    When the battery starts to go bad, cars loaded with electronics sometime show multiple strange displays, just like you said you saw. Low voltage makes the sensors start to display strange things.
  • Possibly could be the Vats system(vehicle anti theft system),I had this problem. Check your ign. key's chip, I used my new key-solved the problem. When this happens usually 10 minutes later vats will reset allowing car to be started. You can purchase a vats bypass kit from Corvette Central,Mid America and others,even on Ebay. Or a good mechanic can wire in a resistor the same as in your key into the wire in your steering column. But then your alarm system is dead. Good luck.
  • I have a 92 corvette that has me stumped. When I turn on various accessories such as the windshield wipers or AC they will not shut off without turning the car off. I am also having a problem with the door ajar light coming on intermittently while I'm driving. These may not be related but can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this?
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Door ajar is probably just a switch, on either of the doors. Switches in the old days were in the door jam at the front of the door. Newer cars have switches inside the door panels, on the locking mechanism, sensing when the door is closed. You have to take a door panel off to get to these. Even newer cars may also get one of the 'computers' involved, because they dim the lights down when a door is closed, engage the security system, autolock the doors, etc, etc, etc. But it's probably just a switch going bad on needing cleaned up with electric cleaner, etc.

    For these kinds of problems, you probably need a Factory Service Manual. Chiltons will not get it done. Check on ebay, many used manuals are sold there. Or is the publisher of factory manuals, and you can order from there.

    The other problem - wow. So you start the car, something is NOT on, and you turn it on, and it will then not shut off???? Relays are involved in lots of things, but I don't see that multiple relays would fail at the same time. Even if controlled by a relay, different accessories should have their own relay.

    Unless - has this car had a significant electrical problem in the past? Such as a big short to an accessory outlet? Some other electrical component that shorted out? If so, then wires inside wiring packages could have melted into one another, causing all kinds of cross-wiring across unrelated circuits.

    Also, has someone put either a remote start or security system into the car? Or an aftermarket stereo? These require cutting into who knows what, and when they start to fail, and they will fail, they cause all kinds of strange problems.
  • Thanks for the info:

    The Door ajar makes sense, the actuators were replaced recently and I could see where the mechanic did not put everything back in place I will look into that. I already own a Factory Service Manual so I will get into that book and see what it says.

    When I bought this car it had an upgraded stereo that is probably what's causing the issue I will take it to an electronics person and try to narrow it down.

    Again thanks for the info.
  • toml98toml98 Posts: 1
    Wanted to take 91 out yesterday but the battery was too low to start. Tried to jump off my Silverado, hooked up to the truck then the Vette, By mistake I reversed the connections on the Vette, I realized my mistake almost immediately and disconnected. The truck is fine but the Vette is electrically dead. Must be a fusible link somewhere. Has anyone made the same stupid mistake or have any ideas?

  • I suspect this isn't new to some.

    For about two months I have been experiencing a signal switch that malfunctions when turning right or left. The switch will either not go on at all or when on will just stop working even though the switch is still in the active position.

    Took it to the Chev dealer and they changed the signal multifunction switch on the steering column. Not three days later the same problem is still there.

    Anyone have any answers for a now invested $551.00?
  • 1991 Vette coupe digital speedo just flashes "SYS" now and again. Big ZERO displayed all the time when I'm driving, will not display your driving speed. Had the heater core replaced at the Radiator shop and speedometer hasn't worked after the heater core fix. The mechanic says he only worked on the passenger side components and doesn't know why this is doing this??? Does the computer have to be reset or something ? He did say he disconnected the battery before he started the R+R. Has us buffaloed! Replaced my battery also with no change. Please help! Dennis ( retired fire fighter )
  • If you park the car for lengthly periods, put the Transmission in reverse on manual transmissions, this will slow the battery drain.
  • I am new to this this site and a proud owner of a 99 corvette for the past year. The last 4 months at times vehicle will not start. Power generated although will not crank to turn engine over. I found the article from Dave157 regarding his 89 corvette. Is it possible that my 99 has the same problem(vats system).Please help and thank for any info.

  • i have a 2008 C6 that i sent to callaway for the conversion to 580hp
    all was well, but a few months ago, if i left the car in the garage for a week or so, the battery was dead. i put it on a battery tender and now it starts easily enough
    my concern is either the battery is defective, or callaway might have done something to the electrical system. since i can only get the car serviced in philly, because new york does not have a GM authorized callaway dealer, i am at their mercy. should i start with replacing the battery first before looking for electrical gremlins??
  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    Well, if you can pull the battery, most auto parts houses will 'load test' a battery. Their device actually puts a large load on the battery and sees how fast the voltage drops. This indicates how strong a battery is, much better than just a voltage check. For a voltage check, a fully charged battery should be at 12.6volts. This is, of course, at the battery terminals with the engine off.
  • From the Shade Tree Mechanic,

    The very first thing I do when I buy any vehicle is buy the real repair manual. (or if it's junker, the Haynes manual)

    The best money you can spend on your Corvette is owning the "official" repair manual. Even if you don't want to do the work yourself, you will know what is wrong and what work should be done.

    You don't have to be able to work on your Corvette yourself. Just being able to speak "mechanic" to the dealership? Will save you tons of money!

    And oddly, if you read the manual you will realize there is lot of stuff any body can do. Even if you don't understand the full inner workings of the vehicle.

    I've replaced a lot of things I never thought I could, just because I had instructions. Alternator, fuel pump, mass air sensor, distributor, etc. If I don't have to lift the engine or crawl under her, I CAN do it!

    But, even if you don't want to get your hands greasy and your knuckles busted you will save money! You can waltz right up to the mechanic and say, "Dude, my %*^&$ is bad. How much to replace that?"

    Money saved!
  • WwilltWwillt Posts: 8
    Sometimes when your car will not start then after 15min to hour it could be your ignition switch. Mine is a 94 vette and that what happen to me.
  • WwilltWwillt Posts: 8
    What was the difference between the 93 vette trans and the 94 transmission?
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