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Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine Problems



  • i have a 1995 eclipse and it is making some strange and alarming noises from the valve cover it is a dohc and i was wondering if anyone here could shed some light onto what it could be.thanks
  • car wont start motor was replaced about a year ago ran 20 minutes and quit....i bought the car from the lady the car will fire and also the car has fuel pressure.
  • i have an 94 eclipse 2.0 dohc and i have a firing problem i get no spark from the coils and im afraid its the cpu can any one help me out ?
  • hello, i was just wondering if u fixed ur no power problem? I have a 1997 spyder with the same problem and i"m at the end of my rope! can anyone help!!!!
  • checked exaust, not clogged. injectors r fine. maf is replaced. new plugs. put scanner to it and no codes. revs at idle but take it down the road only goes up to 20mph.spent $500 at the dealer and they cant figure it out! can anybody help me PLEEAASSEE!!!!!
  • Sounds like your timing needs to be adjusted.You need a mechanic and a timing light.
  • Have you checked your vacuum hoses? You might have a vacuum leak. There should be a vacuum diagram under the hood.
  • Air, Fuel, Spark.
    you need all three in proper ratio (mix).

    Too much fuel, not enough fuel?...check fuel filter, fuel pump,carb float, oxygen sensor, or it might be a clogged fuel line.
    Too much air, not enough air?...try the air filter or vacuum system.
    Too much spark, not enough spark?...check your spark plug gap, your timing, or maybe your plugs are fouled, or your battery cables are corroded (where you can't see the corrosion, like under the little vinyl 'battery socks' and only on the positive side) or there is not enough distilled water in the battery.
    Most of these are, fairly, easy to check, but if you don't know what you are doing ...ASK someone who does!!
    Those are just a few ideas. :D
  • We bought this car in May 2009 and noticed after a month that the carpet would be wet sometimes on the driver's side. Can't find any leaks...does anyone know what could be causing this water leak? :(
  • Okay so here s the deal i had to replace my freeze plugs in my car. it all ran perfectly fine before this. except for the leakage. so in the process i decided to do my car some good and replace the valve cover gasket and the spark plugs they are gapped correctly. and the coils have blue sparks. and i have fuel. ( i also i a cold air intake on the car. and no cat... its bored out...) now i put everything back together and the car would not start at all. it ll turn over and fire in one cylinder but the just does nothing but turn over. in the process i think maybe theres some damage to the MAF sensor because it sparked and started smoking. because it may have somehow snowed in the motor dont ask. i drained the oil any everything.. can someone help me..give me some info as to what to do i ordered the sensor its was 256.00 and i was wondering if there was something else that could be messed up...... thanks
  • Okayy so i changed the mass air flow sensor and that was not the problem. no codes were pulled from the motor. so al the sensors are good. its getting fire and plenty of gas. but the throttle body is cracked would that cause it to just turn over and not start up???
  • I had the same problem with my 2003 Eclipse GTS (bought brand new); I found the rear passenger floorboard soaking wet one day. The dealer eventually did a pressure test in order to locate the source of the leak; a tiny hole under the weather stripping on the roof edge. Get someone to do a pressure/leak test ; otherwise they'll just keep telling you they can't find the source of the leak.
  • i have a 99 with the 420a engine, i rebuilt the top end cuz the water pump went out and needed to replace a head gasket. well it has a really hard time starting, it turns over nice and fast, but once it starts it runs perfect. what could be causing the hard start?
  • i have a 95 eagle talon that has wierd motor problems. we can start the car and drive it, but once the car warms up to normal temperature the car stalls. once it cools back down it can start back up. HELP ME!!
  • im not real sure but it sounds like it could be you throttle postitioning sensor, i have a 1997 eclipse and it does the same thing. once you disconnect the plug that connects to the TPS it idles funny up and down til it warms up then it runs pretty good just a little off so thats my first suggestion.
  • jtakacsjtakacs Posts: 1
    i have the same problem with my 2003 eclips there is no spark got fuel but no spark
  • Hey im new to this forum. Thanks in advance. My car died while i was on the way home one day. Ive check to see if the timing belt broke and nope, i then checked the compression, and it has(but the first and fourth fills up with fuel). ive changed the maf, crankshaft sensor, fuel filter, and pump. The injectors spray even, and it has spark. The thing is it starts but indles rough and turns off. It feels as if it was out of timing but i took it apart and everything lines up. One of my friends told me that i bent a valve or two. I just need to know if there is something that im missing before i take the cylinder head apart.
  • rk0972rk0972 Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Eclipse 2.0 turbo GST and I need to rebuild or replace the engine. I have never worked on a car that was front wheel drive, My question is, How do I pull the engine? Where can I find a step by step guide? Does the transmission come out with the engie or leave the transmission in the car?
    I also I heard some cars the engine comes out from underneath? I bought a CHiltons manual but it does not cover engine removal.
    any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You
    Also, I noticed a motor mount bolts to the head?
  • We had the same problem on our 2001 Eclipse GS, in the engine compartment close to the bottom of the car on the firewall, there is a plastic nipple that comes out of the condenser under the dash. I put a piece of rubber hose that was about 4 inches long and bent in an L shape on that nipple, pointing down, no more water on the floor.
  • Okay, I've been having this problem when the car gets hot, when I shut it off, the radiator starts to bubble and the reservoir fills up and over flows. The car doesn't over heat, it just does this, especially on days that are over or close to 100F degrees. Could this be a water pump problem?
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